Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 4)

Thank u so much guys for u love and support..well this epi is updated on special request from RAKSHITA..

Kunj comes inside after taking the call. He sees twinkle is not in the room.
K: now where did she go? Just now she was here..
Bebe enters .
B: twinkle puttar….(looking at kunj) kunj where is twinkle??
K: i dnt know bebe,she was here just now…may she is in the kitchen…she was telling that she would bring tea for me.
B: no..she is not there.usha is alone.
K: ( in a shocking tone) what?? The where is she? Bebe u wait..i ll find her.
B: yes..go.
Kunj comes out of the house and search for twinkle here and there..he calls out “ twinkle..twin..kle”
Suddenly he finds twinkle coming. He runs towards her.
K: where were u?

T: at maa’s place..y?
K: suddenly??..i mean u shld have told..bebe was so worried..
T: (in a low tone) if bebe was worried i will apologize to her.
She goes inside..
K arey..listen twinkle……
He goes behind her and sees she apologizes to bebe. Kunj joins them.
K: and what abt me??
T: u what?
K: who l apologize to me?
T: for what?
K: even i was worried for u..
T:oh really kunj? Dsnt seems like that.
Twinkle walks away.
Kunj thinks smthng is wrong i need to find out..

Twinkle changes to night clothes and thinks about last night.she is lost in her thoughts.
Kunj comes and sees twinkle lost in her thoughts..
K: ahm ahm..
Twinkle comes to her senses.
T: what happened?
K: exactly..WHAT HAPPENED????? M watching u since morning..see if there is any problem we can talk.
T: that is the problem kunj..we dnt talk. U r so busy that u dnt have time for ur wife. I understand ur college.., MBA, and all bt nowadays we hardly talk..
K: so what m i doing now??
T: yeah u r asking coz bebe was worried ans she might have scolded u.
K: what?? Are u mad..u think i was worried as bebe………cant blve this..i was really worried i cae for u ll never understand..
He goes to the couch angrily..and sleeps.
Twinkle standing there in her mind says “ kunj if u really care for me then y are u hiding things from me.okay even i won’t give up..
Screen freezes

PRECAP: kunj asks twinkle to go on a date with him.

Credit to: tara


  1. Rakshita

    Thankuuuuuuuu Tara shooooooo muuuucccchhhhhhh…..?????…. I mean u updated this episode so early on my spcl request…… U r really very sweet…..????…. I have no words to thank u…m feeling so diff that some1 posted FC so early only for me……luv u??? and obviously ur work…….. This epi was gr8…it should be a real track….its actually better than current one…..I wish it cld be a real episode…. Just make it a little big ….like ur heart…..???????

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