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Hey everyone,

Till now i was a silent reader after seeing so many bashing comments about my fav actresses i lost my cool. So i thot of writing this.
Bashers bash the fictional character and actresses till u get peace if then also u didn’t get peace drink some water and then bash. What yaar….  What kind of peace u gonna get by bashing. Jus nothing! Ol it gonna effect ur mood..  Neither it gonna effect swara/ragini nor helly/tejaswi. Swara and Ragini are jus fictional characters. Helly and tejaswi getting paid for their work and sincere to their work.
Guys if you don’t like the way swara’s character is potrayized jus ignore or be thankful to her… Cause if she didn’t forgive ragini, she will be continued as negative only.  For those whose calling swara as maahan sometimes it’s good to sacrifice for our loved ones. Most of the people won’t sacrifice for their loved ones also. (swasan fan’s take that as a credit). Now ragini is doing the same for her mother. She is sacrificing her happiness for her mother.
Same goes with ragini…. if you don’t like the way ragini’s character is potrayised jus ignore or be thankful to her..if ragini didn’t changed into negative we will not get swalak and swasan pair(ragini forced swara to accept both relation). And ragsan will not be paired. Most of them should be thankful to ragini. Because of her stupid obsession we got this much pair. M not justifying she did correct thing.  I admit she did worst things with her sister. She had repented her crime by saving swara from kavya.

As far as i know raglak track were not shown properly. Y u guys are bashing swasan and their fandom what did they do. They are true viewers cause of them trp is increasing sometimes. If one day raglak track is shown. Swasan fans y are u bashing…  They are all also main lead.!  Swasan fans let ur fav pair take some rest by continuous working their health may be affected. (for us their health is also imp m i right?). For those whose boycotting the show soon the trp will go down and shown will go off air. After the show gone off air…  What ol we can do is sit, watch old scenes and tell ‘i miss this pair…  They are were so cute….  If they had come once more as couple’.! What is the use of telling this when we didn’t take initiative to maintain our show.What do you think they gonna come as pair again? Rare chance only! Now dont tell me u guys will adjust with their old scenes, ivs and selfies. When they come out of this show… Mostly they will be busy in their own life or new project..  Then tell me how u will get frequent selfies and ivs?

All we can do is lil bit compromise and help…  Help the raglak fans in tweeting for their track…  In return watch the show and increase the trp. Fans dont think by helping each other ur fav will be sidelined. They will get equal screen space.Both swasan and raglak are main lead in the show. Once the show is gone off air don’t put blame on each other cuz both are equally responsible for this. Both of the fandom neither comprised nor helped!

Bashing the each other doesn’t solve the problem. Both the fandom thinking how to make each other low! By doing this dont think other fandom will stoop low. It’s your own fandom gonna stoop low. Sometimes other fandoms also poke their nose in our fight. One of my friend told that the ‘SWARAGINI FANDOM’  is the worst fandom!  Do u guys feel nice when we get this type of compliments. Definitely not! 

I have seen in fb most of the people ruin their friendship for fandom !  Is your fandom is greater than ur friendship?

Coming to real character….  Mostly people bashing them for this reel character. If we go to helly’s and tejaswi’s Instagram we will be ashamed of ourselves calling as swaragini fan! Bashers will u guys like when someone accidentally misspell ur name?  No r8?  Then how will be  helly and tejaswi feeling when u guys intentionally calling by this name? Talking about the nasty comments! Yuck….  If someone tell u those comments how u will be feeling… U will feel that how disgusted that person is….  Same happening with you!
Bashers u guys mostly thinking about yours haters only! that’s y your keenly observing when they gonna upload their pics and video! I don’t know when u guys have time to love ur fav!
Both helly and tejaswi are versatile actress! Only they can do justice to swara and ragini! I love their bond and i adore them!
M jus swaragini fan!
A coin has two sides! Same like that every problem has two sides…  Try to attract positive sides!
Hope u understand my point!

