Fans’ favorite (Episode 8)

The next day Ishani was getting ready in front of the mirror for her engagement,she had worn a beautiful chaniya- choli and she was trying to call Ranveer but he was not receiving the call
Ishani says ab dekho bachu mein tumhare sath Kya karti hoon??
In the meantime her parents comeand compliment her that she is looking gorgeous. ?????
She gets sentimental and says today is ur engagement and soon bidaai and then u will go from here forever. ??

Now ur Ishani Harshad Parekh soon ull be Ishani Ranveer Waghela. I’m very happy for u that ur
engaging wd such an honest,loving and caring life patner. Ishani takes her parents blessings. Baa says chalo the boy’s family has come.????
Then Ranveer and his family greets them and exchange gifts. Ranveer was curious to meet Ishani. He calls Diya her younger sister and says I want to meet ur Di.????
She says she is in her room. Ranveer goes over there. He knocks the door and says hello baby open the door.?????
Ishani says get lost? I’m not interested in u.from when I’m calling u can’t u receive my call this shows how much ur interested in me.
Ranveer says that u will see on our wedding night??
Ishani says stop it yaar!
Ranveer shouts aaaaaoooouuu?

Ishani opens the door and says what happened.ranveer takes her in his arms in the room and bolts. Ranveer says our looking very hot today. Ishani says thanks and u too hubby!!
Ranveer says abhi say hubby. Ranveer says I feel like marring u today itself and take u at my place and we will lead a wonderful life. Ranveer was about too kiss Ishani where someone knocks the door and says yeh sab Karne ke liye pori life hai abhi chalo mohrat is getting delayed.
Ishveer come and everyone claps. Amba says u both look too good together and some perform th ritual. Ishani fisrt exchange the ring. Later Ranveer makes her wear the ring and kisses her hands. Milan says chalo this ceremony is finally over. Now let’s have some fun. He shouts music and music plays. They dance and the lights switch off the candle lit and they dance. In this dance step he lifts Ishani and turns her around and again. He says ur very fat I’mean it’s difficult to lift u. Ishani gets angry and was about to leave and Ranveer holds her hands.
He says aisa mein kyun bolo and he says I love u. I feel to be here in our world of love forever. Then Sharman comes and announces that after some days u will take our sister forever but tell us something that you feel most about her.??

Ranveer takes the mike and hold ishani’s hands. He says today is a very special day for us, I know ur very happy today but the sorrow of leaving the family is clearly seen in your eyes. I promise today that I will never leave u every challenge and obstacles of life we will stand together holding each other’s hands saying that everything will be fine. We will share our happiness, I will always think about u first then ur happiness and then ur good. I will never let u feel alone even when the world will stand against u ,there ur lover will always be together. She hugs him and cries. Everyone claps. She says secretly tells him soch lo?agar mujhse shadi ki toh fir kisi aur ladki ki taraf aakhein uthakar bhi nahi dekho he. Ranveer says Meri Aashiqui tumse hi…….

Precap:- pandit to says mohrat is day after tomorrow and another such time will be after 5 weeks. Ishveer tells the family that they want to marry day after tomorrow

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  1. thanks vaidehi.our MATSH ended forever. but ur ff gives me some comfort. pls never end ur ff.pls……………I know its not practical, phir phi I just hope!
    I miss MATSH a lot.

  2. vaidehi pls never end u r ff.pls. I miss MATSH a lot.
    all MATSH fans r disappointed.our last solace in ur and others ff.

  3. Nice dear when I was reading ur ff I felt the scene happening in front of my eyes …..really nice

  4. super ff


    Wow yaar vaidu I just love it lts fan….awesome…..amazing and marvelous…..

  6. Nice ff.

  7. So it.update next fast.

  8. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice superb episode dr

  9. Hey vaidhi , u write pretty well ? but I would just like to suggest u to Pl write it little more clearly as in , u forgot to mention that who knocked the door and came in !! Pls don’t take it in a negative manner , juzzzt advicing u know !

  10. Vaidu dr ..i am alreafdy ask the wuestn to you..really u studied 9th std na..pll yaar tell me.. i am still freeze to c ur both ffs..very

  11. U r really owsom dr..keep rockind..god give u a precense of mind vaidu dr..

  12. this ff is just amazing

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