Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 8)

Hey guys thank u soooooooo much for all ur support…m grateful to all of u..moving to the epi..
In the hotel room:
K: thank u maya for coming..i have been waiting for this day since long…
M: i m glad ..nd frankly speaking m extremely happy..
T: ( in her mind) oo so this is kunj’s imp work…
Tears rolled down her eyes. She comes out of the hotel nd cries bitterly. She sits in the car. She is constantly thinking about kunj and the moments they spent together..all seemed to be so fake. She couldn’t understand what strange game life is playing with her. She reminisces the night when kunj got a call…and he was saying “ y did u called me up so late..what if twinkle gets up??” every thing was crystal clear now..twinkle understood y kunj hesitated that night but what about their date plan?? That was suggested by kunj only..may be becoz she was sad…confusion kept disturbing her. But the most painful thought was that she failed to understand all this and thought that their relationship could be more than TASHAN…… She finally reaches home.

In room:
Twinkle jumps on the bed. She can’t resist herself from crying. She hugs the pillow and cries..she complains to god and blames her fate..kunj enters the room.he sits on the couch..he thinks twinkle is asleep. Twinkle sits up.
T: kunj where did u go?
K: oo u didn’t sleep?? I thought u had fallen asleep..
T: thats not the answer..
K: what?
T: i asked u smthing…where did u go??
K: i told u na i had sme imp work..
T: oh yeah..IMPORTANT WORK….!!
K: (to himself) now what happened to her??
Kunj freshen up..
K: i hope u had ur dinner??
T: no..not yet i was waiting for u..
K: what??..i told u nt to wait for me..i had sme work na…u dnt listen
T: m sorry kunj.. i never thought u ll be so busy that we cant even have dinner together….
Twinkle turns the other side and sobs..
Kunj thinks she must be tired..he goes to the kitchen to fill up the bottle.

In kitchen:
Kunj sees a number of dishes lying on the table..he opens few of them..he is amazed… all are his fav.. bebe comes. Kunj asks him about those dishes..bebe says twinkle had made them for him..she leaves. Kunj thinks y didn’t she tell him. He tastes the food..its yummy!!! He takes a plate serves himself and has food.
When he comes to the room twinkle is actually asleep. Kunj thanks her for the delicious food though she couldn’t hear. He also goes to sleep.
Next morning:
Twinkle gets up and she is informed by bebe that kunj has left early coz he had some extra class. Twinkle feels sad as kunj never told her. She thinks about the last night..the hotel, the date set up, maya..kunj..their hug!!! She closes her eyes..tears rolls down her cheeks..the whole day twinkle couldn’t concentrate on her work..she felt lonely..everything seem to break..her relation,,, nd she herself too…!! she decides to visit gurudwara. She reaches gurudwara and prays….twinkle cries. When she comes out of the temple,, she find a guy apologising to his wife.
Guy: “ jaanu m sorry..plzzz forgive me..!!”
The wife nods no..
Guy holds his ears and says sorry..i love u..jaanu..plzzzzz forgive me.
Twinkle smiles. She imagines herself and kunj in that situation…….
K: twinkle i know i have done wrong to u bt pllzzzzz forgive me…
T: no ..u r very bad…(twinkle actually says this nd then she realizes its just her imagination and kunj is not there) again she is sad.
While coming home, there is a traffic jam. The car stops. Twinkle looks out of the window..she sees Maya in front of a jewellery shop. She wonders what is Maya doing here..It is suppose to be class hours. Out of the blue kunj comes there..and they both get inside the shop.
T: what r they doing in the jewellery shop??
She calls kunj. He doesn’t picks up the phone. She tries again.
K: twinkle if m nt taking the call that means m busy…..
T: where r u kunj??

K: means?? In my class..y r u asking stupid questions…??
T: ooo … m sorry.
She ends the call. The jam clears , the cars start moving. Twinkle cries again..
Taneja house:
Twinkle comes to meet leela. Chinki also comes there.they all sit and talk. Twinkle is sad thinking about kunj’s lie.
Ch: what happened twinki??
T: nothing yaar..( in a low tone)
Leela notices.
L: smthng has surely happened else u won’t be so sad..
T: no maa nothing like that..m not sd.( pretends to smile)
Leela doubts. She signs chinki to ask her. Chinki says ok.
C: twinke m getting bored..lets go for shopping….
T: no chinki..nt nw..
Leela gets a phone call…she hears smthng…her face is shown..

PRECAP: twinkle and chinki goes out for shopping…chinki disappears…twinkle looks for her…someone kidnaps twinkle.

Guys i know the epi is not long enough..but trust me at present i can’t go beyond this length..i hope u ll understand..but after my exams i promise it will be long. And about this epi.. i know this is not an interesting one as no such twinj scene..moreover a sad one..but its was essential for plot development..cuz only twinj scenes wont build up the story. I believe u all will understand this and m sure u ll like the upcoming episode…so stay tuned and don’t forget to comment

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  1. off course tara i hv little guess about your thoughts hope they will come true and coming to the episode a nice one

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  2. No Tara…its nice. Moreover twinkle’s sadness makes epi interesting…. Iluv ur work Nd u???

  3. Hi tara,
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    thn we surely accept dis plot since we know only twing scenes can never cooked a ff. So i like to seen more spices along wid cute twinj moments…

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  10. Well done Tara dear .nice epi

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    1. omg…that was the best ever compliment…can’t blve someone told me this…love u dear nd thanks… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

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