Credit to: Jus fan

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    I agree with u dear!


    1. Zuha… U got my point! 🙂

  2. so true……

    1. 🙂

  3. Oh my god… bang in post. Whoever yu are m proud f yu.. yu r a true swaragini fan.. i exactly have same views… loved this.. people who enjoys bashing just read this and think..

    1. Same pinch… Atlast i got somebody who has my same views :)! Hehe

  4. Sumeeta

    Yes i totally agree with u.just for fight between both fandom trp is decreasing day by day.when show will shut of ,then from where we got fav couple.they will be just memory.yes there will be rare chance to show them as pair any further project.yes raglak get less ss as pair.but there shall be some proper track which will just focuss on them.swasan got strong plot or story.but if we watched raglak become couples with each other wish just few month back.fake pregnency track bring to the show to focus on raglak.pari become villain to bring focus on well as sahill came to the show as villain against swasan.sirf lovey dovey moment se show nahi chalti uske sath drama bhi chahie.but few people become become impulsive soo soon.
    And varun got awsum plot or story as sanskar.he came to take revange.i like him when he was acted as villain.
    (Sorry for ragsan fan) if ragini will not become villain if ragsan will be pair we did not got those wonderful days swaragini.ragini was too superb in those days .teju was done a great job.aisa na hota to swaragini ko bho gishi piti story milti.
    Yes cvs doing unjustice to ragini ,her redeemption track is butchered like hell.
    Its totally my pov.
    Yesterday epi was balanced epi yet raglak got more screen.but l like both couple (swasan more).i enjoyed previous epi.i like raglak naughtiness too.both couples are so much adorable.

    1. I hope both fandom will get my point! Both couples are so adorable! If they dint get my point… Sorry to say… there is a proverb in Malayalam… “1000times we try to make dog’s tail…. It will not get straight”… (i dont know exact wordings) 😉

  5. Jwala

    agree dear.. some animals like people don’t have any job.. these bashers are not humans.. they are animals. .

    1. Jwala dear, please dont compare them with animals…. Animals at least will do their job… And they have sense not to hurt others intentionally 🙂

      1. Jwala

        yes dear.. you are right those people are worst than devils

    2. Hehe… :)!

  6. Swaragini Fan

    I agree with u.. but dear now a days one fandom has taken a vow to decrease the trp.. they are really hellbent to do this.. nd unfortunately they are doing the same by neglecting the show.. they want the show to go off air soon.. why?? cz their favourites are not getting enuf ss.. So their motto is “DECREASE THE TRP ” seriously.. is not this childish thinking?? at least I think its childish thinking..yr if show goes off air how will u get ur favorite couple as real or reel couple..where will u get their ivs,selfie?? do u think they will take picture by thinking u ppl are never.. They will be busy enuf with their new show.. So you won’t get.. they you all can do one thing to satisfy yourselves with old ones.. Nd I think u all won’t like that..So grow up buddies.. u still have time in ur hand.. stop ur childish thinking.. watch show.. don’t u think ur favourites work should be paid off.. Stop being a kiddo..

    Coming to bashing.. Here also some are really desperate to bash real actresses.. Nd am telling being a SWARAGINI FAN.. Helly is getting bashing comments more.. Really..I just feel shame that one girl can say such things to a girl.. Now here many of u people will come to tell me that here bashing is not going on.. why am I telling here.. I know some of you will tell me.. I have seen this earlier also.. but friends its really getting on our nerves.. its becoming unbearable day by day.. so keeping mouth shut is becoming a tough job.. am sorry.. I can’t help it.. Nd stop bashing Helly and Teja both.. God..such nasty comments.. Chii.. Nd some are really desperate.. they are telling that if they get blocked they will make many more ids to bash Helly… ??Is this the way treat a person?? Keep yourself in helly’s place.. then think how u will feel when someone will point at your character.. nd teja is also getting bashing comments..But I didn’t see such nasty comments for her.. If there is any..then am ready to say sorry.. But I don’t know..

