Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 20) LAST EPISODE

As you have seen guys that this is the last my request is to all of u…plzzzzzzzzz comment..silent readers who feel i have entertained u all plzz comment atleast today..i will really feel obliged…today i want all of ur comments those who read my ff….plzzz guys……plzzzzzzzzz…..
OKAY GUYS TODAY NO MORE BAK BAK..LETS GO DIRECT TO THE EPI..and in the end there is a lot which i wanna share….so go ahead…

Twinkle gets up. She sees kunj still sleeping. She smiles. She reminiscences the last night….a new chapter had begun in her life…the tashan e shaadi took a step ahead. Twinkle gets mesmerised thinking about kunj’s touch…the kiss on the forehead…omg!! the feeling was so great!! Love has found its way through tashan..
Twinkle in her mind.. “ its not that i am in love for the first time then why is this feeling so different..?? may be coz i never loved yuvi,it was just an infatuation..nd moreover a childish craze….but this ..this definitely is something more …something pure,beyond imagination..intense….o babaji…i ll soon become mad!!”
Twinkle gets down her bed. She goes near the couch. Kunj is sleeping in a relaxed posture..
T: awwwww….kitna cute lagta hain yeh sote huye…
Twinkle moves forward and kisses him on this cheek. She blushes. She gets up and is about to go when kunj holds his hands. Twinkle turns back to see kunj’s eyes were closed..she gets surprised. She stares him with confusion… suddenly kunj opens one of his eyes and then the other..he smirks.. twinkle gets a bit shy..kunj pulls her and she falls on the couch over him..their lips just missed a touch..the distance between their faces were just few centimetres..
T: kunj..what are u doing????
K: first u tell me..WHAT u were doing??
T: me?? What…nothing…
K: achha…?? so u didn’t kiss me right??
Twinkle blushes and looks the other side..kunj slowly holds her waist..she feels butterflies in her stomach..
T: kunj please…leave me!!
K: aise kaise..first complete ur work…
T: what work??
K: (signing his other cheek)..still left..!!
T: what?? No no…
K: what no?? u did it just what is the problem…??
T: no kunj….. i can’t.
She pushes him and gets up. Kunj also gets up.

K: arey…abhi toh kiya..phir..???
T: no..i thought u were sleeping…so..
K: OOOOoooooooOoOoOoOoOoOo….so tujhe shram aa rehi hain..right?? okay no problem i will again pretend to sleep and u can then…
T: (turning towards him) kya?? No no….i can’t
Kunj pretends to be angry… “ fine..don’t have to..” he leaves fuming..
Twinkle feels bad..she goes behind him and calls him. But he doesnot stop. Twinkle holds his hand and make him rotate towards her.
T: kunj..i am i was feeling awkward..
K: twinkle m getting late..
Twinkle makes a sweet childish face…she moves towards kunj and kisses him on the other cheek. Kunj gets surprised. But before he came back to his senses she ran away.
K: …….twin…..(smiles) she is crazy….but i love her..!!

Everyone is having breakfast. Kunj signs twinkle to come and sit beside her…twinkle nods no..bebe sees this.
B: ahm ahm…yeh miya biwi mein kya khichddi pak rehi hain??
Twinj together: kuch nehi bebe..!!
Everyone laughs..
B: bas bas..twinkle,,kunj after so many days happiness have approached our i want both of u to visit kul devi’s temple….
K: jee bebe..
Twinkle and kunj comes to kul devi’s temple. They do puja and take blessings. Pandit ji tells them that it is a very auspicious day..and few people get a chance to visit this temple on such day..” u are one of the lucky couple” twinj smiles..
The pandit then tells kunj to fill twinkle’s a sign of commitment on such a day…kunj takes the vermillion and fills twinkle’s maang (the common mantra play as back ground music)
Twinkle closes her eyes. The vermillion also falls on her forehead and nose. Kunj cleans it. The pandit leaves.
K: twinkle…aaj humari dobara shaadi hui..aur aaj mein tujhse wada karta hu ki tera saath humesha nibhaunga…
T: (teary eyes) mein bhi apna patni dharm humesha nibhaungi kunj…
K: i love u twinkle..(hugs her)
T: (hugging him back) i love u too kunj….
Twinj hug passionately…..the title song of tei plays..

