Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 19)

Hi guys.. i am extremely happy from the response of my last epi..the no. Of comments crossed 50..although it included my replies as well..but even then it got the highest no. of comments and thanks to u all..again thanks a lot silent readers…and all those who atlast commented…my special thanks to rakshita,sudha di,mahira,esha, simi, kna786,….u guys always comment on my ff whether good or bad…sorry if i had missed someones name bt u all mean alot to me..and love u all…
After the extra ordinary love confession..the journey of twinj will the tashan end…?? lets find out.
Twinkle and kunj are sitting on the couch..twinkle’s head is on kunj’s shoulder and kunj is holding twinkle’s shoulder with his hand.
T: (smiling) kunj….
K: yeah..
T: why did u take so much time to confess this??

K: kya fadak parta hain twinkle…ab bata toh diya na…
T: (suddenly lifting her head) what do u mean by that??
K: i mean i told u that i love u so how does it matters now..
T: kunj…it might not matter now..but what if u had got married to maya??
K: what would have happen??
T: how mean kunj…u r asking what would have happened??
K: arey…u only wanted to get us married nd now m being mean..great..!!
Twinkle gets up…
T: very funny…huh!! u should have gone away then…
Twinkle starts leaving..kunj hold her hand and pushes her towards the wall..
T: kunj………
K: sshhhhhhhhhhh………twinkle is janam toh kya..agle kisi bhi janam mein me tujhe chhod kar nehi jane wale..samjhi???????
Twinkle has tears in her eyes. She hugs kunj..kunj hugs her back..after a while kunj breaks the hug and kisses her forehead..twinkle gets mesmerised..
K: okay its quite late now ..i think u should go to sleep..
Kunj leaves her..he starts leaving..when twinkle calls her..
T: kunj….
Kunj turns back…
K: haa??

T: nehi kuch nehi..good night..
Both of them went to their respective places…. both looked at each other..their eyes were telling the same thing…. “ can’t we sleep together??” but there was definitely something which prevented them to bring those words to their lips…what was it?? Was it shyness , shame or simply the uneasiness caused by their tashan e shaadi ?? will they be able to overcome the know more keep reading fan fiction of tashan e ishq…

Guys m sorry but no precap for this epi..and m also sorry for the short ill post another one today itself and that will be my last ff for the month of feb as well as will continue again after my xams that is by april..plzz comment and share ur view..and one more thing..plzz give me few ideas for twinj romance,,as i need plzzz comment guys..

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    1. thanks ..

  1. Wow…..hosom episode i luvd it nd d current track is really gud plzzzz….don’t bring mahi story nd all d best 4 ur exams

    1. no don’t worry..i won’t bring mahi ..she is such a dumbo..

      1. btw thanks,…

  2.’s amazing although it is short
    Love it yaar….keep it up…lots off love darling..all the best for your exam….and do continue your ff after your exams are done and you have an amazing writing skills
    Just love it

    1. thanks esha..u all make me feel so good..

  3. Awesome…… Well written…????????

  4. Tara….now I must say….u r just fabulous writer….hope u upload next ff……soon though I can understand ur prblm of boards….do well…write well….Nd btw u have many ideas….. Show some romance….!!?????

  5. Nyc epi Tara…will wait for ur nxt ff… 😉 🙂
    All the best for ur exams… (y)

  6. Awesome yrr and all the best fr ur exam

  7. u write so well that any word will fall short to complement u…wish I were so skilled as u

  8. wooowww tara i missed u alot dear….n all the best for ur xams…i wud suggest u one thing if u dont mind that as u hav ur xams ahead u can end the ff anyway n completely focus on them….n we people will also not remain in suspense that what happened nxt….u can start a new one after xams.. plz consider it n i want u to do well in ur boards as it is very crucial period of lyf…once again

    1. well loveleen i had thought that bt my ff is in such a situation that i can’ t stop it..u can wait for my next epi..then u all say should i end it…or not..

  9. waiting for it

  10. Amazing!!! Pls try to write it in march!! Pls..

    1. sorry aarti ti ll be having my exam in march..

  11. Bt plzzzz write long part as u wnt write in feb narch u ll continue in april

  12. CONGRATS tara. U r a brilliant writer

  13. Preety sid bieber

    Romantic epi… b/w make sme another twist on ur greatst ff tara..m alwys egarly watng 4 ur nxt ff..
    “”2mr sob ff mur bahut bahut bhal lage tara 2mi hosakoye bahut bhal writer””
    U undrstnd what i mean 2 say????????????????????

    1. omg!! how did u manage that yaar?? i mean do u know bengali?? or its just because u saty in assam??

  14. I am just in love with your ff please continue after your exams are over
    Best of luck

  15. Tara dear dis was a short n sweet episode. The best thing I liked was tat u did not show twinj sleeping wid each other d first day only of their confession . that’s wat I like BT ur thinking……… M jus watin for d next episode. N dear even I have boards I can understand . whenever u wanna post u post but we will to read it only ………love twinj n ur awesome Tara ……☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. N BTW I read ur last episode soooo many times . Tara I loved tat episode….. U know when I read ur episodes na . I can imagine d scenes going on at tat moment. Tats wat proves tat ur d best ff author here. Luv ya Tara ……????

  16. Awesome epi as usual….u r superb my dear…m waiting for next part

  17. Amazing I love this ff it’s the best one ever i love the way ur not rushing the love keep it up

  18. m sorry guys m unable to reply to ur individual comments…but thanks a lot to u u all…

  19. Whn will u post d nxt part

    1. today nly..

  20. Preety sid bieber

    He!he!he!…hey tara its nt bengali its assamese..btw i know bengli, gujrati , madrasi , bhogpuri laguages????
    I stay in actualy m 4rm ahemdabad….??????
    I manage yaaarrr

    1. yeah i knw its assamese,its similar to bengali bt dfrnt at times…bt its gd tht u knw so many langs..

  21. Aweasome dear tara…… If u don’t mind dear….. Plz concentrate on your exams because board exam’s is very diffcult yaar…..and Your episode is very interesting day by day…….

  22. writwika mehra

    O mah god! I m much more in love with twinj than ishveer!!!!!

    1. haha..yup we all love twinj…atleast me..sorry but i dont like ishveer…

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