Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) Part-1

Hello everyone! I am back with the first episode of my ff. Here goes the first part. I am really overwhelmed by your response.
All the children go to senior Oberois.
D: O khoteyo aise chehre kyun banake rakhe hain? Kya baat hai? (Why are you looking like this? What’s the matter?)
Ansh: Badi dadi…Actually our…
P: …Oh my mata! Your teachers scolded you alls.
Ansh: No dadi…

Suddenly Arya shouts happily,
Arya: Tia and Mallika aunty!!!!
Tia and Mallika come,
Tia: (Hugs dadi. Mallika kisses dadi on cheeks.) How are you grandma?
Dadi: I am angry with both of you.
T and M: Why are you angry?
Dadi: You both forgot your grandma and didn’t come to meet me.
Tia: Aww! Dadi you look so cute when you get angry.
Dadi smiles and hugs them.
Dadi: If next time you both don’t come to meet I will stop talking to you.
M: Now we won’t delay and will come to meet.
P: Talkings will continues tell me this that how come is you here? I means that did something happened in homes? Is everything fines?
T: No Pinky aunty actually Siddhartha and Dushyant went to US for some business tour and left us here because we w ere all alone at home.
M: Yes so we will stay here for a month or two.
P: You did perfectly fines by coming here I was missing you twos.
M: Bua Maa how is you? It is long time after we saw you.
BM: Came few days ago from America. Missed everyone so came to meet it is good you two too came here now we will have fun.
T: Exactly Bua Maa it is always fun time with you.
Tia notices children standing there,
T: Hey my babies! You all have grown up.
Tia goes and kisses Ansh he gets irritated. Mallika and Tia laugh seeing him.
T: He is just like Shivaay no?
M: Yah I too feel the same.
T: My babies how are you all? And all those lovers who are still busy in romance maybe?
Sara (She jumps and sits near Tia.): We are not fine and our parents they fight too much. We went to bade papa’s room to play, but he was fighting with badi mummy.
Omish: Exactly our parents too were fighting like anything they both were not listening to each other…
Ishra: And Rudra Chachu he didn’t even cared about his fitness and ate up all the parathas of Saumya chachi.
Ansh: As an overall result we didn’t see anything between them which proves they love each other.
Dadi smiles at them.
Arya: Do they really love each other?
D: Yes and I will tell you their story.
All the children excitedly sit there in a group. Story goes to flashback,

In a college campus a group of girls is shown standing near the fountain,
Girl1: Look he came!
Girl2: He is so handsome yaar! Just think what if I have a boyfriend like him?
Girl3: You are not of his type Rita see yourself you are not of his standard and he…
Rita: Come on Sara if I am not equal to his standard so what I am at least from a well-known business family and once I get married to him our companies will merge and we will be of equal standard.
Cara: So what are you waiting for go and propose him.
That boy passes from there gives Rita a rose and winks at her.
Boy1: Shivaay what you did this!
S: What was wrong in this Siddhartha?
Si: Shivaay you don’t know that girl Rita once she likes someone she gets after him. And if anyone comes in between she removes him from her path she is dangerous.
S: So what Siddhartha I don’t care.
Si: If she does something to you then?
S: Dushyant make him understand.
D: Sid you need not to worry Shivaay will handle.
Si: Yes Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything.
Shivaay and his friends were going through the corridor and from the other side Anika, Tia and Mallika were coming chatting.
A: Tia I am so excited it is my first day here and you two were so nice with me. Are others too like you here?
T: Anika here are two big gangs who are known for their ragging you must beware of them.
M: Exactly both the gangs are so dangerous yesterday only they ragged a student and now he is in hospital poor boy he had to clean whole campus and he had eaten nothing.
Mallika was so busy in chatting that she didn’t notice Siddhartha and bumped into him her belongings fall down. She gets angry.
M: Hey you blind! Can’t you see and walk?
Si: Excuse me miss it was your fault you were blabbering like your friend Tia.
M: Don’t drag her in between.
Si: Dushyant just tell how much her friend Tia keeps giving unnecessary spiritual lectures.
M: Yes- yes Tia they think only we talk so much what were they doing you saw na tell then.

Siddhartha and Mallika spoke to Dushyant and Tia but both of them were busy in looking at each other both were glaring lovingly. Anika and Shivaay noticed this and shook them.
T: Yes what Anika? (Anika signs towards Mallika.) Oh yes Mallika what happened?
M: This duffer is saying you give unnecessary lectures.
D: Don’t call my friend duffer he is very nice.
T: Haww! He is disrespecting me.
D: Siddhartha see how nice she is leave na let us go.

Precap: Ishkara meets. Rumya moments.

Sorry for a short and silly update. I will post a better update next time.

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