Bas Itni Si Tamanna Hai
Tere Rang Mein Hi Rang Jaun
Bas Itni Si Tamanna Hai
Tere Rang Mein Hi Rang Jaun
Rahun Na Main Jara Mujhmein
Teri Hoke Hi Reh jaun
Kisi Se Na Kaha Hai Jo
Tumhi Se Baat Wo Keh Dun
Sabhi Dete Hai Dil Aksar
Main Tujhko Jaan Bhi De Dun
Ye Hai Sukun
Ye Hai Junun
Ye Tashan E Ishq Hai
Bas Itni Si Tamanna Hai
Tere Rang Mein Hi Rang Jaun
Bas Itni Si Tamanna Hai
Tere Rang Mein Hi Rang Jaun

####*******SCREEN FREEZES*******####

Love stories end…love doesn’t..Similarly this story ends bt love between twinj will not end……kya pata phir kis mukam pe in dono ko ek dusre se dobara pyar ho jaye….the saga of love is yet to continue…..

Okay guys this was the last epi of this season.. many of u wanted me to continue with this ff and few wanted a new ff. So i decided to do something to make all of u happy.. m ending my ff here. But in april i ll come back with a new ff which will actually be the continuation of this ff but with diff storyline and lots of twist. Of course twinj romance will be there. But there will also be some new chars ,,also let me inform u that story will take a hope u guys are happy with my decision. don’t worry i will post the promo of season 2 very soon..and u all will get a rough idea about it.
Lastly i want to thank all of u who supported me in this ff. I never thought of such a success. My special thanks to rakshita. Thanks for being so sweet yaar. Had you not been one of the commenter’s i would never had gained confidence. My thanks to komal,sudha di.mahira, smc,joyee..u all supported me in in the beginning of this sincere thanks to ruchi,aakanksha,esha..u all supported me till the end(along with others) ruchi and esha
Thanks for ur support in fb…i would also like to thank simi ur comments are just mind blowing…also baby doll..u made me feel so special…i know there are many more people like preety,cutie pie,sush,ritzy,prapti,tina,princess,sunaina,kna786,sonal,rashi,jinglejan,saibo who have supported me throughout this journey…so thanks to all..i think m still missing out few names… .guys plzz don’t mind…u all mean a lot to thank u so much every one and sorry if i forgot someone…
See u soon u all..muahhhhhhhhh……
Best wishes..

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  1. Hey Tara!! Its awesome, i was eagerly waiting for it. Thanks for posting it , i’ll miss u and ur ff a lot! But i’ll for u wth ur new ff…. And best of luck fr ur exams ❤

  2. I’ll wait for u with ur new ff

    1. thanks alot sunaina…even m eager for the new ff…

  3. Hey Tara I read all the episodes of ur ff even though I didn’t comment much 🙂 will miss it a lot and can’t wait for the new one

    1. thanks joyee..m happy that u commented…

  4. Loved your ending, especially your statement about the saga. Plz continue and good luck.? and?

    1. thanks twinj lover…yeah i wrote the statement after thinking a lot..its the first epi of my ff which is edited many times…and i wanted to end perfectly..glad that u liked it..

  5. Ohh girl ur ff was amazing… i m so in bad mood rght now how can u just finish ur ff like dis.. btw i loved ur ff.. its superb.. love u a lot muaahhhhhh.. :*

    1. thank u soooooo much komal…nd m really sorry to end it suddenly…love u too dear..muah!!

  6. The ending was perfect! Looking forward to your continuation in April!!

    1. oh! thanks..i wanted to hear abt the ending happy that u said it was perfect..

