Fans’ favorite (Episode 5)

Ishani was on terrace singing. Ranveer hears her voice and approaches towards her. He says ur the best singer I’mean I became ur fan. Ishani blushes n says “itni taarif mat karo,blood sugar ho jayega”they laugh. Ranveer’s started to feel something different. Ishani says bye now it’s time to leave,see u tonight. Ranveer says don’t go plz I’m in love with you,my heart really needs u. Ishani gets shocked n says what,Ranveer starts laughing n says I was kidding, Ishani says u r crazy.she leaves. Ishani thinks I wish the confession was true. There Ranveer says was I kidding,no!whats happening to me. At Ishaani’s home: ishanI was happily preparing food, baa and Falguni secretly watch her,she says see our daughter’s love is alive today even after that incident, baa says only memory loss has taken place,not love day he will come again n will take our princess to that kingdom of love.

Ranveer was busy getting ready for the dinner. His bhabhi comes n taunts him and says girlfriend ke sath date par ja rahe ho. Ranveer blushes n says no re,just at my friend’s place for dinner. She says who is she what’s her name,he says Ishani,ishani parekh. She works at our office at my co singer.she is my good friend. He says okay bye I’m getting late. Nisha gets shocked. She says this story to Amba, she says that’s why the past has woke again. I hope my daughter in law comes in this house again. The door bell of ishani’s home rings.she runs towards it n was Ranveer. Her face glowed. Ranveer was continuously staring her. Ishani says Ranveer entered the house baa says the past has came,a hope for my daughter came.falguni gets delighted n welcomes him. She says lets have the meal. Ishani has prepared it.

Ranveer went to washroom to wash his hands. Ishani doubts how he knows that the washroom is in this direction. At table Ishani serves food to all. Harshad asks Ishani u didn’t serve Aalo mutter to Ranveer. She says he dislikes it. Ranveer says how cum u know,Falguni changes the topic n asks when is ur next function and where. He says its tomorrow itself Our team is going to lonavala. Ishani says but it’s day after tomorrow right,he says but for preparations I will go tomorrow and u along with team come day after tomorrow. She says no even I will come wd u to help u,he gets overjoyed, her family too gets happy.after dinner Ishani says come I want to give u that pendrive . She takes her to her bedroom. He memories and says I have came here before too! Ishani says when, he says I feel that. Then Ishani gives him that pendrive.suddenly Ranveer collapse. He falls on ishani’s shoulders and faints. Ishani’s heartbeats increase. She shouts Ranveer Ranveer.

Everyone comes, Harshad calls the doctor. Ishani’s calls his mom in the meanwhile Falguni takes her Mobile and talks to Amba secretly in a room. Ishani wonders. Falguni says she felt good after talking her after a long time and she says the whole story. Amba says we will make them one again. Falguni says Ranveer fainted coz he didn’t take medicines on time she will give him ishani’s medicines n I have a plan too.she tells the plan n Amba says nice. Falguni tells Ishani Ranveer will stay here n u have to take care of him.ishani says okay.harshad brings Falguni in a corner and says are u out of ur mind. Falguni says why a husband and wife can’t stay in one room. Harshad argues that it’s not right what will hai family think.she says I have talked wd his family. If u want ur daughter happy then follow this.

Precap: at night Ishani was awake n tensed about Ranveer,he wakes up n was semiconscious and says where I m before ishani said something he fall asleep on ishani’s lap.Ishani says I love you Ranveer ,tomorrow I feel something is going to be good.

Guys for from tomorrow the suspense will reveal so my ff viewers be ready for this weekend for an awesome love story. And for someways I will continue this….

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  1. Wow super. Plz update fast

  2. Nd vaidhi superb waiting for precap

  3. Nd vaidhi supnc erb waiting for precap

    1. Hs dr hw r u..i miss ur commnts in matsh written updat yaar..plzz yaar read RANAJI’S FF (ishveer forever season2)’s also amazing..he is worried abt low commnts guyzz plzz all r read ranaji’s ff and commnt guyzz..this is the humble request

  4. Very nice super episode pls unite ishveer soon

  5. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Wow means an incident had took place in past due to which ishveer had memory loss like that only……am I right Vaidehi?????

  6. Oh ishveer is already husband and wife is interesting.a different story.waiting for ur next.

  7. rookey rookers

    hai its too suspense yaar even ranvi ishu family want them together then want happened why them forgot all then why their family didnt say the truth . but sooooooo nice vandy

  8. Haaa amazing to c already married couple..wat’s the sceret..i luv suspences..i wll be wait for such a wndrful stry lin…i feel very happy to u post this ff too..don’t stop ur both ffs vaidu dr..

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