Are FANFICTIONS promoting the original serials?

Hello people there, I’ve been just curious about this topic for a while, and finally have decided to bring it forth so that I can get to know of what everyone thinks about this. Lets have a healthy talking session here.

Here there are many exemplary writers who just bring out their own priceless thoughts just using the characters they are from the serials but not the characterisations themselves. And it was where exactly, these thoughts struck me suddenly.

1. Have you ever got a momentary confusion with the actors deeds while watching serials’ characterisations by keeping the depth wrongly that of from your favourite ff of the respective serial?

If so, then I say, the credit must go to the writers for creating that impact. Please, we MUST open up then and appreciate it, because they are promoting the serials for sure. (I’ve got confused like hey arrey yaar why is he behaving like a total gone crack suddenly before realizing that I’m actually watching another version.)

So, how many of you have started watching the original serials after reading the ffs and doing your best indirectly to promote the serial on daily basis?

2. An ironical impact, they have created as a bonus, too. Well, don’t knit your brows as if I’m gonna tell you about the secrets of your enemies. These actors, the guys and girls and the whole crew are getting our positive attention (when not in original) for playing such good roles/ playing differently attractive roles in ffs, aren’t they?

Hmm, they should contribute the half of their payment to them. They are attaining popularity through their words. (Yeah, I started fanning many after these ffs. Sigh, if only I were an actor.)

Are there any of you, too, have started fanning actors just only because of ffs?

3. And this is the most interesting point, I personally feel, that, have you ever felt the writers who write the ffs of completed serials still can make you go crazy like making as that as for the original tracks themselves? That they are still building up the characters along with the characterisations, too, alive and healthy in our hearts?

If so, surely they are the ambassadors for even finished ones. Beautifully peculiar, isn’t it? So, please, we SHOULD AND FAIRLY SHOULD open up and appreciate their works. Because, isn’t remembering a past thing at present after certain period after all being us a normal human, a miracle? Perhaps, we would’ve gained a good memory. (Thank goodness and thanks to them, b’cos I never knew before I have this much memory part in my brain.)

There must be at least one to have offline videos/ watch online videos time and again of any finished serial just b’cos of ffs. Wat say, hadn’t I just caught you there?

Alright friends, here you have the serial lists to the best of my knowledge. Please go through those, and share your opinions down at the comment section, so that at least we take time here to appreciate the ff writers for entertaining us.


Meri Aashqui Tumsehi
Na bole tum na Maine kuch kahan
Shastri Sisters

Balika Vadhu
Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Thapki Pyaar Ki


Kaise Ye Yaariyan
Warrior high

Girls on top



Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi


Bathameez Dil
Ek Hasina Thi
Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Gulmohar Grand
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn
Nisha Aur Uske Cousins
Pyaar ka dard hai
Tere Sheher Mein

Diya Aur Bathi
Saath Nibhana Saathiya
Ye Hain Mohobattein
Siya Ke Raam
Suhanisi Ek Ladki
Ye Rishta Kya kehlata Hai


Piya Rangrez


Razia Sultan


Qubool Hai
Tumhi ho Bandhu Sakha tumhi

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
Jamai Raja
Kumkum Bhagya

(Sorry if have missed any serials.)

As this is about serials, I didn’t add general fictions, though they are too awesome actually.



Humpty Dumpty

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  1. You are right…
    There are a lot of them…
    Bitter and sassy by bella…
    Music sheet…
    Roommates (nesam) by misha…
    Breakdown (swaragini)
    The bond of …?
    Billionaire Banker and the chirpy beauty
    The masquerade

  2. So true. You seriously wrote what I had been thinking for years. I really like all the fan fiction writers over here. Some written by farah, mandy, ameena, roshni, bella, misha, amu, prarthna and much more…
    Weather it’s billionaire Banker and the chirpy beauty or all I want for Christmas is your by kfar.

    Or the bond of…? Or a modern tale of love by mandy..

    Or roommates (nesam) or breakdown (swaragini) by misha

    Or hate the first step of love or infinite by angel

    Or bitter and sassy or music sheet by bella

    OR falling for you..

    Or falling for you

    Lastly, thank you for the post

  3. Beintehaa.
    Badtameez dil.
    Yeh hai mohobbetain.
    Suhani si ek ladki.
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.
    Ek duje ke waaste.
    Tum hi ho bandu sakha tumhi.

  4. Thnx for the post, I m a writer of ff of kaisi yeh yaariyan, together forever (mehbeer) and Mehbeer ff:love is blind/hidden love, and also I read another ffs of mehbeer, I am disappointed that they stopped in between, if any of the badtameez dil ff creator here, I request u to plz continue ur ffs

    1. Definitely…
      Roommates (nesam) about Neil and Sam is all should definitely check it out

  5. well i mainly read only manmarziyan ffs…….and i cant simply point out to one ff bcoz every ff is superb and i eagerly wait for them..and i love all of them……yesterday i understood how deep i am into it bcoz for half of the day tellyupdates site was not opening up for me and i was irritated with everyone half of the day when finally at noon i was able to read it……………….and as you said i never knew i could store this much things in my head……..i read 2 just ffs of swaragii : one is “swaragini: a malayali love story” and the other is “heart needs what it needs”

  6. Its irritating when missing the interesting ffs……..I was a hard core fan of ‘DYM’ but had turned more now for its imaginary stories here………Manmarzyian was the first serial to have a ff here but now the writers are not here………Especially missing these two writers “Kfar” and “Thena” as they are writing luring us but then disappear……….Guys, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee post your stories.

    But whoever you are thanks for this post as I’ve never before commented on anyone’s page except only once on Thenas “Can love sparkle” page.

