Fans’ favorite (Episode 4)

Guys plz go through the episode 2 of this ff
Recap:- rv ishani’s senior,rv they went to perform in a function they they do a duet. It is shown that rv and ishani always memorize a couple who got separated due to an accident, who are they are they alive do they stay together that u will come to know in upcoming updates.
Back to story, at night in dreams rv memorize that boy sitting alone on the terrace very angry drinking alcohol . His gf that girl comes n hugs her from behind and cries and says sorry baby I didn’t know that stupid fellow has crush on me n will do this to u. But he doesn’t reply. Ishani says means u too do not believe me right. He holds her hand n comes close to her n says I trust only u. He hugs her n get unconscious on her shoulders as he was drunk. This same memory was dreamt by ishani where she takes her in his bedroom. She says u dare have drinks from now onwards. She says more love comes when I see u doing kiddish behavior. She kisses on his forehead and she too falls asleep on him.

Present scene- Ranveer suddenly awakes n he was panicked. He starts shouting n screaming n throwing vases n glass. Ishani at her place too awakes n says I’m so restless and starts thinking about Ranveer. Ranveer shouts I will love you till the end. His mom comes and asks whom?rv says mom I’m not getting whats happening wd me, I always think about a couple who got separated. I don’t know what connection they have wd me. Later she consoles him n makes him sleep. He fell fast asleep,in sleep he was murmuring I love u,we will never be separated. Amba cries n says this thing is happening wd my daughter in law too! She says I have never thought or seen such love. I wish I could bring her to Ranveer n her pampering may cure him n she cries. Next day while getting ready, ishani thinks of the function n rv n gets happy. Then rv’s call comes n he says I will receive u after some time. She invites Ranveer for tonight’s dinner n Ranveer accepts it. She gets glad. In the hall ishani was waiting for rv, the door bells rings. Falguni opens the door and she gets shocked, it was Ranveer. Initially she didn’t utter a word then ishani introduces him as his senior. She says that tonight I have invited him for dinner.

The whole family gets shocked seeing Ranveer. Ishveer leave for office and Falguni cries and says the past has returned. Harshad consoles her n says true love never dies. Ranveer is the hope for Ishani getting well. We should let them remain close n we must too should inform his family but Falguni refuses.

At office Ranveer says ishani u really prepared well for last function n they have assigned the whole program to us. Ishani gets overjoyed and hugs him, Ranveer gets conscious and thinks I have felt this feeling before too! Ishani says sir I’m glad that ur liking my performance. Rv smiles n says ur a crazy girl. Ishani says “bachpan se”. Rv again memories that couples scene where the boy was very sick,the girl prepared soup and brought some medicines. They girl makes him drink soup wd her hands but he refused and says I don’t like this.the girl says baby just a bowl of soup u can’t have ,he refused. she says I many proposals. I can accept that….the boy says ur very stubborn.the girl says”bachpan se” Ishani asks where ur lost he says I continue wd rehearsal I will be back in few minutes. She obeys n goes from there. Ranveer says to himself before ishani was not there I never thought of such scenes . Is this girl ishani and boy me. Then he thinks all the Romantic moments of the couples’ proposal moment hugging and kissing moments and replaces those wd ishani and him. He blushes thinking of those.

Precap: as Ranveer enters ishani’s home for dinner Baa thinks the past is back, the hope is back, ishani’s Ranveer is back. At Ishani who had worn a beautiful red dress gets delighted seeing him. He gets amazed seeing the beauty. Ishani blushes. Gerua plays .

In our fan frictions too music should be there what’s say guys.
Behind this suspense of the couple they is big hurting,sorrowful and heart touching story of a couple was a prey of the bitter seperation and whenever the couples sequence come think Ishani and Ranveer instead of the boy n girl and believe me this will make it romantic……………since I’m the writer of 2 ff one day I will update fans favorite n one day I will update love is life respectively

Thank you so much those who read my ffs

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