Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 6)

Hey guys…in my last epi..many requested for twinj romance..i tried to make this a romantic one . Although i don’t know whether it is romantic or plzz its a request that do comment and tell how is it…m still working on my writing hopefully upcoming episodes will be interesting..i need all of ur support..
Twinklr falls down.she gets a sprain.kunj rushes towards her.
K: twinkle are u okay?
T: no kunj..its paining very much..can’t bear it!
K: take my hand and try to get up..
Bebe and usha comes there..asking what happened.twinkle tries to get up but fails.usha blames twinkle for being so careless.
K: maa plzz not now atleast!!
Bebe: kunj..puttar take her to the room..
K: yeah bebe..1 min

Kunj goes near twinkle and lifts her up.he takes her to the room.
Kunj makes twinkle lie on bed and makes her feel comfortable.while doing this twinkle’s mangal sutra gets attached to kunj’s shirt.they share an eyelock. Sajna ve plays.
Kunj takes it out . k: wait, ill bring the first aid box. Kunj brings it and sits beside her.
K: show me ur leg..
Twinkle takes her feet out. Kunj applies medicine.twinkle is staring at her.
K: what happened?? Y r u looking at me like that???
T: nothing…kunj..
K: hmm tell
T: thank u
K: ( looking at her) for what?
T: for helping me out,, lifting me up and bringing me here…thank u kunj..
K: but u r nt welcome..u r too heavy and i think ill have pain in my shoulders ..
T: ( making a face) how mean!!
Kunj slightly twists twinkle’s ankle..
T: ouchhhhhhhhh…kunj what r u upto??
K: move ur feet..
T: what?
Twinkle moves her feet..she is amazed..her pain has gone. She looks at kunj.
T: wow!! I never knew my husband is a doctor!!
K: (in a taunting tone) how much do u know abt me??
T: as if u know every thing abt me..
K: of course i know..
T: what?
Kunj comes close to her . he catches her shoulder and says softly.. “ twinkle u…”
T: me what kunj?
K: u..u..twinkle u r the (suddenly raising his voice) the biggest SIYYAPPA QUEEN!!!!!!!
He laughs..
Twinkle makes a face…

Twinkle is resting in bed. Kunj is sitting on the couch.
Bebe comes to see twinkle.
B: twinkle are u ??
T: m fine bebe
B: kunj i hope u r taking care of her health..
K: yeah bebe.
T: huh..u know bebe..he always insults he said m heavy..u only tell…
B: bas bas bas.. m nt here to listen to ur fights..i ll leave..u continue..
Kunj smiles..twinkle makes a faces..
After sometime, kunj gets up . he finds twinkle asleep. He smiles. He goes near her. He says “ how adorable she looks while sleeping!!” wind is blowing..twinkle’s hair falls on her face..kunj goes close to her..bol na halke halke plays…kunj moves the hair from her face. Twinkle (unconsciously) puts her hand upon kunj’s hand. She brings the hand close to her,,hugs it tightly and turns the other side.kunj tries to take it out but he fails. He thinks twinkle should not wake up …with no way left..kunj sits by the bed and tries to sleep there….

PRECAP: twinkle follows kunj..she is shocked after what she sees…

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  1. Nice epi…prrcap is interesting

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  2. nice episode yaar

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  4. Yrr nce episode precap is interesting gud

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  8. Quite a cute epIsode I must say 😛

    1. thank u nimisha and fatarajo…:D

  9. Very soon there will be a new character making an entry who will have a very important role.

    News is that actress Shritama Mukherjee will now enter the show and her character will be called Mahi.

    Mahi will be Twinkle’s (Jasmine Bhasin) younger sister and she will be completely opposite to her in nature.

    The makers will also add another twist as Mahi will be in love with someone from London.

    The biggest shocker will be that Mahi’s lover would be none other than Yuvraj (Zain Imam) who will very soon make a comeback on the show.

    It will be interesting to see whether Yuvraj is truly in love with Mahi or he has some ulterior motive.

    Actress Shritama Mukherjee was earlier seen in Star Plus’ Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan.

  10. shritama will bw twinkle’s younger si or elder??

  11. Tara how old r u????? I’m in class 12

    1. m in class 10..i replied to your cmmnt in last seems that u did,t see it..

  12. Very fine writing…..just awesome

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