Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) Part-5

Hello everyone! First of all sorry mein bhul jaati thi isko post karna! And please consider my coaching is started and so I will be late in posting! So here goes the next part,

Three of them leave to their class….
Sau: Someone called his brothers right? But they didn’t help him! Now what will happen of that cry baby?
R: Sumo! Next time if you say anything to me then my brothers won’t leave you!
Sau: I saw this today!
Rudra turns to his class and leaves in anger!
On the other side of campus Daksh’s friend bully a boy, Daksh comes there,
Da: What are you doing to him? Stop this work just now!
Friend1: But Daksh….
Da: I said stop it then do as I say!
They let the boy go,
A: How nice is Daksh he saved that boy from those bad people. Cheapde start bullying anyone.
Friend2: Daksh why you stopped us? Were you scared of someone?
Da: Daksh is not scared of anyone! But instead he scares other people. See I don’t want Anika to have a bad impression for me in her mind she was here when u were bullying that boy!
Friend1: I understood what you are planning Daksh.
Daksh smiles three of them leave from there.

After few weeks; in the classroom,
L: Students please pay attention! There are few announcements. First of all you have no assignment for few days as I won’t be able to take it. Second college authorities have planned a trip to Delhi for your upcoming project; submit me your names as soon as possible.
Outside the college,
S: So what are your plans for tomorrow evening?
Si: Nothing at present Shivaay we all are free. It’s been a long time we had a get together so I think tomorrow we can spend time together.
M: Nice thought! I was also thinking same; it is all boring and since we have no work so we can go somewhere.
Si: Yes we can go to Lonavala.
T: No it’s not good for a party.
M: But I thought we should go to some beautiful place like Lonavala?
D: No Lonavala is a boring thought what about beach?
Si: We should go to beach.
D: Yes beach is a nice idea!
M and T: No we will go to Lonavala!!
All of them start quarrelling!
A and S: (Shouts.) Stop it!
T: Okay.
A: If you all quarrel like this then nothing will happen. Let’s do one thing all of you write your choices on chits and give me; Shivaay will take out one chit and we will go to that place.
M: Nice idea.
Everyone makes chits.
A: Okay Shivaay so choose any one chit.
Shivaay picks a chit,
S: Umm… we are going to beach!
A: Wait a minute show me what is written in the chit?
After reading the chit Anika gets angry,
A: Why did you lie to us Shivaay? Its written Lonavala clearly!
S: I am with boys’ gang!
A: It’s clear now we are going to Lonavala!

Precap: Shivaay’s accident. Rudra’s confrontation to Saumya. Ishkara moments!

I am really very sorry for being so much late and for such a short fiction! I will update now on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. Won’t be able to update like I used to do it before and….please forgive me.

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