A Fantasy Called Love (Twinj OS)


Hllo guys….. Till now you must have heard opposite attracts each other. Right? So here are we as an example. I hope we both are known to you?. So let me tell you a explanation to prove this. Actually we want proof right?

Dreamer..Arundhati the one who comment on mostly all of articles of Tei page and lover the one who never used to comment on any article.

And frnds we seriously hope u all like this…..its our first time ever…
We know we aren’t great writers but still a try…

Dedicated to twinj and our tei family and our silent readers….and of course our friendship…

Guys a humble request
Plz frnds after tei end now u all r our support
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Ok enough of our bakbak so we are here to show;) opposite attract each other through our os…

Takdeer ne chaha takdeer ne bataya,
Takdeer na hum dono ko ek Saath milaya… Khushnaseeb the hum ya woh pal,
Jab hamari dosti pe Humne ek aur Kadam badhaya aur isse Tu pe laya………

So we hope you will like it…

Ek writing hamari dosti ke Naam…

Kunj-sidhant gupta
Twinkle-jasmine bhasin

Dekha hazaro dafa aapko
Phir bekarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mai baat aisi hai….

With this Kunj ended his song..
Yes…he was our Kunj Sarna…
It was the college annual function and our Mr.perfect was singing as he was one of the best singers in whole Academy…
But far from everyone’s eyes he was singing it looking at sumone.,,,
She was one and only twinkle taneja….

Yes kunj had a deep crush on twinkle and with years it had transformed to deep love…

He admired her, ,adored her, helped her….

She was a perfect siyaapa queen, ,
Always upto some mischief in college….

Yet he was always there to help her.
He was her backup….
For twinkle they were just good friends..

But kunj was afraid of losing this hard earned frndship
So he too never told her,….

After performance
Tw-Kunj u rocked it…yaar kya gaata hai tu…
Ku-Thank you…
As He wanted to say so many things but yet he couldn’t….

Bcoz he knew for twinkle he was nothing but only a backup and helpful frnd…..

So though he knew he couldn’t get what he wanted…he kept on doing his good deeds…..helped twinkle…and secretly kept on loving her…..

Twinkle somewhere knew that kunj had feelings 4 her….but she choosed to overlook this fact… she wanted to enjoy life….

Pal aate hai…
Jaate hai
Na ruke kabhi…
Ya….now the college days were ending…
And somewhere she had started realizing kunj’s worth….

She herself had started loving him… she had become habitual to him.

It happened after the incident…
When Twinkle met with an accident and hence her hand got fractured….
She was to be the show stopper for a show and now almost everyone mocked her….

But it was only kunj who stands very minute by her side…..
He not only helped her around but also completed her notes and what not.

She understood his feelings….his compassion.

Kunj had of course realized it.

But…kunj resisted himself bcoz he knew that Leela Taneja would never like their union.
And he never wants any hurdles in twinkle’s life…

So he choose to sacrifice his love….

He slowly started drifting himself away from his life, his twinkle….

Only he knew the pain he was going through..

Twinkle was confused at first …but slowly due to hectic schedule she didn’t noticed his different behaviour….

Months passes by….now they had a very far friendship
They themselves didn’t realized how far they were..

In the mean time
Leela decided to marry twinkle with yuvraj luthra one of most eligible businessman …..
Twinkle was adamant on her decision of no for it.
Kunj knew that it was bcoz of him….

So he started to behave rudely with her….
Every day he punished himself for hurting his twinkle…but it was for her betterment….

Twinkle agreed to meet uvi

According to her…
Uvi was a good guy
Well mannered, polite, handsome, smart….

Slowly she thought that why not to marry him..he was a good person na! ANd this will make her mom also happy….

Uvi took her on outings, planned dates, gave her surprises, and gave her joy….

He was as sweet as sugar thought twinkle.

So atlast she relented and agreed….
Leela was very happy…hence twinkle was also happy….

Kunj seeing his breath happy..was more n then happy.,, but deep inside his heart was bleeding….but it was for his twinkle….
This is selfless love.

On the other hand deep down twinkle missed kunj but they couldn’t meet….he had left amritsar…..

Finally the marriage day came….

Twinkle was not looking less than a apsara….

Uvi was also looking superb.

Twinkle had decided to move on though she knew it was not less than impossible….

As each phera was going on,…waha kunj til til mar raha tha…..

But he decided that he has to move on….

Sapne sab dekhte hai…
Unki oor bhi chalte hai …
Par manjil sabhi ko nahi milti…
He would never marry..but keep on doing good work…he should not hinder and waver frm his path….

At last the marriage took place and now twinkle was twinkle yuvraj luthra…

After rituals they went to their house I.e. London back….

Yes guys Uv is a NRI….

Twinkle is so happy to start her new life as somewhere she knew that she can’t live with Kunj now. So she decided to start her new life with UV.

At night Luthra mansion;

Twinkle is sitting on the bed waiting for UV to come. Now it has been 12 and she got worried for UV. She is feeling restless so she went to change in washroom.

As soon as she entered room after changing herself in her normal dress room door banged the open. And UV went inside being drunk.

Twinkle was shocked to see him like this. She kept glued on her place when UV went near her and hold her by hair.

Uv: How dare you to enter my room without my permission?

While Twinkle is whining in pain. Tears where almost started to flow from her eyes.

She somehow composed herself and said,

Twi: wh…at… h….app….end… U..V..? An…y… pro….ble…..m?

