Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 3)


Hi guys so sorry for updating the epi so late, but i didn’t get time. But from now onwards it will be posted everyday…and i m trying to make the episode longer. But i thing which i require is ur support so m again requesting to plzzzzzzzz comment. And if u dnt like smthng or feel that there is some fault..plzz suggest an it is my first ff so it can’t be perfect..yet m trying to improve day by day…
Twinkle comes back to the room and gets back to the bed.she is unable to understand what has happened to kunj.she cries.she hears kunj coming and pretends to sleep.
Next morning:

K: twinkle give me the tiffin m getting late..twinkle..twin..
Twinkle comes and gives him the lunch box…
K: thanks..(looks at her) what happen?? Y are u looking so sad..just look at ur face..
T: nothing..kunj will u be late even today??
K: (giving a sarcastic smile) oooo so this the matter….
T: what??
K: u…u miss me right????? And so u keep asking such typical questions..
T: no no..nothing like that..i was just asking u becoz i will be going to maa’s place..and if u ll be late i can stay there for long….
K: for going to maa’s house or staying there for long time u need not do such formalities ..its ur wish that how much time u want to spent wid her…bye
Kunj leaves

T: i wish kunj u could understand what m going through..
Taneja house:
Twinkle rings the door bell and finds that the door is opened..she enters the house calling “maa…/”
She is shocked to see RT there..
T: maa where were u and……what is he doing here??
Leele: actually..
Rt: beta i had forgotten i came to take that..
T: plzz dnt call me beta..and did u get what u lost??
RT: no not yet..i dnt know whether i will get it back or not…
T: oh..then u may leave now…
Leela: twinkle is this the way to talk??
T: maa plzz..i dnt want anyone to insult u let him go..
RT: leelaji i should leave now…(he leaves)
Leela: u shldnt have done this ..he might felt bad//
T:and what abt anita aunty maa..she insulted u becoz of him and i felt bad..
L: okay okay..forget it..i ll make halwa for u wait..

Anita sees rt coming out of taneja house and smiles..she goes near him .
A: oohoooo u seem to be very close to leela..
Rt: excuse me..?? wt the hell do u mean??
A:lv it.. u tell me did u find ur wife and children or u have planned to stay with others..
Rt: stop this nonsense…and stay away..
A: arey..y are u getting angry..??
Rt fumes and leaves..
Anita says there is smthng wrong and she would find it out..
In evening
kunj comes back home and asks bebe if twinkle has come back ..bebe says no..kunj says okkand goes to his room..he sits on the sofa to relax..suddenly twinkle comes..

T: oh..u already came back…??
K: yeah..actually i thought that it will be very rude on my part to make my wife wait for hours..when she misses me soooo much…
T: I ll bring tea for u
Kunj thinks …what happened to her,she is not even reacting
K: twinkle wait..
Twinkle turns back.
K: wait for some time we need to talk.
T: yeah say…

K: (getting up and going towards her) what has happened to u twinkle?? What is the problem yaar???
T: (looking elsewhere ) nothing . what will happen to me??
K: don’t lie..
T: i will bring tea for u..
Kunj blocks her way.he holds her face in his hands. Sajna ve plays.
K: look at me twinkle..plzzzzzzzzzz tell what happened?????
Twinkle looks at him with teary eyes and thinks….. what will i tell u kunj?? What?..babaji help me..
Twinkle is about to tell something ..kunj’s phone starts ringing
K: (moving his hands) just a minute..
He takes the phone out and sees the name..he looks at twinkle and then goes out.
Twinkle stands there..confused.
Scene freezes

PRECAP: kunj search for calling her.

Credit to: tara

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  1. Awesome tara after so many days ur ff waiting for the next part

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    1. haha..thank u so much rakshita…it was a gr8 compliment..and i will post the next epi soon…

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