Fans’ favorite (Episode 3)

At night at ishani’s room,

Ishani was standing in the balcony and she memories a girl was standing in the balcony,her lover comes from behind and holds her waist and kisses her neck and she says when did u come p,he says when u missed me and she holds his hands and says I have said yes for this wedding but what about our family he hugs her and says we will convince them.suddenly ishani’s baa jerks her n says from when I am calling where are you lost.she hugs her baa and says I don’t know baa what’s happening with me, I always think about two lovers who are seperated by an accident and their romantic moments always blinks before me ..her baa says we will talk tomorrow morning and she makes her sleep and she says don’t think all this its just attraction,focus on ur career.her baa quickly goes to ishani’s parents room and says past has woke up,past has woke up.falguni(her mom) says what happened,why ur sacred.she replies that just now I went to ishani’s room she was thinking about two lovers who got seperated by an accident.falguni became restless .she says ab Kya hoga if ishani forces her mind to remember her past then it will not be good.harshad says yes if this happening wd ishani then with ranveer also some changes will happen.he says that day was worst for the two lovers

At morning ishaani was getting ready in front of mirror.she had worn a beautiful gown.she saw ranveer standing behind him smiling.she rejoices and turns and says no one is here.she annoys.her phone was ringing,it was ranveer.he asks are you ready.she says yes I’m just leaving.she says bye to her family and she leaves.he with his band.he says if today we all performed well than we call get the orders of this function.

ishani comes.rv was simply staring at her.he says ishani ur looking lovely.she says thank you.the host announces that today’s muscial programme will be commenced by special romantic songs.he and ishani starts singing ‘Janam Janam’ while singing he thinks of that boy and girl.he proposed her n says will u be my life patner.she says yes ,forever ,in all birth.he kisses her and lifts her and he shouts I love u.then they sing soch na sake.rv thinks who r these two lovers.then the song ends.everybody claps for them and says ull sing so well.rv says atleast singing part is over then they play musical notes.

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  1. hey vaidu nice…very nice…share ur mind with that blo*dy idiot psycho sonali jaffer

  2. r u from Maharashtra . I’m from Goa.

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