Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 9) MAHA EPISODE

Let’s start with the MahaEpisode:

After getting the phone call leela excuses herself. Chinki tries to convince twinkle but fails. Leela comes there after attending the call.
L: twinkle putter ….if chinki is so much eager to go..don’t upset her..go with her..
T: but maa….. okay fine i ll go.
Chinki is excited.. leela smiles.
Twinkle and chinki goes out for shopping. Twinkle pretends to smile in front of chinki. Chinki is too much excited. Both of them get inside a shop. Chinki is busy looking at dresses. She picks up a red dress and tries it on her. She asks twinkle how does she look.but twinkle seems to be lost in her own thoughts. Chinki shakes her and then she comes to her senses.
C: what happened?? Where are u lost?
T: no nothing.
C: achha leave it..tell me how do i look??
T: (not looking at her) good
C: arey..atleast look at me once..

Twinkle looks at chinki..she smiles.. “ you look very good..”
C: thank u..u also try something …….come let’s see
Twinkle goes with chinki, they look around. Chinki picks up a blue dress. Twinkle sees it but her eyes fall on an elegant white dress. She picks it up. She asks chinki how is it? Chinki says awesome. Twinkle checks herself in mirror. She remembers something…flash back is shown…
Twinkle is in the room choosing dress from the cupboard. She was to go out somewhere. She takes out two red another white. She was willing to go for red. But kunj comes there.
K: wear the white one….
Twinkle turns back.
K: it suits u..
T: its ur fav colour right??
K: yeah it is….bt it suits u too..
Twinkle goes and changes. She wears the white suit. Kunj sees her and smile.
T: don’t be so happy..all colours suit me..whether white or red!!
K: but i never said anything..
Twinkle comes in front of the mirror. She tries to tie the knot of her lathkan fails. Kunj notice this. He gets up and moves towards her. Twinkle sees him in mirror. Kunj shifts twinkle’s hair aside and ties the knot. A wave of sensation runs down her body. Beads of perspiration forms on her forehead she closes her eyes. After the knot is tied kunj places her hair back in position.
K: you look good
T: thanks..  

Back to present:
Twinkle opens her eyes..with teary eyes she says “ chinki u know its kunj’s fav colour..”
C: awww.. thats cute..then buy this..its very pretty.!!
Twinkle and chinki comes to the cash counter..
C: twinkle..will u plzz pay the bill,, i ll come in a moment..
T: yeah…sure
Chinki leaves. Twinkle pays the bill. She waits for chinki. When she doesn’t come back..twinkle looks for her. She calls her by her name. But no response. She come out of the shop to search for her. Suddenly some one holds a handkerchief on her mouth…she tries to shout bt fails..she feels dizzy and then faints…
A lonely road is shown..where the kidnapper’s car stop. Few goons bring twinkle out. They place her in another car standing by. A man’s legs and hands and face are shown..not his face. He shake hands with the goons and gives them the money.. they leave. The man sits in his car and he also leaves.

Twinkle’s hands and legs are tied with ropes..her eyes with a blind fold. Its dark all around. When she comes to he senses she shouts for help. A few minutes later..footsteps are heard..twinkle becomes alert…she warns him not to come near her. The man comes and opens the rope of her legs and hands…. but not the eyes. Then twinkle opens the blind fold on her own. Its still dark. Suddenly the room lit up…twinkle is shocked to see the same room which she saw last day..decorated with those very item..she looks around. The guy is standing. His face is shown..its kunj!!!
PRECAP: Twinkle and kunj…………………….

(guys let ur imaginations free… think whatever u feel like no formal precap for today)
Howzzzzzzzzzzz it guys..plzz share ur view..the last epi didn’t get a very good resposnse,,bt i hope this one is better. Plzzz comment guys..its my strength..

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  1. Heyy Tara ur ff’s very good !!! Go on eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi…

  2. Hmm quite nice n interesting I can’t wait to see what happens next

  3. tara i told you na i guessed something and to my surprise it came true and nice episode yaar ireally liked it but dissopointed a little as it is short but awesome if ur time permits make the next episode very long in fact very very very long

    1. good to hear that someone think same as me…and i will try to make it long..

  4. This was good make the next one as interesting as this so we can enjoy it them romantic scenes to and make it really good

  5. Hmmm.superb and precap is much more interesting..n haan plzz make it long…

  6. N plzzz update the next part..m eagerly waiting
    …can’t wait

  7. Wooow thnk god it was ,unj bt y kunj plzzzzzz post d nxt part tdy tara plzzzz dis was d best i evr read bt pllz write long parts plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Very very nice episode.. Update the nxt part… plz

  9. Wat type of brain you used to update such a great episode… Its really nice yarr

    1. when i read ur comment once i thougt u didn’t like it.. so i read it again.(i used my own
      but thank u so much…for reading it..m glad u like it..

      1. ha ha ha ………

  10. Yrr superb episode, eagerly waiting for nxt part ….. Plse update fast

  11. Awesome Tara

  12. thank u so much guys….well all ur confusions will be cleared…in the next epi…next epi will be a long and romantic i cant promise to update it today bt i ll try..asap..

  13. Ur ff is amazing??keep doing

  14. Rishel sid bieber

    Wow its realy nice… i loved dis epi…bcz its vry romantic..i like it nd love it…

  15. Tara its lovely….next part kab doge pls batao???? Really very curious…?????

    1. i have submitted the next epi..hope it will be published soon..anyways thank u guys..thank u so much…

  16. Nice one tara everyday i will wait eagrely for your ff
    keep it up
    Love from Malaysia as

    1. thanks..
      i hope this ll do..if it doesn’t then simply search for ‘fanfiction of tashan e ishq epi 1’ in google or ny other search engine..nd its dated 19 jan..
      btw are u frm malaysia?

  17. The female lead of Zee TV’s daily popular show Tashan-e-ishq, Jasmin Bhasin aka Twinkle has met with a fatal accident.

    Jasmin who recently brought new car on the auspicious occasion of Lohri met with a fatal accident while coming back from the shoot of her daily soap.

    It is heard that a bikers could not control the high speed of his bike and crashed on Jasmin’s car badly. The front side of the car was badly smashed but luckily no one is injured and only damage happened, is to the new car.

    Apparently her driver was driving the car and it was good luck that no one was hurt and only her car was damaged badly.

    It seems the talented actress lucky to escape the disaster

  18. Btw tara i seriously can’t find ur first episode ff can u post the link

  19. Luv the ff. ..its too good♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡¤¤

  20. One who written this is tara??? … idont no name .. wanted to thank .her… .thnku sooooooooooooolkmuch☆☆

    1. yeah..this is written by me..thanks for reading it..nd m happy tht u liked it!

  21. Curious to know next one. Upload it fast. .. ¥¥

  22. Yup tara i’m from Malaysia thank you for the link

    1. ur wlcm…btw next epi is posted..

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