Fans’ favorite (Episode 2)


Guys this is my new fan friction

Ranveer ,rv’s parents and his brother,sister in law and his younger sister
Ishani ,her parents, Granny,cousins and uncle and auntie
Guys ,names will be same in ishani’s family.Milan is rv’s bro but he is good and looks different from rv.Nisha is his sister in law. Partly is his sister
Ishani’s family same but she is the legal daughter of her parents
I hope ull enjoy,
Ishani running and says no ma, just look at his face,Falguni says tumhe ek bhi ladki pasand nahi aaya toh shadi kise karegi.baa comes and says why u r irritating my daughter if she doesn’t wish to marry now let it be.she goes to the temple of her house in prays and says plz God may my interview gets successful.her father says don’t worry he will get impressed by ur achievements.
Her dad too was a business man but she wished to be something of her own
She takes her car keys and leaves.she was weak in driving?,now here is the twist.While she was driving she saw a boy crossing road instead of stopping the car she crashed to another car.that car was quite good and expensive.she says O Teri! Now!a young stunning man comes out of the car,he has worn sunglasses.he approaches towards her.she is trying to avoid everyone has gathered he requests them to plz go.he says to Ishaani so madam what did u do

.agar chalana nahi aata toh public transport ki help se bhi aap travel kar sakte ho.she says “sorry agli bar aap ki car nahi thokongi” he says” Aisa tab hoga na jab tum car chalane ke layak rahogi.

Ishani gets angry and says mafi mangi na ab Kya hai? She is going to leave n he holds her hand and says ek toh galti karti ho aur to upar se ego!wow!ladkiya aisi hi hoti hai! He says give me ur phone,she refuses.he says “kha nahi jaunga,ek call karna hai apne office par”she opens the lock he opens her call logs and he took her dad’s number in his phone.she says tumhare pas abhi tha na toh mera kyun liya liar.he says give me my money,approximately it will take 50,000 rupees.she says “50 rupe bhi nahi mileage,mein apne interview ke liye late ho rahi hoon n says fault tumhara tha tum us lane mein kyun chala rahe hai.he says”kamal ki ladki hai.pehle galti tum karti ho,aur ilsam mujhpar.meine tumhare dad ka phone number le liya hai,abhi call karta hoon” she says no!no!plz don’t do that.he says then return my money.she says this is the third time I have made an accident,my dad will not allow me to drive and vehicle if he will come to know and she starts acting as if she is crying.he says mere adage yeh magarmachi aaso mat dikhao.she gives him ignorant look n says mujhe interview ke liye der ho rahi hai,mera boss bohot khadus aur akhdo hai tumhare Tarah!aur tum mujhe late kargoge toh mujhe job nahi milegi toh tere paise kaise lautau.she asks”mein installment mein de sakti hoon,mein bohot poor family se belong karti hoon,mere family ko paise ki zarorat hai and she starts crying agian.(she is just acting)he says acha thik hai!mujhe tumhara phone number de,she says mein kisi stranger ko apna phone number nahi deti n she shows attitude.he says acha tere dad ko call karu….she says ok ,ok and gives her number.ishani’s car was not that damaged,just a crack was there and she leaves.her phones was an unknown number.she picked and says ishani here,he says mein Bol raha hon,she says bakri ho kya apna nam bata,he says bakri kisko boli,mein mpwoh hoon jiski car ka satyanash kiya tumne,he says tumhara koi bharosa nahi isliye meine call back kiya.mera nam Ranveer Waghela hai tumhara toh pata chal gaya hai n says bhagne ki koshish ki toh pata hai na?n he cuts the phone.

Preach:ishani knocks her boss’s cabin.boss says Come in.the boss was ranveer saw ishani he exclaims tum.she does the same

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. very nice loved the fight and acting of ishaani but pls pls upload in english as i am a tamilian i can understand a little bit only pls

    1. The mean reasons for uploading in Hindi is to bring comedy effect but for u next time in English pakka??

  2. It was Awesome …… pls update ….. precap …

    1. Guys I have updated episode 2 plz have a look its interesting
      I know the problem of Telly updates is that if I upload it now it will show after 2 hours or 3 hours sometimes even more

  3. Kayathri (ranveer)

    vaidehi pls write in English pls . dont knw hindi

  4. wowwww its was super n those cute fights were missing in serial yaar plz do upload regularly ireally liked it very much

  5. It’s really nice.i most like milan is there and he is positive. And my humple request to u plz don’t use hindi words lot. I can’t able to understand dr.

  6. nice man. what about ur previous ff?

  7. Its awesome……….precap just eagerly waiting plspls update it fast…

  8. I m happy that in ur ff Milan is positive as I loved his character but I hated the fact that he was a villian

  9. Wow it.and awesome precap.pls update fast.l am eager to read next.and pls update in English.

  10. wow vaidehi I liked ur ff but you’ll also post ur old ff na as I like it so much

    1. I’m tired of that ff

      1. This one is very romantic but still I’ll see tomorrow if I’m able to do it

  11. Hey do u know how to give a captcha ?? Anyways.ur ff is awesome ??

    1. Captcha is 5

  12. Yaar r u stop ur old ff…and this also owsom na yaar..

    1. No I have just updated that I don’t know when it will come

  13. Guys a good news for the fans of love is life fan friction.there is a special episode which I have updates where everything is normal now.very soon I will take a leap and show ishveer made their world mean ishveer as parents

  14. Awesome yrrr
    Chalo atleast in ur ff we r able to see them in nok jhok….
    Plz dnt stop it
    Its really good

  15. Super episode but continue both ff please and don’t end you’re previous ff please

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