Fans’ favorite (Episode 1)


There was a knock at rv’s cabin.he saw sitting with his chair facing backside so ishani couldn’t see him nor he saw him.she shows her certificates and all.after sometimes he faces towards her and gets shocked seeing her.she too gets surprised and says tum mere boss ho. He says yes I accept u as my employe but why did u lie that u r from poor family when ur Harshad Parekh daughter.

She makes innocent faces and says sorry because I was getting late for this interview and that’s why I told. He says suppose I reject u then what u will do,she says I will cry .he says no no plz don’t cry u r accepted re I was just asking .he says that the next wedding function will start from tomorrow and u will sing tomorrow .she gets overjoyed and hugs him and says apne mere bachpan ka sapna such kar diya sir
Actually he was the wedding planner and the head of the music and catering section.ishani was his assistant

He says that plz prepare the songs one of my man will give u the song.
He remembers the scene when a boys sitting near the beach side with the guitar and his gf.she says love….ur song ,he annoys and asks n me.she says ammm okay I will love u if u sing a song for me.he kisses here he sings Sanam Teri Kasam song.

he thinks who was the boy and girl and why I always think of them
He takes his medicines and keeps them in his drawer and later he saw same medicine bottle was fallen down.he saw it he picked it up and thinks whose bottle it can the meantime ishani comes and says my medicines,sir from where did u get it he says it was fallen down n says they are mine when I came for the interview I might have fallen down. She says come to the studio for tomorrow’s songs. In the lift ishani asks rv ur dad is the head of this company he says yes and he asks how many musical instruments u know to play.she replies I know how to play piano and harmonium that’s it and u.he says I know how to play piano,harmonium,drums,violin and guitar.she says r u a super man I mean ur awesome.when u get time can u teach m how to play guitar he says sure but let this wedding get over.then they enter the studio she says wow, it’s too good. I feel that today everything which is happening is a dream.rv smiles and says lets start our practice.she nods. Rv says I want to hear one song of ur voice.she obeys and sings samjhawan song.rv says excellent ur voice is so good I’mean u sing too good.she blushes and says th.she says I’m very nervous for tomorrow, he says don’t worry its going to be fun for u,i m sure u will rock tomorrow.
then they practice songs for tomorrow

Precap:ishani and ranveer do duet on Soch na sake and Janam Janam.while singing rv remembers a boy proposing a girl and she accepts him.he lifts her and says I’m always there for you and they kiss

Guys there is big suspense abt this boy and girl this love story is musical,full of suspense,comedy,cute and ya of course full of romance
In return I need ur support ,will u?

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Okay……I’ll wait and ya its a fan story yaar but make it like earlier like when ishveer fight I like that too much……….and yaar your ff are also awesome…….pls pls keep updating like this and you’re amazing……!!!!!!

  2. very nice keep on writing I like it very much

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  5. Superb dr. Ff writter r rocking.

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