  7. I am eagerly waiting for ur new ff tara best of luck for ur exams

    1. thanks dolly for reading this and for commenting…thanks for wishing me luck..

  8. Awww……..Tara u r the best writer…..ur ff were an inspiration….. Miss them….all the best for ur exams……

    1. omg!! thats so sweet of u rashi..i mean seriously…if my eng teacher hears this he will be so happy..he always insisted me to write..anyways thanks dear..

  9. Preety sid bieber

    Eak writer mein jitni aur jesi khubiyaa honi chahiye wah sab khubiyaa mene 2m mein dekhi hai tara…sach me tara u r a star⭐ u r brillint… i hope 2m apne telnt ke sath fir yaha aoo ok☺☺??.. m egarly waitng 4r ur new ff..btw spcly thanx to tei jisne in few days me mujhe 2m jesi inti aatchi cu……te.. frnd se mulaqt karwa??
    Love uuuuu,,,,, miss uuuuu,,,,,,n bst wishs 4uuu…muuuuuuuuahhhhhh????
    Bahut bahut bhal lagil???????

    1. awwwwwww preety m in air now…i don’t know how to celebrate this moment…me too thank tei for giving me such wonderful friends..miss u nd ur comments..nd love u dear…

  10. Tara….omg….how could give create a human like u….I m in love with u Nd ur ffs…..and thank u for compliment……but I m thankful to u to give me a frnd like u…..u r not only a frnd to me…I found my life Nd world in u……u r like an angel…harmless Nd sweet…..we all love u Nd miss u….I love u from core of my heart…?? score well Nd then Plss go ahead Nd I love ur idea of a leap….☺_☺_☺…..Nd Plss reply my msg on hangouts….if u r angry wid me….I m sorry Nd tell me if I shld post next part of my ff…???

    1. rakshita i can’t tell u how badly m gonna miss ur comments…u r soo sweet …i wish u were my sis..i mean if u were here i would hug u tight…i never met a person as sweet as u…nd m not angry wid u..i will reply don’t worry..btw plzz post ur ff..m waiting..

    2. Ohh guys u r on hangouts me too pls give ur names

      1. tarashree dixit..nd u smc?

  11. ur ff was as marvellous as u…score well & be back soon..but plzz do visit tu everyday…

    1. thanks prapti..nd don’t very there are gaps between my xams so if not everyday bt few dats i will visit tu..hehe!!

  12. just love the ff and love u tara (my telly updates choti behin ) and climax was too good its your story narration which kept us till the climax to be a fan of fan fiction of tashan e ishq and all the very best for your board exams and come back soon and small request dont let a long leep means show young twinj only with nok jhok and romance mixture bye bye dear all the very best and come back soon

    1. love u to my “didi” hehe..thanks a lot di..for all ur wonderful suggestions..nd don’t worry i ll not put a very long leap..twinj will be young..and their romance will continue..

  13. waiting for new ff

    1. its quite along wait..but hope time flies this time..

  14. Tara ur ff is as awsum as u… We all will eagerly wait for ur new ff…
    £uv u 2 Dear… ??
    Muahh!!! :-* :-*

    1. thanks ruchi…love too muah muah nd muahhhhh..

  15. authentic writing tara di

    1. thanks di?? i mean someone called me di for the first time over here….may i knw how old are u??

  16. Awesome Tara i’ll miss ur ff yrr amazing ending…. all the best for ur exams, plse come back soon with new ff.. Once again ALL THE BEST FR UR EXAMS…….

  17. thanks sanu…m glad u liked my ending…nd thanks for the wishes..see u soon..

