Fans’ favorite (Episode 7)

Ishani gets delighted seeing Ranveer as his fiancé and the sagai function gets fixed that is tomorrow itself. After dinner Ranveer takes Ishani to his room. It was very big.
Ishani says is this ur room or a flat I’mean it’s very big.
He says this is our room which we will spend our wedding night and life ahead.
Ishani says u boys are so cheap minded.???
Ranveer says it’s right of a husband.??
Ishani says why there are so many cupboards. He says ma knows she has kept things in it I don’t use this room. Amba comes there and opens each and every wardrobe and shows her.
Two were for ranveer

Amba opens 3rd cupboard and says these are ur clothes which u will wear after marriage and she opens the 4 th one and she says these are ur accessories and she opens the 5 th one. Ishani and Ranveer both gets shocked. There are baby clothes and baby food.??
Amba says if my granddaughter comes in this house the upper section is for her and the lower part is for him. Ishani shies and asks why so early I’mean…..Amba says I understand but it’s the family ritual so we must respect it. Ishani nods and Amba leaves.

Ranveer bolts the door. Then he sits on his knees, he holds Ishani’s hand and was about to say something in the meantime his phone rings he receives the call and says ttyl. Then agian someone’s call comes. He again says ttyl. Ishani annoys he says from when I’m trying to say that we have to postpone our wedding I’m going to Australia for 2 years for hotel management course. Ishani says what! 2 years I’mean are u out of mind. I hate u and she starting hitting him.
Ranveer says enough meri maa! I was kidding and he flirts with her.
Ranveer says I wonder what u will u do in wedding night I’meanu blush a lot.come on baby I’m going to be your husband so don’t shy. Ishani says u will never learn to be formal seriously!

Precap:-today it’s ishveer engagement,Ranveer and Ishani exchange wedding rings and he kisses her hand and then gives a beautiful speech on Ishani.??????

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  1. Nice ff.

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    Love it yaar….and sorry becausr I had already read it but didn’t commented as I was going to my classes……..and yaar love when ishveer gets shocked watching the baby clothes and food in the cupboard…..

  9. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice episode . & awesome precap waiting for it

  10. Awesome ya,,,,really I loved it,,,,

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    nice vandy . we r herevonly to watch these ffs . no matsh . anyway keep rocking

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