Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 1


Precap: ashok while fighting pirates, was shot with an arrow, falling into the sea. Lets see what happens next

Kaurwaki, wasn’t to happy about her celebration. she knew no one will attend her birthday party. even though her father had sent the whole school invitations, and even brought them sweets, they wont show up because they will all go to tunisha party. her mom came in with the cake follow by her little brother, they both wish her a happy birthday and told her to blow her candle. she didnt want to, but she did it anyway. they both clap before hugging her, ayan watching them sneakily grab a piece of cake and throw it at kaurwaki, her mom duck just in time. the cake landed on her face making her angry, she turn to her brother and call him names before attacking him. her mom laugh at their antic before getting up. kaurwaki watch as ayan walk to her mom and gave her a high five, surprise, she asks her if she was behind this and she told her it was all ayan idea. ” i can’t believe you team up with him” she says, her mom just laugh and told her to get ready for her party.

as soon as they left, she sighs to herself ” happy birthday to me” she said dully, she quickly took her hair out from the ponytail and brush it, than she wore her a gorgeous white & red faux georgette salwar kameez. ( she looked like something like this ) , anyway, she came down not surprise that no one was around. her mom looked at her and told her maybe they will come later, after all the party just started. even though she said that kaurwaki knew otherwise, she searched around and realize her dad wasn’t back yet ” pita hai jahaan maan” she asks, her mom told her that her dad will be home soon, and that he’s stuck in traffic. so time pass and still no one showed up, her brother asks if he could eat some cake, but her mom said no. kaurwaki upset told her mom to let him eat it.

she told her that it was pointless to wait, especially when they all know, no one will show up. she ran out the door not even caring that her mom was calling her back. she just wanted to be alone.

meanwhile, ashok finally waking up, remembered what had happened to him. he wondered who it was that shot him with an arrow. and promise once he gets back he will punish whom it was. he was soon distracted from his thought when he heard bangles. he had trouble turning his body because of the wound he had from the arrow. so making up his mind he turn his head. ashok could see a girl running towards him, her hair bouncing with every step she took, her dress swaying with the wind, and her face looks worried. he was mesmerized at first before he realize how much pain his in.

it didnt take long before kaurwaki was about to pass him, ashok seeing this grab her ankle, making her scream and fall. she turn to see ashok laying on the ground unconscious. panicking, she crawl towards him, trying to wake him up, suddenly she stop when she noticed blood on the grass. she scream for help, until her mom arrives, worried. ” what is it beta?” she says

“h-he’s wounded” she says afraid

quickly her mom knelt by his side “help me get him inside fast, before his wound gets infected” she says grabbing one of his hand to lift him, at first kaurwaki wouldn’t move, but she soon snap out of it and help her mom get ashok inside.

while the mom was attending to ashok, she asks her daughter if she knew who he was. she said no, she told her mom what had happen, and they both wonder who he was and how he managed to get such a wound.

in the past

Bindusara sadly came into dharma room. he didnt know how to break it to her that ashok was lost at sea. he walk to her but stop when she calmly spoke ” you dont have to tell me, i know ashok is no more” she says praying, bindusara bend his head down in shame ” i’m sorry i couldn’t find him, or at least his dead body”

” its fine, i have came to terms three days ago that ashok is gone. you can stop searching now” she says in tears, bindusara hug her, he told her he will not stop until he finds ashok’s killer and bring ashok to justice. this only made her cry more. Ahankara was thinking the same thing, wiping her tears she grab her sword and barge into sushim room. she didnt care that sushim had a women in his bed, she held the sword on his neck, accusing him of being a murderer. sushim glares at her before telling the girl to leave them. the girl scared, quickly grab her clothes and left the room. leaving them alone, ” this would be the second time, you attempt to kill me. i feel honored” he says

” shut up, i told you if anything happens to ashok i will murder you” she says

sushim, lifts himself from the bed, making her stagger back. she still didnt move the sword from his neck, he knew she wouldn’t do it. ” then kill me than, right here,right now” he says moving an inch closer. ahankara hesitate, waiving a little, this just prove his point. ” you can’t do it can you” he says touching the sword before brushing it aside. ahankara hand went limp, she drop the sword shaking “besides what proof did you have that i killed my brother? none, am i correct” he says but she didnt say a thing she knew he was right, she felt stupid threatening a prince without having proof first.

while she was busy sushim grab her face and kiss her, this surprise her. disgust she slaps him before turning to walk away, sushim chuckles before telling her to bring the proof and so she can kill him.: dont worry i will” she says leaving, sushim watch her leave, one of the guard asks him if it was ok for her to disrespect him like that. he told the guard to watch his mouth because she will be there queeen soon. the guards scared kept their mouth shut, while watching sushim drink. they were all thinking one thing, and that was how sycho the prince was.

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