Fantasy thriller (Ipknd,vishkanya, ishq ka rang safed,ek duje ke vaaste and dehleez) epi-1

Here is my new ff.. So let us start ..

Kalpana: Queen of vishkanya dynasty.. She always thinks of capturing places and killing king.

Hercules:King of vishkanya dynasty but he was prisoned by her wife kalpana becoz of her black magic.

Apu: daughter of kalpana.. She is vishkanya and she loves flowers alot but if she touches all will dry so she sees all from far..

Arnav:He is son of kalpana… He was fathers son.. He always supports father and gets beating from kalpana and guards..

Adarsh: He is friend of arnav. He is advicer of kalpana also

Shravan: He always has big smile in his face. He is horse soldiers head..

Suman:She is wife of shravan..

Rang dynasty…

Viplav:King of this dynasty and loves her wife dhaani alot.

Dhaani: Wife of viplav..

Swadheentha:Queen of rang dynasty.

Khushi:Daughter if viplav and dhaani..

Malay:He is son of viplav and dhaani..

So let us start.. If u imagine them in King queen like u will laugh.. But let us start now..

The episode starts with Swadheentha orders all people to give their money to her.. People cries and tells her to show some mercy towards them.. Swadheentha laughs evilly and asks mercy? Me? Swadheentha comes near that man and touches his face.. She opens her nail and stabs on his throat and tells all people to give money and leave or u will be also dead like him.. All gives it and leaves.. Dhaani comes there and asks swadheentha what she wants? She tells dhaani to take her dupatta and walk behind her…

Viplav sits on King chair and waits.. Swadheentha comes there wearing greedom. Dhaani also comes there walking behind her.. Viplav gets teary eyes.. He tells in mind.. I am sorry..dhaani..

Malay and khushi comes there and takes dupatta from dhaani hand and tells swadheentha that her mom won’t do any work.. She tells then ok . she orders guards to take khushi and malay to cell.. Swadheentha smiles.. Dhaani tells no problem I will take it pls leave them.. Dhaani falls on her leg.. Her mangalsutra also falls down.. Swadheentha sees this and takes it and throws away and tells u r husband is not u rs or not mine.. So don’t be senti and leaves to chair.. Swadheentha tells all ministers that we need more money.. She tells them also to collect it.. Jeweler comes there.. His hand shakes.. She comes there and stops it and takes necklace and tells it is nice.. He becomes normal. She asks for bangle? He gives it.. She tells soo bad and kills him with nail.. Swadheentha orders guards to take this body away from here..

Precap:Intro of vishkanya dynasty..

Guys I think many will not like it.. If u like comment or ignore it.. And next epi will be tmr or next Sunday.. Till that bye..

1. what u think the reason behind swadheentha as queen and dhaani as servant? Viplav and dhaani has sons then why this problem?

If u have any idea pls share it. I will tell about this question answer in 3rd epi.. So bye guys take care..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Kathy

    Unexpected story line naren Hercules as kalapana husband… I laught a lot…. … Very different from all ur stories… Luv this new idea… Keep writing…

  2. Kathy

    Sorry naren I thought a lot .. But coudnt answer ur question… So confusing … May b coz it’s just a start… Excited for the next episode …

      • soumya sinha

        swadheenta does not suit being evil she is just fab wen she s nyc someone should be evil to her another person shud come in and then these 3 actresses become friends n one by one meet the lover boy

  3. Sana

    Wow its amazing thought all in royal style I liked it very much waiting for next episode pls update soon

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB , EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow fantasy reminded me of game of thrones and also a to a little extent Bajirao Mastani πŸ˜›

  5. Rufina

    totally different story bro….yeah..its bit difficult to imagine them as king n queen…but totally enjoyed the epi…keep writing…

  6. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    I want to give u one suggestion … plz don’t combine so many couples … I m confused … It will be great if there is one or two couple
    Sorry if I have hurt u …but it’s my pov

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Ok.. But this is couple of shows.. So if u want tell me I will remove 1couple not more than that..

  7. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    How many ff’s you are writing !!!! I don’t know how you are managing all this… In that case you are really great…

  8. Viplav

    hey naren different one…….but i don’t understand ur concept of rang dynasty…..
    viplav king ok……dhaani his wife is also ok…..then why swadheentha the queen?? dhaani is the queen na?? plz describe and clear it

  9. Naren,like u my dad will also take my phone as I m not concentrating on my studies now a days????By the way nice ff. I liked it.

  10. shai

    nice story….u kept my two favourite couples…arshi and apulay…love you a lot fior this πŸ™‚

  11. shai

    my condition is also the same like you naren…the modem is not working,dad is busy with laptop,and overload of studies…so commenting less these days πŸ™

  12. Anisha

    This is so damn different! But seems interesting! But if Vip is King then Dhaani is supposed to be queen! How is Swadheenta queen?

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