    Now some tejaswi fans will come to bash me by running… But its fact.. You agree or not..this won’t change… You guys won’t agree I know.. nd plz don’t blame Swasan fans cz they are getting more screen space.. if u want bash cvs.. tweet cvs.. don’t blame them.. nd i know Swasan and raglak fans can never be united.. so am not telling to unite.. its harsh reality..but its true.. but stop this dirty bashing comments.. try to find positive things.. be positive..spread positivity.. ?? nd Plz do watch Swaragini..both the fandom..very few are loyal fans..but be a loyal fan..keep watching ur fav show.. Plz..☺☺


    Thanks for bearing me.??Keep smiling..lots of love..??

    1. Dear, we humans are so greedy…. We will not be satisfied… Now if we take eg: helly or namish post selfies with their respective partners(swasan/raglak) … Then also we will ask them to post more selfies! M right?
      I dont know how they gonna satisfy if the show go off air ;)!
      I m not asking them to unite…. But keep quiet and help each other! By helping each other i wont harm others!

    2. Vyshu10

      very well said….totally agree with u

      1. Thank you 🙂

  7. Such a sensible post. Agree to ur points.Though I am a hardcore raglak and temish fan I really like n respect helly a lot. She is such a wonderful person n I am waiting for her participation in jhalak. Will definetly vote for her. And varun is a classy actor. Seriously love him.All the actors r wonderful n seriously no point of bashing these four. Both temish n vahe r lovely.Hope these bashers read ur post n get some sense.

    1. Thank u:) dear! Give respect and gain respect 🙂

  8. Guys sorry to say this…..but raglak fans r saying we r not watching serial so that only trp decreased n irritating us….if trp increased they r saying still some raglak fans r watching so that only trp increases…

    Swasan fans r really loyal fans…if raglak fans say like this y we want to see raglak n ragini scenes…we r just watching for swasan….so that they r tweeting stop rags mahantha….i know so many maybe hurt but it is true….

    Pls watch swaragini n stop blaming each other…

    Yesterday some fans crossed limits that they edited wiki..
    In that there is helly n varun r quitting the show….
    N today same news about namish n tejaswi…

    Why u guys r doing like this….pls stop yarr…

    I’m swasan n vahe fan…but i respect teju n namish also

    1. Dear, jus as i said every coin has two sides… Like that every problem has two sides…jus throw away that negative thoughts… If the trp increases…. Jus thank them… Cuz there are so many who like both pairs (its applicable to both fandom..i know both fandom used to say this ‘trp increased cuz of us when there fav pair scenes come’ .) …for a outsider, v are swaragini fandom… For us only… It jus two fandoms. 😉

    2. Hope so, i didn’t hurt you… And u got my point.. 🙂

  9. Moni

    You are 100% was like 100% copy paste that i had in my heart…i just can’t understand why we need to be seperate as the show is one….if swasan fans support raglak fan they will also support back like helly is in jhalak if swasan fans help obviously raglak fans will also give support …most of raglak fans doesn’t hate swasan completely..they are taking out their frustation of not getting raglak only..i agree there are some bashers (from both fandoms)…it’s a fact that swaras fan hate ragini but ragini’s fan are just angry of the track (except few who hate her and call her…don’t want to mention ) But atlast ragini has repented her mistakes. Lastly i would say its swaragini story of two sisters and if we want to see this show at top we need to love both rhe sisters and leave this cheap wars on the name of fabdoms

    1. Moni dear,
      I got another one who has same views as mine… Let me tell u one thing…. If we put drop of poison in a cup of milk… What will happen the whole milk is poisoned r8? Same thing happened with both fandom… There are only countable fans who hate each other…. But when we point out what we are telling that fandom is bashing us! R8?
      For a outsider we are jus swaragini fandom… For us only its two fandom 🙂

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