Fans’ favorite (Episode 6)…..starting of the flashback

Ishani’s family was worried for Ranveer. Ishani says don’t worry ull go to sleep,I will look after him. Baa signs them to go so they leave. Ishani thinks how u give medicines to Ranveer as he is unconscious. She slowly wakes Ranveer and then he wakes up,although he was semiconscious Ishani made him drink medicines and then he holds her hand and asks where I’m . Before ishani could say something he fall asleep in her lap. Ishani tried to make him sleep on pillow but his body was very stiff. She thought if I jerk him he will wake up she was staring him wd love????
Falguni was watching all this from the window of ishani’s room.
Flash back or the suspense:-6 months ago

Ranveer on the phone says don’t worry baby we will convince our family???
Ishani says my dad strictly said no to any other boy he isn’t ready to hear any other boy’s name n today one boy’s family is coming to see me
Ranveer says same over here, my mom is taking me to see one girl I tried to convince but no she is not ready ???

At ishani’s place her mother makes her ready she has worn a beautiful red anarkai.she says”ishani plz smile and than go to meet them coz u crossed all ur limits after keeping an illegal relationship.ishani says ma I have told u abt him before he is very good. She says see in our caste no body is allowed to stay in these relationships so come the boy’s family has come to see u??
Ishani went serving breakfast to her inlaws,the lady was impressed by her looks speech and inner nature. She says i accept Ishani.ishani became unhappy.??
Later she invited the family for dinner, afterwards Ishani ran to her room cried . In the meantime Ranveer came from window he bolted the door and hugged Ishani n says come Ishani lets marry. Ishani says that lady accepted me n today I will meet that boy and I will talk to him and we can do come her and give me a tight hug says Ishani. Ranveer hugs her and says don’t marry someone else. Ishani says don’t u trust me. Now go someone will catch us.ranveer says my family has selected a girl for me.they are coming tonight to meet us.she cries??Ranveer says don’t worry trust me
At the boy’s place,

Ishani and her family comes.her mother in law welcome the family. Ishani says Aunty I want to meet ur son they laugh and says u are so excited for marriage. She says “beta come down see she came”The boy came down it was Ranveer. Ishani says tum,Ranveer understands the whole story. ???Their family laughs and says how was the surprise. They get emotional. Ranveer lifts Ishani and turns her around. Everyone claps. Ishani says bas Ranveer sab dekh rahe hai,Ranveer says dekhne do

Precap:-this is the flashback only,where Ranveer brings Ishani in his rooms and surprises her something

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  3. Wow.ur story is very different and very interesting.

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