  18. Awesome
    Your ff was the best . I am gonna miss it really badly
    Will wait for your 2 season
    Lots of love❤❤❤

    1. thanks saibo…m gonna miss u all

  19. OK Tara was very good love you

    1. thanks angita…

  20. What a mindbloggling episode tara ur writing and thoughts are so filmy….i jus luv u and ur ff….tara i srsly cant wait till april but as u hav boards i won’t compell u…but yes if possible plzzz plzzz plzzz beging ur ff asap. I’ll be eagerly waiting for ur next ff…till then we will be in touch by comments on my ff and daily epis of tei and obviously FB. Luv u…and all the best for ur exams…do well

    1. aakankshaaaaaaaaaa ur comment made me fly in air..thanks a u a lot muah…!!

  21. tara u will always remain a tara (star) ..yaar u gave such a sweet end to the story even if ur story was not in a position to get ended…thats the greatest skill i lyk in u.We cud not feel that it was a sudden end cz the flow was so smooth.. U give perfect twists n fulfill all ur fans’ demands. Ofcourse i’ll miss u a lot n m eagerly waiting for ur season u a lot of luck for ur xams do well….n plzz as soon as ur exams end do start ur ff….

    1. omg!! that was too big a compliment for me..m so happy..thanks a lot dear..

  22. Wow the ending is perfect so good. I am waiting for ur next season all the best for ur exams

    1. thanks..m so happy ppl are liking my ending..

  23. Ahhhhhhwww Tara I totally melted yaaaar….it was,just so dam freaking awesome…just love it…I will miss your ff for about one month but be back soon with a bomb one and do keep in touch on Facebook… it…keep it up…all the best for your exams…lots of love Tara….

    1. aww esha u r so sweet dear..thank you so much..m in air actually..

  24. Loved your writing skills, waiting for next season eagerly

    1. thank you..

  25. ur ff is just awesome.
    eagerly waiting for ur next season

    1. thanks tammana..

  26. Taraaaaaaaaaa I’m gonna miss u sooooo much and ur FF too….it was too gud but I know that Tara wl come back with a dhamakar entry like UV(LOL)I gonna miss u so much…..what a start and what an end it started with a blast and ending with a blast…hats of too u but will really miss u a lot and wishing u all the very best for ur exams may God bless u and be the best and come first……Lots Of Love SMC.

    1. i ll miss u we ll converse in the tu page…nd hope to make a dhamakedar entry..hehe thnks btw…love u..

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am writing many ff but I was soo nice than all readed all epi it was superb yaar waiting for next season???

    1. oh thanks a lot ranaji..i never expected u would comment..thnks once again..

  28. I luv it!!! Muahh u r z bst! <3

    1. thnks janvi…

  29. I really like ur ff. And waiting for ur fresh ff.

    1. thanks goki

  30. Guys…..what I think is Tara is one of the unique writer born on earth….so come let’s give attribute to such a gr8 writer… taking this precious opportunity….. Dear Tara… sweetie frnd and a born writer I on behalf of all Twinj fans……congratulate you for successfully completing one season of ff FN FICTION OF TASHAN-E-ISHQ….. May u succeed further…… We all pay u a sincere tribute…..!!! And spcl thanks for entertaining us……!!!☺?☺

  31. omg ! rakshita nw i ll surely have diabetes…u r extremely sweet..nd u knw wht guys wherever i reach in my first success will always be this..m literally feeling proud…love u all!

  32. Tara dear hi!!!!! U must be thinking tat I did not comment but how can I not comment on ur ff tat to season 1 ending. Yaaaar I ll miss ur ff . but this episode according to me is better than real tei also . lyk way way better. I love d way u portrayed d whole episode . I love u Tara for writing dis episode. It was fantaboulous ,mind blowing . I mean I wanna say jitni taaref Karo kam hai . I wil be eagerly waiting for your next season of ffs . n I know it will be soooooooooo much n much n much interesting……… Thanks Tara for giving such a NYC episode. ?????????????. I ll be waiting………….

  33. oh thnx simi..i was actually waiting 4 ur cmnt…i ll miss it..hope to see u u dear!

  34. guys thanks to all of u..i ll soon post my promo,nd do cmnt there!

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