Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 7)

A big THANK YOU to all who read my ff and supported me..specially mahira, rakshita, nimisha, sudha, sush, jingle jan, sanu and fatarajo… m glad that u all r liking my ff. I really never thought that i ll get such a good response,but now that its happening m really happy. Thank u to all once again. I tried to make this epi a bit more guys plzz comment as they mean a lot to me.

Twinkle sleeping on the bed, kunj sitting by the bed..sleeping. Sun shines outside. The ray of light falls on twinkle’s face. She feels the warmth and gets disturbed. She makes gestures while sleeping. Her movements wake up kunj. He opens his eyes. Twinkle had left his hand. He sees twinkle and realises that she is getting irritated by the sunlight. He gets up and closes the curtain. He looks back and find twinkle feeling relaxed, her eyes still closed. Kunj smiles. He goes to the washroom.

Twinkle wakes up, stretches her arms and say “good morning babaji” she looks around ..kunj is not there. She slowly gets down from the bed, stands up and is abt to move. She loses balance and is about to fall but kunj comes there and holds her. Kunj’s one hand is on twinkle’s waist and the other is holding her hand. They share an intense eyelock. Sajna ve plays. Kunj hold her tight and pulls her towards him. Twinkle places her hand on kunj’s shoulder.
K: what were you doing?? If you had fallen down then?
T: you r there na help me (tum ho na mujhe sambhal ne ke liye)
K: yeah.. who else can tolerate u nd ur tantrums..(Smiles)… leave me!!
T: oo sorry..

She leaves him.
Kunj is taking out his car. Twinkle calls him. She goes near the car. Kunj looks at her and gets down the car. Twinkle hands him over the lunch box.
K: thanks,,bt y did u come out?? U shld take rest.
T: m fine kunj trust me..
K: okay bt don’t do any siyyappa today..nd take care..
He leaves.
Twinkle enters..
T: bebe??

B: yes puttar..arey twinkle beta y did u come down??
T: actually i went to give tiffin to kunj..
B: very bad..u shldnt have cook food in this condition…
T: no bebe i dnt cook..i just gave it to kunj..nd m fine..
B: hmm..
T: bebe.. i have a request..

B: yeah say.
T: bebe plzzz can i cook food for kunj today..yesterday we couldn’t go i really wanna do it…plzzzz bebe plzzzzzzzz
B: okay u wish bt carefully..
Twinkle prepares kunj’s fav food..bebe sees this and prays that they always be together….
After preparing the food, twinkle goes to her room to freshen up.
Twinkle changes her clothes and adorns herself in front of the mirror..she thinks about kunj..that how caring he is. Suddenly she hears the horn. Excited of kunj’s arrival twinkle rushes downstairs. She find the driver parking the car. She aks him about kunj. The driver replies.. “ i don’t know mam..sir called me to his college to bring his car home..” twinkle finds it a bit strange..suddenly she gets a msg. Its from kunj. It says.
Don’t wait for me…..
I will be late..
Have some important work.

Take care..  
Twinkle to herself.. “ what imp work is kunj talking abt??” then the driver hand over kunj’s bag to twinkle. While taking it a paper falls down. Twinkle picks it up. Its a bill for booking in “HOTEL SHAHI PALACE”… twinkle checks the dated for the same day. She tells the driver to she ll be going out. Twinkle reaches the respected hotel. He gets down the car and finds kunj waiting outside the hotel. She observes him. Kunj gets a phone call and he goes inside. Twinkle follows him. Kunj gets inside a dark room. Twinkle was about to get in when the room lit up with chandeliers , and lights..making the room luminous than anything else. The room is decorated with balloons,,streamers etc.twinkle is amazed. But she gets a terrible shock after what she sees next..Maya enters nd she hugs kunj. Both of them look happy than ever before. Twinkle’s sad face is shown.

PRECAP: Tears role down from twinkle’s eyes..she comes out of the room and cries bitterly….

Hope u liked it..if not plzz suggest an alternative..and nimisha i don’t know whther u have seen or not bt i have answered ur question in last epi.

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  1. Hey.. Ur story seems so interesting Bt the request is plz. Can u put a longer episode.. Plz.. And plz update it asap..

    1. thank u.. bt cant promise a very long epi,,as my boards are near..nd probably by the mid of feb i have to stop i hope u would understand and cooperate wid me..

  2. Nyc episode Plzzzz write long episode n sme romantic scenes plzzzzz tara

    1. thanks…romantic scenes will be coming stay tuned..

  3. Hmmmmm….very nice n interesting…..precap is emotional and heart touching

    1. thanks dear..

  4. Fantastic epi….jst loved it..precap is heart touching

    1. m glad u liked it..thank u dear..

  5. Its interesting yarr…

    1. thanks for reading my ff..

  6. Nice Tara incredible keep writing love these twists….

    1. thanks dear smc..even i like these twists..

  7. hey plz update fast next episode

    1. i ll update it tmrw i think..

  8. Tara u were saying that u need to adopt my writing skills. In fact I think that I should inculcate all ur writing skills…..???ur imagination…ur ideas and u are awesome….I can understand as I am also having exams in mid Feb Nd all d best Nd do top ur school Nd bring laurels to ur parents…..but btw can u make it little long so that we can say that we r reading ff of the beat writer in our knowledge…..??☺☺??

    1. aww..that was indeed a grt compliment dear…i wont top my school bt will try to score well nyways thanks…and i ll try to make it long.. 😉 😉 :)) 🙂

  9. episode nice with a grand twist really shocking hope this is a prank

    1. thanks..well i can’t reveal what exactly is it bt some interesting is going to take stay tuned..

  10. Hi tara..
    no words 2 appreciate u.
    i’m fed up wid saying nice..
    is it ur first attempt to write an ff??its not yet digesting 4 me.
    Anyway u r gifted wid writing skill n unbeatable imagination.
    I’m also preparing 4 my exam. Bst of luck 4 ur exam.
    update soon.?

    1. yup its my first ff..thank u so much..u guys appreciate me a lot..nd i believe its becoz of that i can write well..nd all the best to u too.. 🙂 ;>

  11. Vry nice episode rlly awesome

    1. thank u sanu..

  12. Yes Tara all the best for ur boards.keep updating

  13. Yes Tara all the best for ur boards.keep updating dear.luv ur work

    1. thank u…all the best to u too..for boards as well as mbbs or medical…

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