Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) Part-3

Anika and Shivaay angrily leaves. Siddhartha, Dushyant, Mallika and Tia who came to tell them about their patch up get dumbstruck.
M: We came to tell that we are friends now but it seems both of them had a big fight. Now what to do guys?
Si: You are right Mallika we need to think something both of them won’t listen now.
T: What to do?
D: Don’t know at present we must go back to our class.

M: You are right.
All four of them leave from there. While they were walking to their classroom,
T: But this is wrong we did fight so that both of them come closer but this happened totally reverse.
M: We can’t do anything. Now both of them will keep fighting.
In the class, all four of them were sitting together Shivaay and Anika come and get surprised to see them sitting together and talking happily,

A: What happened to them? An hour ago they were fighting like wild animals and suddenly they became so friendly.
S: This isn’t surprising for me my friends don’t continue fights if someone apologize to them. Your friends must have apologized and my friends must have forgiven them.
A: Excuse me Mr. Kanji eyed bagad billa! My friends don’t kneel down before anyone and accept their defeat. Your friends must have come running and apologizing.
Both of them start fighting again. Their friends come and stare at them angrily,
A: Why are you looking like this?!
M: Really Anika is this you? I and Tia know you since childhood but you never behaved like this with anyone. Anyone!!
T: Yes Anika you don’t behave like this but now all of a sudden you are so changed.
S: I can’t believe you two. I think she is like a wild cat by birth.
A: Excuse me…
M: Stop it Anika! You are getting angry for no reason.

A: Okay!
S: Thank god at least she understands someone’s language.
M: Shivaay!
S: What??
M: It’s not just Anika’s fault but yours too!
S: What’s my mistake?
T: Shivaay you are very sensible but you also get involved in the fight. It is very bad. It is not at all good thing.
D: Tia is right Shivaay. You too should understand.
All four of them notice Anika giggling.
Si: What’s the matter Anika? Why are you laughing?

A: My friends are scolding Bagad Billa. I never thought he would be so calm if my friends scold him.
M: Anika we four know Shivaay since last three years. We are actually best friends.
A: You know him?
T: Yes Anika our parents are business colleagues.
A: Ohhh! It means you are tolerating Mr. Bagad Billa since 3 years. Very sad didn’t he show his tadi to you?
Si: Common Anika you both should end up this now and patch up.
Anika and Shivaay smiles and they became friends.
D: Exactly I am very hungry. Let’s go to canteen.

All of them go to canteen a gang of boys watch them silently. While they were eating in the canteen the group comes there and watches them silently on the other hand Rita and her friends come there and watches Shivaay. Anika goes to wash her hands one boy of that group come behind her,
Da: Hello!
A: Hi!
Da: I am Daksh.
A: Nice name, I am Anika.
Da: Are you new here?
A: Yes joined today only.
Da: Wow great! I too joined today. Can we be friends?
A: Sure! (Daksh smiles wickedly.) Let’s go to my friends we are having lunch you too join us. (Daksh get scared as Shivaay and others knew him for his group which used to do ragging with other students in college.)
Da: No-no you continue I have some work.

A: But next time you should join us.
Da: I will join you.
Daksh leaves from there. Anika comes back to them.
S: Whom were you talking to?
A: Someone Daksh. He is also new to college just like me. We are friends now.
All of them: Daksh!!
A: Yes Daksh. Why are you shocked?
M (Whispers to others.): We can’t tell her about him. He has misguided her.
T: You are right we will tell at right time.
S, Si and D: Okay.
A: Kya khuspus chal rahi hai? Koi batayega? (What are you whispering? Will someone tell?)
D: Nothing Anika it is Siddhartha’s b’day so we are planning a surprise.
T: Exactly. Yes party’s planning.
A: Do you think I am mad?

M: Not at all.
A: You are involving Siddhartha and telling him the surprise of his b’day party.
S: Siddhartha? Not Siddhartha actually Siddhartha’s sister.
A: But Dushyant told Siddhartha.
S: No I heard properly he told Siddhartha’s sister.
A: (Thinking.) Maybe I got confused.
A: Maybe I heard wrong. So when is the party?
M: After 2 months.
A: After 2 months! And for that you are planning now.
T: We thought it would be a surprise destination b’day party. Just like destination weddings.
A: Wow great! I too want to come.
Si: Sure you are invited Anika.
All five of them get shocked.

Precap: Daksh’s evil plan. Leap of a year.

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  1. Wow!!!! Manaya back 2 back two epi…. Luv it…

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Banita and will try to maintain the speed.

  2. Niriha

    Loved it ??

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      Thank you Niriha.

  3. Loved it. ?

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      Thank you.

  4. Aarti32

    Hey Manya..I read both parts now..Both r awesomeeeeeeeeee..But where r Rumya??

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Aarti and don’t worry Rumya are in part 4 and there are still 2-3 episodes for a leap.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you.

  5. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome dear… Back to back epi!! But where is Rumya?? Waiting for next part dear…

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Gayathri. Rumya are in the next part I will be posting soon.

  6. Jerry_36

    Nice one dear❤

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      Thank you my little jerry.

  7. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

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    Mind blowinhggg
    Lived it….
    What will happen after leap…..
    Lers see…

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Kanfi. Keep the suspense.

  9. Haridhra

    Wow… Awsm yaar I hope that Daksh gets nicely frm Shivaay … u mi8 be thinking that I’m saying early itself but I knw he will do something so that only.. Post next Asap.

    P.S Can v be frnds..

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Haridhra. Hope for the best. But at present he won’t change. No we can’t be frnds but we can be besties.

      1. Haridhra

        Hahhaaa sure ?..

  10. Awesome… 🙂

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      Thank you Shivika.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

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      Thank you Niki.

  12. Amazing update…

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  13. Fenil

    Superb Intro,Characters Scratch and prologue i loved it.

    Sweet and Smart Kids of All Three Pairs. Love them more. Nice Name Omish,Ishra,Sara,Arya,Ansh,Samay.

    I hate u because u give negative role to Sanjeeda Sheikh I will kill u bandariya.

    I love how All three Shivika,Ishkara,Rumya fighting like Tom and Jerry . Just like us.

    Cute friendship between Malika,Tia and Anika. Same wid Sidharth,Dushyant,Shivaay.

    Bilu-Billi end up in fight for no reasons.

    Daksh will get good care from shivaay.

    Loved whole plot..
    Send links oky Bandariya.
    See i fulfilled my promise

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Bandariya ki didi. And yes Sanjeeda won’t be negative for whole fiction there is a twist!! Wait a minute Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya don’t fight like us they r not best enemies but best lovers and we are best enemy sisters! And I don’t fight with you bandariya didi it is you who start the fight! My Billu-Billi are like this they will fight for no reason! And thank you didi aapko pasand aaya to aur aise banati rahungi ff! Aur link mein bhej dungi!

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