    But I like “Billionaire banker & the chirpy beauty” by ‘kfar’ a lot too……..and ” The color of hurt” by ‘Thena’ which i’ve been waiting like for eternity. (Please consider my request and atleast show up weekly once)

    And I’m certain I’m not the only one feeling like this………There’re many…….Pleaseeeeeeeeee consider my request before I die. (You guys dieheart fan)…..also a big sorry for not commenting on you stories before this…..

    Besides these, I like all ff of manmarzian…….mostly i dont read anything else….And I like these “Tanu’s” innovative oneshots…all ffs of manmarzian.

    this is not a serail fiction…but must mention “Bitter & Sassy” by Bella.

    Thank you all the writers…and thank you so much for the post…

    1. Forgot to mention the new story “His Hatred” again by ‘Kfar’…….again luring…..

      And Bella’s all stories are marvellous…….just mentioned the ongoing story……I am following the whole book from the beginning……very sorry for not commenting before……you are good human also for promoting other ffs also….

  7. its really true yaar…. wel said….

  8. Hey…..even I have read many ff’s on abhigya, manan, ishra, arshi, and all so cannot point out any one of then and I also ask you all to read the ff’s I’m writing you can search the below link for there availability……

    Ff 1:

    Ff 2:

    So do read it guys…..

    1. And i have also read many ff’s on swaragini, tei , raglak, mehbeer, swasan……and many more you known the list never ends…..and also many os, ts…..and all so what you have saidnis very true…..we have to appreciate them all…..thank you guys for giving such a wonderful stories……

      1. Sorry guys actually the are ring sobhere you go for original links….



        sorry again guys and plzz…so read it….

  9. nice topic u missed one serial in life ok bahu hamari rajni kanth….

    1. Have put serials which have fanfics. I don’t think bahu hamari rajnikanth has an ff. If it does have then I’m sorry for excluding it. Thanks for the comments everyone. Please continue giving in feedbacks.

  10. Hey sunny I agree with you,I m die hard fan of kfar and thena”s story,I only read mmz ffs and my fav is kfar and thena,I am missing dt2 and dt story badly,agar kfar ya thena ye comment padh rhi h to plz update asap,it’s my humble request dear plz listen to ur fans and update now

  11. very true yar.. I take opportunity to appreciate all the fan fiction writers of kaise yeh yaariyan….even though the writers and actors of the kaise yeh yaariyan left it , the writers over here are putting all their efforts and ideas and succeeded in making us to get addicted over manan and kyy ….. my sincere thanks to Medhavi , Sunitha, Sara , Meghana, Sindhu, Niri ,Divanshi………. if I miss anyone sorry………. these people are making my day….and making live manan and kyy ……….love u all …..and thanks to author of this ff …..u came up with a good one……..

  12. so true dear
    i m a die hard fan of manmarziyan after ending of mmz i started reading ff initially i started with

    THENA’s post love confession(PLC)

    ANU’s DYM2 illusory

    SREE’s manmarziyan a new story

    GAURIdi’s both mmz a journey of love and friendship and mmz DOP

    MAANDEY’s nothing for u darling but still i love u

    SATHYA’s both stories enimity to love and my imposible love

    wow these stories r amazing
    i just fell in love with these stories
    and many more ff from mmz writers like MITTU, AMY, SUPRIYA,ROSIE,AMEENA,RENU KFAR ANVESHA r awesome

    thank u dearies for making DYM more special

  13. I read Swasan Fan fictions. There are so many but I read only few. Well as a after of fact only the best ones.

    For me Anu’s Fixing Broken Souls is superb. It’s the second part of Fix You.

    Then I love Sree’s acceptance. Its mind blowing.

    Next for me is Vini’s Swasan fan fiction season 2

    That’s all I read for Swasan. But then there’s one girl named Bela who writes ff on One d boys. I also read them.

    And not to forget I also read I dreamed a dream by Sree and Destiny by Anu. They have completed but the stories are still fresh in my mind.

  14. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    If anyone has time then read my fan fiction meri aashiqui tum se hi(ishveer forever)season-2 now epi-113!!! I hope after love after marriage I am back to her soon I heading towards 150 and 200 and matsh fans thnx for u r support to me???????

  15. It’s true all these writers of ffs are making the characters to live in our heart forever….
    Thank you for all the writers for giving your valuable time and also for sharing your ideas with us….
    Thanks guys dilse….
    Mostly I read the ff of kyy thanks for all the wonderful writers of kyy….

  16. u r right, i liked neil in manmarziyan but after reading DT 2 ,I liked him more & watched splitsvilla just to know more about him ,only to watch him then i liked real shravan too.

    1. Really! Then its surely the writers magic. Its truly tremendous, right, like bringing new avatar just thru their words and produce new fans. Thanks a lot my friend for sharing this here.

    2. Nice thot 1st of all @Humpty Dumpty. Beautifully said everything.

      I read all ffs of mmz. I agree with your 3rd pt totally.

      I like ardhika so much.

      Here in the fiction CLS they are outstandingly protrayed. Different Arjun, different Radhika and together they are equally dominant and relation is deep and intense. Radhika was shown as a bold girl firstly in this.

      Other ardhika stories I like are

      Nothing for you darling but still love you by Maandey. Ardhika are totally different here and equally dominant

      Dpo by Gauri. Here too Radhika is bold in other way and the leads are equally dominant

      Thank you all writers for keeping the vanished characters still alive and healthy in our hearts. Thanks for the article too.

    3. Really! Then truly the writer is extremely talented. Intersting. Making us to fan someone just only through their words is seriously like something influential. Great. Thanks a lot my friend for sharing this. ( I too like Shravan. Fangirling)

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