Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) INTRO & CHARACTER SKETCH

Hello!! This is Manya back with another ff.
Intro to the Cast

Junior Oberois and Asthanas:
1] Shivaay Singh Oberoi/ Mahi Singh Oberoi: Nakul Mehta.
2] Anika Asthana: Surbhi Chandna.
3] Omkara Singh Oberoi: Kunal Jaisingh.
4] Ishana Asthana: Vrunshika Mehta.
5] Rudra Singh Oberoi: Leenesh Mattoo.
6] Saumya Asthana: Neha Lakshmi Iyer.
7] Priyanka Singh Oberoi: Subha Rajput.
8] Ranveer Singh Randhawa: Ayush Anand.
9] Arnav Asthana: Barun Sobti.
10] Khushi Oberoi: Sanaya Irani.
11] Sahil Asthana: Aryan Prajapati.
12] Naina Oberoi: Harshita Ojha.
13] Tia Kapoor: Navina Bole.
14] Dushyant: Saurabh Kushwah.
15] Mallika: Surbhi Jyoti.
16] Siddhartha Vikram Rana: Shaleen Malhotra.
Senior Oberois and Asthanas:
1] Kalyani Prithviraj Singh Oberoi/ Dadi: Navnindra Behl.
2] Dolly Singh Oberoi/ Bua Maa: Sushmita Mukherjee.
3] Tej Singh Oberoi: Mahesh Thakur.
4] Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi: Mreenal Deshraj.
5] Shakti Singh Oberoi: Siraj Mustafa Khan.
6] Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi: Nitika Anand.
7] Niranjan Asthana: Manish Wadhwa
8] Anjali Asthana: Geetanjali Tikekar.
Villains in the show:
1] Svetlana Kapoor/ Mrinmayee: Reyhna Malhotra.
2] Daksh Khurana: Karan Khanna.
3] Rita Kapoor: Sanjeeda Sheikh.

Character Sketch
Junior Oberois and Asthanas:
1] Shivaay Singh Oberoi/ Mahi Singh Oberoi: Shivaay is a young businessman very arrogant and snobbish just like his Bade papa he believes in lineage, blood and surname. He controls whole business of Oberoi family. He loves his brothers and can do anything for them he has a twin Mahi who is just opposite of Shivaay. Mahi is calm, not interested a least in business usually is seen around the corner street tea shops and has good bonding with all his brothers.
2] Anika Asthana: Sister of Ishana and Saumya. She runs a canteen of her own. She is very sweet girl and speaks different words which irritate Shivaay a lot. She doesn’t believe in NKK and leaves her house to prove that without surname every human can live.
3] Omkara Singh Oberoi: He is an artist, a poet and makes sculptures. He don’t like lies and hate people’s who lies to others.
4] Ishana Asthana: She is a dancer and runs a dancing institute. She also makes sculptures and put them for exhibitions. She is very chirpy and does what she likes.
5] Rudra Singh Oberoi: He flirts with girls and keeps making girlfriends and doing breakup always. He is a playboy and a Casanova.
6] Saumya Asthana: She is smart, sweet and intelligent. Rudra always keep making fun of her because she is fat.
Additional Cast:
1] Arya (Shivika’s daughter)
2] Ishra (Ishkara’s daughter)
3] Sara (Rumya’s daughter)
4] Ansh (Shivika’s son)
5] Omish (Ishkara’s son)
6] Samay (Rumya’s son)

This was the intro and cs of main leads. I hope all the Ishkara fans are happy whom I promised that I will write a ff for Ishkara and I hope that you will like this cast. I will try to upload prologue soon.

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  1. Wow…very Intresting dear

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    Update next part soon

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      Sorry Kanfi but as I promised this ff is not for Gaurika and for Ishkara.

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  3. Farhina kabir Mahi

    Mindblowing cast. Amazing,thanks for IshKara.I jst luv thm….

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    Awseome character sketch diii. I to love ishkara.
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    Love u

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  5. Thank u yaar for writing an ff on ishkara n plzz add more scenes as possible n nyc introduction waiting eagerly for the next update

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      Ur welcome dear and soon I will submit next part.

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    Amazing and also title is amazing as well and I love rumya but ishkara seem interesting as well as rumya.

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      Thank you very much hope you will like the next part as well.


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  13. Akshaya_13

    u made sanjeeda a villian?soooo sad:(

    1. ManyaPV5

      Don’t be sad Akshaya everytime what is writen is not the truth there is a little twist in my story don’t be sad just keep reading.

      1. Akshaya_13

        😉 i was just kidding! by the way plz post soon and reveal Sanjeeda’s chatracter…and i’m sure it’ll be easy imagining her in an evil character like in EHT..:)

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    Hai Vipra you fulfills your promise and coming back in May 15th with your new ff. I like intro and character sketch of your new ff. I like you make ishakara. I can’t able to read your ff, because my exams stars very soon .so I will surely read your ff after my exams ends. Bye ?

    1. ManyaPV5

      Hello Ahsana. I must keep my promises to be trustable. And thank you. And don’t worry I will pm you the links so that you can read them after exams if ur exams r going to end in this month then don’t worry my ff is going to continue till next month.

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