Fanna means practically ” destroyed in love “. But at the end of time, who destroyed more by whom fate will say. Can you love someone till such extent that you can sacrifice everything for that person or is it a illusion that sacrifice considered as selfless?? Even if you sacrifice , that too involved your self interest, sacrifice too is selfish. Because you sacrifice for those whom you wanted to be happy, that was your personal greed and selfishness to see that particular person happy. So how can sacrifice is great and selfless??

Well this is exactly not a story of being deeply love and sacrifice, something else is too is present…when your brain goes numb and dumb, at that time your heart plays a vital role to answer all queries’. It’s something else which can happen too, in reality. Destiny made two persons or more meet ; but how you will proceed that’s upto you. So never blame destiny until you gave your hundred percent. Its an ordinary general story with some extraordinary circumstances. Lets see how it will go??


New year eve

January 1, Year 2015

Every where people gathered to celebrate the occasion of happiness, an atmosphere of fun and pleasure recreated to relax themselves for sometime from the daily hectic schedule. All were enjoying to their fullest, sudden news telecasted which shook everyone. “The most famous singer Sumit Saxsena was collapsed and admitted in emergency ward.Due to his health, His marriage got postponed. ”

There were whispers of gossips spread at lightening speed with assumptions. After five days , when Sumit discharged; media’s first question was when will be his marriage date fix again? But the most shocking answer came from the ever cool, media friendly celebrity Sumit , ” I would appreciate if you stop interfering in someone’s private life. Anyway I am going to throw up my celebrity life. I quit singing from this moment. From now onwards I shouldn’t see you media coverage near of me.” The last sentence Sumit said in such intensity and stern hoarse intonation which was completely out of his character. It sounded like a warning. All people present there with nation got shocked with that sudden announcement as that was live news.

Sumit Saxsena was not only a young famous singer ; but also he was heir to the conglomerate “The Techno- Firm” which contributed highest amount in national economy. But he was most beloved personality in nation, more than any actor, any politician or any cricketer;His followers were in billion numbers at social networking site. especially common general people loved him most. Because he lived like one of them; his singing had that magical power that anyone can feel his real heart. He had sober gentleman personality with a kind heart. Moreover in reality if he didn’t start singing or show his face in media, nobody ever came to know he belong to the richest family of nation.

After two years, jan 2017

Another new-year eve. People were as usual enjoying. But at Architecture Firm, a part of giant ” The Techno- Firm” was busy and rush for the upcoming deal. After few hours the deal was final. The other party from Zen group were too happy and satisfied that their CEO wanted to give a thanks speech. In his speech he thanked the CEO of Architecture Firm, Sumit Saxsena and his own company employees and a special thanks given to his love of life. After half an hour the happiness of man got destroyed like the sand castle broken immediately after wave hit it. He was shocked hearing sumit broke the deal despite they gave the clear profit infrastructures and didn’t care to explain why he broke the deal immediately after passing it.

Without getting any way to save his company Zen CEO rushed to chairperson of ” The Techno-Firms” ; Sujay Saxsena, father of Sumit. When Sujay approached for shake of company’s profit ; Sumit stated firmly unaffected,” you promised not to interfere in my professional matters. Then what’s it?”

” I tried to keep my promise. But this’s not it. Overall we have to look upon our company’s profit too. Think about it caref….” …before Sujay proceeded further Sumit cut off in middle and asked sternly ,” do you want me to quit?”. And that’s it , there was nothing to argue more. Sujay’s face fell off as he expressed his helplessness in front of his beloved son and went away.

Before going away ZEN ceo asked with a low voice,” let me know the reason. Why? Why after praising and passing our ideas and deals??”

Sumit crooked a smile ,” because of your unrealistic ideology. Love!! Your love helped you a lot. What a joke ?? And i can’t make my deal with such people who live in fantasy; not in reality. Business needs only practical views.”

” but , it wasn’t a strong reason; moreover in past once you were chanting about love like you worshipped it !! Did you forget that?”, retorted ZEN CEO hastily.

Sumit’s anger rose to its maximum level, he tighten his fist to control his sudden urge to punch the man . His eyes were burning with rage and he roared ,” what I did and what I am doing, you don’t have to remember it? I was foolish back then so said something dumb, and regretted. Right now I want you to ran away before i throw you out.” And Zen CEO went away seeing his anger.

Sujay was watching all this helplessly from a distance. He was a father who blinded with love for his son to extremity. He nodded to his every preference from childhood blindly. Its said that something we inherited genetically. That’s happened in Sumit’s case.

Sumit was waiting infront of elevator, fuming with anger what happened. When he was entering in, another young man bumped into him in the process of coming outside. Sumit cursed few words without looking; but the young man grabbed Sumit’s hand,” woah….woah….chill down bro. Anger is injurious to health. Deep breath…deep breath.” Sumit turned to say something; but his anger vanished within a second by seeing the young man, Like ice melted and he exclaimed with surprise,” Amit, when did you come? You should have tell me. I would go to receive you.” A big content smile appeared on his face like old times.

Amit hugged him, ” bhai, I knew today you have one important business deal and i am not new here.” He winked.

Sumit smiled, “there is nothing important and big for me, other than you. After all you are only true person whom I got.” He caressed Amit’s face like a kid.

Amit made faces,” bhai, you are only a year older than me. Don’t do this in front of all. Look how people are watching us, like it’s an entertainment show.”

Sumit shrugged,” whatever!! Lets go…and yes!! Congratulations for your upcoming nuptial tie. My little bro is finally getting married.” His happiness was overflowing.

Amit wanted to ask what about him then; but stopped knowing what further consequences could happen. He uttered lowly , ” thanks bhai !!”.

