Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) Part-2

Hello friends! Sorry for posting this episode late. Here goes the next part…
Siddhartha and Mallika spoke to Dushyant and Tia but both of them were busy in looking at each other both were glaring lovingly. Anika and Shivaay noticed this and shook them.
T: Yes what Anika? (Anika signs towards Mallika.) Oh yes Mallika what happened?
M: This duffer is saying you give unnecessary lectures.
D: Don’t call my friend duffer he is very nice.
T: Haww! See your friend he is disrespecting me.

D: Siddhartha see how nice she is leave na let us go.
T: Exactly Mallika just see how cute he is, he is requesting let us leave this topic.
M: Huh! Let’s go. Anika and Tia come we are getting late for class.
T: Let’s go.

Si: Yes- yes we too don’t have time to waste on you. Shivaay and Dushyant come with me.
T: Bye Dushyant! I will meet you in the classroom.
Dushyant and Tia waves hand to each other and they leave from there but Shivaay stops Anika.
S: Excuse me!

A: Yes.
S: I wanted to ask can we meet in canteen after the recess bell.
A: Sure.
Both of them leave from there. In the classroom, Mallika see that Shivaay, Dushyant and Siddhartha were sitting on the bench next to them.
M: What a bad luck! In morning we had to face two donkeys and now three monkeys are here.
Si: Excuse me your eyes are damaged we are humans and not donkey or a monkey.
M: Tia and Anu have I spoke anything for them?
Tia and Anika nods in negative.
M: People just want topics to fight now this is proved that you three are monkeys none told you anything and you assumed yourself.

Siddhartha was about to speak when Shivaay stops him and sign towards the lecturer coming.
Lecturer: Hmm so students did you completed your group assignment?
Si: I forgot the assignment near the library where fight happened! Now how to bring it?
D: What now what will we tell to lecturer he will throw us out of the class.
S: Siddhartha how can you be careless. You know lecturer won’t let us go and if he let us then he will deduct marks.
Si: Shivaay it is not my fault that silly girl started fighting with me and all this happened.
D: Forget it Siddhartha at present we are in trouble find some way to get out of this problem.
Three of them were thinking when Mallika comes to them.
M: Look someone didn’t bring their project. Monkey only knows how to fight.
Mallika and Tia go to submit their project. Anika comes to them.

A: Excuse me! I saw your project lying on the bench near library while I was coming to class. Go and submit it.
Si: Thank god! Thank you very much Anika. Don’t know what would have happened. Thank you.
Anika smiles and go to her friends.
Si: That girl Mallika is too much. Tia is okay and Anika is sweetest of all.
Dushyant stare at him.
Si: What? Why are you looking like this? Anika is like my sister.
S: Okay Dushyant stop staring like that let us go and submit the project.
In the other arts wing of college Ishana standing near dance class,
Ish: Today is my first day hope everything gets fine.
Ishana walks towards her class when she collides with Omkara and their belongings fall down.
Ish: I am sorry. I am really very sorry.
O (Smiles.): It’s okay. Take your papers.
Ish: Thank you.

Ishana helps Omkara in picking up his books.
O: Myself Omkara, Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Ish: I am Ishana Asthana.
Both shake hands.
Ish: I am getting late I must go and thank you for the help.
Omkara smiles and both of them leave. In Omkara’s class,
Lecturer: I told everyone to make some drawings. I hope all of you completed it. Please come one by one and show me your drawings.
Omkara shows his drawings,
Lecturer: Excellent Omkara. I expected this from you. Your drawing is different, this is something new.

She shows him drawing. Omkara get shocked to see pictures of different dance moves.
O: I am sorry lecturer these are not my drawings I think these got exchanged by mistake.
Lecturer: No problem Omkara you can get it after the recess.
In Ishana’s class,
Ish: I think I must go and paste the pictures now itself.
Ishana take out the pictures and get shocked to see sketches instead of drawings of dance moves made by her.
Ish: As far as I remember I made drawings of all the dance moves then how come sketches are here?
She then remembers when she collided with Omkara.
Ish: It means my drawings got exchanged. I will get it afterwards or I will get scolded.
Ishana starts practicing Omkara comes to get his sketches,
Omkara watches Ishana dancing he get mesmerized by her way of dancing. He forgets for the work he came, suddenly Ishana comes and shook him,

O: Oh take your drawings these got exchanged I am sorry for the mistake. You make really nice drawings.
Ish: It is ok. Your sketches are also nice.
O: Thank you. I saw you dance really well. Will you teach me dancing I am really bad at it.
Ish: Sure I will teach you but you will have to teach me how to make sketches.
O: Sure.
Scene shifts to canteen Shivaay and Anika meet each other,
S: Thanks for coming.
A: What’s the matter?
S: I wanted to talk about the fight which happened in morning…
A: It is okay. No problem. It happens.

S: I didn’t completed what I wanted to say.
A: I know you are here to say me sorry for whatever happened. I never mind but yes my friends would mind and it matters a lot to them. It is okay I will convince them. I know it was all the fault of your friends but I will convince my friends don’t worry about it…
S: Hey it was not fault of my friends it was fault of your friends those two weren’t seeing and bumped into my friends.
A: Excuse me my friends were walking straight your friends didn’t saw us. We saw that you are coming.

S: So if you had seen then you should have changed your path. Whole fault is yours.
A: Excuse me bagad billa it is not our fault. You boys don’t see and blame us.
S: I am not here to fight with you but to do patch up as I don’t want to create misunderstandings among all of us.
A: I am also not here to listen to your pravachan. I don’t have time for these things.
Anika and Shivaay angrily leaves. Siddhartha, Dushyant, Mallika and Tia who came to tell them about their patch up get dumbstruck.
M: We came to tell that we are friends now but it seems both of them had a big fight. Now what to do guys?
Si: You are right Mallika we need to think something both of them won’t listen now.
T: What to do?

D: Don’t know at present we must go back to our class.
M: You are right.
All four of them leave from there.

Precap: Rumya nok-jhok. Shivika fight again. Function at Oberoi mansion.

I hope this episode was not boring. I will try to post next part soon.

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