Fantasy thriller (Ipknd,vishkanya, ishq ka rang safed,ek duje ke vaaste and dehleez) epi-2

Now intro for Vishkanya dynasty

One lady comes in with black sari.. Tells servants to clean all things.. She slowly comes to jail and tells guards to leave and holds jail bar and calls out Hercules.. He comes there and asks her what she wants? It is none other than kalpana.. Laughs loudly and tells u r death.. She tells I am just joking.. She asks him why u did not eat food? He tells becoz whatever given in u r hand is equal to death.. Kalpana holds his throat and smiles and tells him to have or I will kill arnav.. Hercules gets shocked and tells her to leave my son.. She tells him to eat food now.. Hercules eats it and cries.. Kalpana leaves from there and comes up and sees apu standing near window..

Kalpana comes there and tells apu to go and take rest.. she tells I am always taking rest. Kalpana tells her to wear chain.. Then every one will know that u r vishkanya.. Apu tells let them know.. Kalpana slaps her and tells servants to bring it now.. They gives her.. Kalpana makes her wear and tells u r beautiful..!!.. Apu stands crying.. Arnav tells guards that he needs to go out.. Guards tells u cannot. Arnav pushes them and comes out and sees kalpana and walks .. Kalpana comes there and takes her nail and sharps it and kills guards and tells u are useless.. I told u not to send him out but u???.

Kalpana tells others to take his body away from here.. Kalpana tells shooters to catch Arnav. But it fails.. Kalpana sees him walking towards jail.. She goes there and speaks to warden that Hercules should be died today.. He gets shocked and pleads her not to.. Shravan comes there and takes him away.. Adarsh comes there and tells Kalpana that she has good time as per planets.. So that if u do anything it will be successful.. She smiles and tells now this is time to workout my plan.

Adarsh comes to his room and sees swadheentha pic and cleans it and kisses on it and cries.. He tells I will come to u and marry u soon.. Arnav was taken by shravan to his room. Shravan tells him not to escape anymore.. Shravan tells I will find good time that time u leave.. Arnav hugs him.. Shravan comes to his small house.. Suman asks what u want? He tells her to give water. Suman asks how much years u will be working for this …….dash….. Shravan closes her mouth.. Guards passes by.. He tells her to talk slowly.. Wind blows.. He cares her face and kisses on her forehead and tells her to sleep.. He tells good time will come for us also soon..

Precap:Answer for swadheentha as Queen and dhaani as servant.. Wait till Sunday.. So till that take care bye guys..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow extraordinary episode… Oh this kalpana so evil yaar… Hate her… Always…

  2. Oh no have to wait till Sunday for suspense reveal… Ok… Excited for the next episode… Enjoy suman n shravan moments…

  3. wow naren liked it……..even there r no vidhaani scenes…..waiting for next epi

  4. i cudnt undrstnd anythng.. whts goin on.??.??

    1. Nandi read from episode 1 …

  5. Exciting precap. ?

  6. rock on!!!!

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