Sumit sensed something and asked ,” what’s happened?? Any problem?? Don’t you want to marry Sonia??”

Amit smiled faintly,” what can I say? Even I have no right in this home. This marriage was arranged by father and approved by you ; how can I deny?”

Before sumit could say anything, Sujay reached; Amit turned away his face. Sujay said,” don’t play being hard and behave properly. And be careful with your actions. No matter what; you should marry Sonia at any cost.” He added murmuring , ” it will benefit for our business as her dad is second generation Rich man.” He told he fixed a date with Sonia for him in evening. Amit glared him unbelievable and went away being annoyed.

Sumit looked at Sujay ,” don’t you think you went little overboard? Its irritating. ” He was walking away while Sujay tried to explain him the situation. To which sumit said bluntly,” I don’t need your explanation. Get away from my sight.” He walked away.

Though Amit was present at a little far , he could hear everything properly. That partiality always happened with him. Sujay made it clear from his actions that sumit was everything to him and Amit was just a person who lived with them. He never cared what Amit did, what he wanted. All Sujay could see only sumit and sumit. But whose fault was that, he was an illegitimate child of Sujay, half sibling to Sumit. But the best thing was Sumit & his mother Sumitra Devi and sister Sristi treated Amit like their own. It was Sumitra Devi who brought Amit and his mother Ruchika to their home. Sumit renamed Amit for sounding same when two brothers name were taken. But Sujay never accepted Amit and Ruchika. He thought, five year ago when Sumitra Devi, his badii maa died they would be thrown out of house ; and his fear was right. But sumit stopped all that. For Amit , Sumit was not only a year old brother; he regarded sumit as his god, his everything.

In evening when Amit got ready to meet Sonia , he requested Sumit to drive him to the reserved place. To which Sumit nodded by smile. Sumit said,” you don’t have to request to me , my dear little bro. You know what you are for me. My only peace, whom I can rely on this fake world.” Amit hugged Sumit out of blue as his thoughts run in various ways. He determined to let his brother grab happiness, true happiness again.

At hotel A’ venue, Sonia was waiting at a reserved place. Sonia, she was one of the classiest lady having that high class attitude, elegance and beauty. She stood up to welcome Amit seeing him in entrance. Sonia hugged Amit and said, ” I missed you , even if its short span of time we were departed.”

Amit smiled while parting himself to look her directly,” how are you my sweetheart? You know how difficult it is to make everything look like we will marry by arranged process.” Sonia nodded in understanding manner,” I am wondering what would have happen if we let them know we had been in love with each other and wanted to marry??” A strange curiosity was audible from her voice.

Their conversation suddenly interrupted by noise of glass breaking. Amit and Sonia looked shocked, Sumit threw Amit’s wallet which he left in car and he came to give it back. He was hurt deeply and scarred again. His wounds become fresh again like rubbing salt through his younger brother whom he considered his real peace. He couldn’t get why his brother lied him that he never knew Sonia. He drove faster to office to meet Sujay, as anger and pain overpowered his other emotions.

Amit followed him nervously, while Sonia asked ,” why are we following him and why you look like so pale?”

He replied being irritated with tension,” to get answers of your curiosity and I don’t want to lose my brother.”

Sumit barged in without caring what’s going on inside and called Sujay to meet him privately immediately. Sujay excused from meeting and followed him outside. Sumit was wiping sweats, looking fully lifeless. Sujay got worried, “what happened to you? You are not looking well. Should I call doctor?” Care, affection and love evident in his voice.

Sumit said sternly with a crooked cunning smile, “Just break off the marriage of Amit. That will be my medicine.”

Sujay got shock of 1000volts while stammered,” that’s impossible. You break one deal in morning. I can’t lose my company’s benefits anymore knowing the fact how this marriage gonna benefit us.”

Sumit smiled mysteriously,” then I must say, you are ready to lose me. ”

Sujay startled,” what do you mean by that?”

Sumit said unaffected,” you know very well what I meant.” He crooked his neck uncaring and turned to go, Sujay held him and said helplessly, “don’t leave. I will do as you like. Please don’t ignore me.”

From a safe distance Amit and Sonia heard all the conversations. Amit exclaimed,” that’s what I am afraid of from starting and it happened finally.” And he smiled a mysterious one.

Sonia asked,” I couldn’t get why sumit got so hyper and vengeful hearing word of love. Why he’s so against of love?”

Amit replied,” it’s obvious for him on the fact what he went through because of love. Hurt, pain, humiliation and finally losing himself and his soul.”

Sonia looked on confused demanding one clear answer. Amit said looking up ,” what will you do , if you heard on your wedding day while waiting for your love with excitement ; that your love betrayed you and fled away after killing your mother and sister. All your dreams shattered in just one moment.”

Sonia shocked to the core as she saw Sumit was going downstairs. Somewhere it’s clearly evident that he was still in pain. Sonia cursed,” what a moron, beastly lady. Who on the earth did such cruel act other than a characterless scoundrel b*t*h.”

Amit stopped her, “Monica. Her name is Monica. Now stop cursing with names. Let’s go.”

Sumit was driving like mad. All the previous incidents came into his mind like flashbacks in movies. He stopped his car with a sudden brake as he felt choked. He went outside, looking at the distance horizon where sun was going to set.he screamed out aloud without caring surrounding, ” Monicaaaaaaaaaaa….why you still affect me sooooo much?? Why you made a devil out of me?? Why you did that??” As tears running from his eyes and sun set happened inviting darkness as night would approach later, just like in his life darkness approached much before…


Well guys I am not new to telly update…just took a break….I already published this story in watty and now share with you all…hope you all like it….waiting for your views …thank you.

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