Fantasy thriller (Ipknd,vishkanya, ishq ka rang safed,ek duje ke vaaste and dehleez) epi-5

Sorry for late update.. I am gonna quit IKRS part from next epi.. Becoz I don’t get comment from IKRS fans!!

The episode starts with Arnav with his father sits near jail and speaks to each other.. Arnav tells Kalpana is planning something big!! He tells arnav to take care.. Arnva hears guards coming and hides. Kalpana comes there and asks him how r u? Hercules changes his face..she asks what happened? My dear pati? She tells leave it. I have sent our daughter apu to Rang dynasty.. So she will get married to King son.. Malay!! Hercules gets shocked..

He tells u knew that she is vishkanya.. Even though u sent her? Kalpana I will even send u also but what to do? U r my pati? He stands silent. She leaves. Arnav asks Hercules that apu is vishkanya? He nods. Arnav stands in shock.. He leaves.. Dhaani and khushi comes to vishkanya dynasty in new attire..

Dhaani tells khushi to be here itself I will be back.. Arnav walks on the way.. He sees someone taking knife of his pocket.. Arnav throws it.. But it falls on Khushi hand. She get hurt.. He comes there and apologize her.. She slaps him and asks what u think of it self? Crowd joins!! Arnav stands silent.. Kalpana comes there and sees arnav got slapped.. She smiles..

She tells whatever khushi told is correct.. She send crowd.. She takes khushi to palace.. Kalpana asks her will u marry my son? Khushi asks is he is u r son? Kalpana nods.. She asks then why u did not support him in that place? Kalpana tells mistake is his.. Khushi tells for me OK.. But my mom? She tells her to bring u r mom I will speak to her.

Dhaani comes to spot and searches her in all place!! Khushi comes there with guards.. She tells dhaani that queen wanted to speak to u!! Dhaani agrees… Dhaani and khushi comes to meet kalpana.. Kalpana asks dhaani to accept for marriage? Dhaani tells but there is one condition!

Kalpana asks what? Dhaani tells I need to see Adarsh!! Kalpana asks for what? Dhaani tells I have to talk to him.. Kalpana agrees

Precap:Adarsh speaks to dhaani about swadheentha behavior!. Shravan kills enemies. Apu comes near Malay.. He sees her lovingly..

If I did not get comment from IKRS fans means.. I will quit their part..

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  1. Lakshmi

    hey naren why u r quiting….? its a very interesting story….and we also want to see vidhani in this ff……and sorry for not commenting……becoz these days i am very busy with my studies….but whenever i get time i try hard to read all missed ffs here….

    1. Narendran

      Thnx lakshmi???

  2. Hlooo it was too late update….plz try to update regularly

    1. Narendran

      Sure. Sorry for late.. Update..

  3. Kathy

    Good episode naren… Wicked kalpana… Finally Aranav comes to know that Apu is a vishkanya… End of the story Aranav n kushi r the pairs but still ….. Wonder y kalpana wants kushi to marry Aranav… She must b plotting something new… Eagerly waiting for the next episode naren..

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Kathy for the comment..hope u liked it.

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