Uv: (in the high pitch of his voice) Problem? Huh? My problem is you…. you are my problem.

Saying this he grabbed her out of the room and shut the door with a thud.

Twinkle leaned near door on the while tears were continuously flowing from twinkle eyes like flood. She is in deep trauma.

Twinkle p.o.v.

Why babaji? Hamesha mere Saath hi Kyun? Pehle Kunj Jo mujhse itna Pyaar Karta and now UV. Kya soncha tha aur Kya ho gaya? Meri life ka sabse khubsurat dinn Meri life mein maunhusiyaat lekar aaya….. Aisi Kya galti ho gayi thi mujhse.

And she slept there leaning her head in wall.

Leap of 2 years;

[Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin

Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Kitni chahat hai dil mein tu jaane na
Kaise dil ko samjhaaye dil maane na]

Some is seen singing the song but he is standing having his back in front and crowds are cheering with the name Sid….

[Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin

Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Meri tammanaao ka ehsaas tum
Main kahin bhi rahun mere aas-paas tum]

He moves in front of the stage and his face is seen and he is none other than Kunj.(but why crowds are cheering for Sid then? Confused Naa)

[Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane..
Ek pal bhi tumse door jaa na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Ajnabi silsila mere saath hai
Bheed mein tanhaai ka ehsaas hai
Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane..]

He closed his eyes and a beautiful eyes , a rosy lips and then whole face of girl is seen. She is none other than twinkle. And a tears roll down from his eyes. He composes himself and then continues to sing.

[Yaadon ko teri hum mitaa na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin
Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake]

He remincses how he left twinkle for her happiness and then her marriage with UV and left the stage.

Media: This time too we failed to click any photo of Sid. Don’t know why but he never let anyone to click a photo of him.

Next scene,

A boy is seen sitting on office when a man came and informed him that he is called by Rocky.

He left from there having some files in his hand.

Boy: May I come in sir.
Rocky: Come in Mr. Kunj.
Kunj: you called me ? Any work for me?
Rocky: Kunj I called you here to inform you that you are fired for being irresponsible.
Kunj: But Sir……
Rocky: No if and but. Just leave.
And Kunj left.

Kunj is waiting for his coffee

Kunj p.o.v.

What is happening in my life. I left twinkle just for her happiness but after that my life gets a unknown turn. I lost my everything but then I got my identity Sid. The great singer Sid but as Kunj I am nothing. Why this happens with me?

He is engrossed in his thought when his eyes went to a girl who is drinking coffee in the same cafeteria. He went to her without wasting a single second and took the sit beside her.

Kunj: Twinkle, You here? How are you?
Twinkle: Kunj I am fine. Actually here for some work. And you?
Kunj: I thought to have coffee that why I came here.
Twinkle: And yo…u…r w……wi…
Kunj: Wife? Twinkle I am not married. Ok.
Twinkle: why?
Kunj: leave all this Naa. Ok now tell me how is UV? (Asked Kunj having stone in his heart)
Twinkle: Yes he is fine. Ok. Bye. I have some work.
And she left from there.

Like this they meet many times. May be this was their destiny or some prank by God or their undefined love for each other.

One day Kunj is crossing the road whereas twinkle is standing on the either side. And Kunj eyes is just on twinkle. When twinkle saw a car moving towards. She ran and saves Kunj by pushing him with her force.

Twinkle: Are you OK? Are you losted? Did you thought what will happen to me if anything happened to you.

Kunj is just listening to all this while twinkle starts hitting him on his chest.

Kunj: Twinkle happened right? Then why are you worried like this? And UV is there for you.

Twinkle:(cutting him off) Oh wow Mr. Kunj Sarna. Till now you think that I am living as happy life with UV. Can’t you see the pain in My eyes. Oh sorry you can’t as you are tyaag ki murti. Who live her love. Idiot can’t you see that I love and always loved you. But you are just impossible.

Kunj: but twinkle……

Twinkle: OK. wait let me clear everything.

Flashback shows:

After that day UV used to beat her daily. And treat her like a maid. He come home late night being drunk and use to give her punishments for small mistakes which she hadn’t even done. He use to burn her with burners.

One night,

Twinkle was sleeping on cushion having blanket on a cold night when he took the blanket from her. Then pour 1 bucket of cold water in her and don’t even let her change her clothes.

While Twinkle was trying hard for their relationship but then he started to torture her more.

One day he tried to burn her with fire. And that day she decided to divorce him but it was not easy too.

So she planned her fake murder by burning the house.

Fb ends.

And that the reason Kunj why I come here and lived here. But I never thought that I will be able to meet you, my love. Yes Kunj I love you till the last breath of my life. I know you won’t accept my love as you don’t love me anymore. And she started crying.

Kunj is crying by listening that how much pain she had suffered from. Somehow he just uttered a single word with stammering voice.”T..w..in…kl….e…”

And they both pulled each other for a tight hug which lasts for 10 minutes showing their passion, love, pain and care for each other.

Kunj: I am sorry twinkle. I never know that you suffered all this. I love you but I can’t able to protect you. I am sorry.

Twinkle: Kunj I love you too. And all this is past so it doesn’t matter now.

Next scene
Kunj is seen singing jag ghoomia while everyone cheers for him.

After that they both lived a happy life with each other.


Frnds we hope u like this collab….
Plz do express ur views….
Luv u all

P.S-tell ur decisions

Loads of love.
Frm arundhati and lover

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