Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 2)


Thank u guys for ur support..and sorry for late update bt my exams were on…and this time i need more cmmnts..
Twinkle is upset by kunj’s behaviour.she thinks why kunj behaved so rudely? Had she done something so bad to get such a reward..she kept thinking..tears welled down her cheeks.kunj enters the room. He finds twinkle crying and feels bad..he goes near her.
K: twinkle…actually I..
Twinkle gets up an tries to leave the place..kunj catches her hand
T: kunj leave my hand..
K: (pulling her hand and bringing her close to him) i won’t what wld u do??
Sajna ve plays.they share an eye lock.
T: kunj its hurting me plzz leave..
K: (suddenly leaving her) twinkle m sorry!!
T: y are tlng sorry..m used to it..
K: twinkle please,look i know i shdnt have spoke to u like that..but when i saw u with my phone..
T: and u thought m spying u?? For ur kind info mr kunj saran..u were nt in room and it was ringing so i went there..
K: okay fine m SORRY..plzz frgve me
Twinkle looks at him thinking what kind of a guy is this..some times so khadoos sometimes so sweet..
T: okay since u insist i ll forgive u.
K: the way y were u crying?? Did u feel so bad??
T: yes..lil bit bt u don’t give so much importance to ur self!!
K: (giggling) no no… i u look so cute while telling lies…!!
T: lies?? Which lie?? And y are u giggling??
K: nothing ..its quite late..go to sleep
Twinkle makes a face and both of them go to sleep..
In mid night twinkle is awaken by a sudden noise..she finds kunj is not in room..she gets tensedshe goes out and finds kunj talking over phone ..
K: y did u call so late..?? what if twinkle rises..
Twinkle is shocked.

PRECAP:kunj askes twinkle does she miss him??

Guys it may not be so long as my exams are still plzz comment..i want more cmnts..

Credit to: tara

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  1. Superb ff..
    i jst lik ur track..
    interesting. Go on..

    1. thnks..jingle jan..

  2. Continue Tara u supported me in my FF I wl definitely support all the best…….

    1. thank u so much dear..

  3. I really love tashan e ishq thank you tara

    1. m glad u liked it…

  4. Hi.. Tara i like your ff.. Update the nxt part

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  6. thank u guys…i ll update soon nitu..

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