Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 18) confession day!!

I would like to thank all of u who commented in my ff and special thanks to silent readers who at last commented like prapti,farhia etc…others m not taking ur names but u know that m really grateful to u…i would like to mention one name..its avantika..dear if u r reading this then m thanking u for reading my ff as u nd ur ffs are a great source of inspiration to feels great whenever u praise or appreciate me…
Twinkle comes to the room. Kunj is doing something in his phone. Twinkle hesitates a bit while talking to him. She is really ashamed of her behaviour. She realises how rude she was ..she remembers kunj’s words ……. now what will she do?? Apologise…yes but how??
T: ku…kunj..
Kunj looks at her.
K: hmm
T: kunj m sorry ..i behaved very badly wid u..
K: y r u telling sorry?? Jise bolna tha usne bol diya..and its not ur its big deal..!
T: kaise no big deal kunj?? I told u so many things which i shouldn’t have said…i even told u that we don’t share a husband and wife relation……(before she could end)
K: so whats wrong there??
Twinkle looks at him surprisingly..
Kunjs sees her.
K:what happen?? Did i say anything wrong??
T: no …… i mean…
K: whatever it is twinkle , the truth remains the same..that we r just friends and nothing else…!!
Twinkle gets another surprise.. she is not yet aware of or feelings exactly, she knows she likes kunj bt was it love …its yet to discover..
T: btw kunj..
T: what were u telling me last night??
K: what??(not paying much attention)
T: something.. “ tu nehi samjhegi…” what i won’t understand kunj?????????
Kunj keeps the phone..he turns around and smirks..
T: kya hua?
K:nothing..kya hoga?
T: kunj plzzzzzzzzz tell na what were u telling..u know i couldn’t sleep thinking about what u were telling…!!
K: hawwwwwwww!!! Twinkle why do u take so much stress??
T: matlab??
K: matlab tu itna kyun soch ti hain…mat socha kar yaar itna..
T: y??
K: it doesn’t suits u..and moreover when u think…..omg!!
T: what omg!! When i think…what??
K: when u think…u end up creating a new siyappa…( lol moment guys…hehe)
T: what nonsense..mein yaha tumse serious bat kar rehi hu..nd u..
She leaves fuming..
Kunj laughs on his own..

At night:
Twinkle thinks about kunj’s words..she feels disgusted. But then she really wants to know what he was telling..she decides to try once more..
T: kunj…
T: Can we talk for five minutes??
K: hmm say
Twinkle goes and sits beside him..
Kunj looks at her.
T: kunj..plzz tell na what u were telling last night..
K: twinkle yaar..tu phir suru ho gayi..
T: toh u tell me na what m asking..
K: there is nothing to tell u..what should i tell…
T: then yesterday wre u talking to the sky or wind??
K: think as u wish..
T: fine..don’t tell.
Twinkle starts leaving…
Kunj holds her hands..winds starts blowing..
T: kunj leave me..
K: what u want to hear..
T: nothing just leave me..
K: are listen to me once..
T: leave me i said..
She leaves kunj and goes a few steps forward when….
K: i love you…!!
Twinkle stops..she has butterflies in her stomach..did she hear right?? She turns back..
Kunj moves forward..
K: sun liya….
T: kya…?
K: I….LOVE ….. U …TWINKLE..!!!
Twinkle gets mesmerized…kunj comes closer…… Twinkle blushes..kunj cups her face..(sajna ve plays)
K: i love u meri siyappa queen..bas khus…
T: ( with teary eyes) i love u too…khadoos kunj sarna…
She hugs him.kunj hugs her back..
Their hug was intense, passionate and romantic.
T: y did u tease me all the while??
K: what to do..i love to tease u…
T: but i love u…
K: awwww i love u too..actually..three four five…and infinity…
PRECAP: Twinj cute and romantic moments…

Okay guys i hope ur most awaited day has come forth..i hope u r all happy now…everybody wanted love here its m just waiting for the love confession amid twinj in tei..hope to see it soon. Anyways guys..i have a sincere request to u all this week end i will post few more ffs and then i will stop..and plzzzzzzzzzz don’t request me to post it the next week as i can’t and i really can’t say no to people..if possible i will post few epi analysis in ff will continue in april..m sorry guys bt m boards are from 29th and it will end in 28th of hope u understand..
Thanks to all of u who read the epi analysis by “ a voice” ..actually it was me.. i don’t know how many of u know i thought to inform u guys…

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan


  1. prapti

    awww…this epi was sooo sweet,,finally d confession is done. tnx Tara 4 another amazing piece of writing

  2. Awww….superb love confession….m waiting for twinj love confession in serial….pta nae kb aye gaa who din….anyways u are mind blowing Tara….waiting for next part eagerly.. .

    • tara

      m also waiting for that mahira bt yeh yuhi drama khatam hoga tab na..
      nyways..thanks nd next part will be posted tmrw..

  3. loveleen

    finally tara i cud not resist myself from commenting. i was silent reader till now bt u forced me to comment through this episode. U r such a splendid writer u dont know. Means u hav got such nyc writing skills m just a big fan of ur ff. n i love ur way u reply to ur fans. i have never missed a single episode of urs. actually i read all the ffs of twinj that are posted here. n i lyk everyone bt u r special i feel cz i have commented for the first tym that to in ur ff. luv u dear.

    • tara

      awww loveleen thanks a lot dear…m so happy tdy..u made my day…bt wtever i m tday is bcoz of u all..u all made me wt i m thnks u all..nd to u i bestow my hearty gratefulness…luv u dear! nd keep cmntng!

  4. esha

    Tara love it yar….the moment I came back from school I eagerly read,your ff….It is just so nice keep it up

  5. Rakshita

    Tara….now u got why I say u r the best….. Bcoz ur writing skills are enough to win anybody’s heart and soul…..I love u yaar…Nd even I wanted to ask u…. Actually u r one ur elder than me… is it fine if I call u by name and if u have any issue I can call u Di also…..!!!☺☺

    • tara

      u dnt knw rakshita wt u all hv become 4 me..i feel more attatched to u guys than mah frnds…love u dear..nd i dnt me u calling me by name cz i dnt want those didi behen relatn..with u m bttr as a frnd..!

      • Rakshita

        Same here Tara….you all are more than jst a frnd to me….love ❤ you all…..i can live without food ? for once but not without you…….??

  6. Avantika

    Taaarraaa… so beautiful..splendid supbbb..u r such amazing I don’t have words…now please show some romance in between both coz I luv flirting Kunj..!! And all the vry bst….and uf u get tym thn only post coz it z a genuine problem.. I will miss you..!!

    • tara

      a big thnks to u avantika…m feeling so high 2day..nd yeah i ll show romance..dnt wrry love u yar nd miss u too!

  7. Simi

    Awwwwwwwww. The cutest ff of urs is Tara . Tara I love u. ? I wish did same thing should be done in tei also. It was superb . now u get me y I started commenting for ur ffs as I was a silent reader . Tara ur d best author here . the beeeeesssssttttttttt????????love twinj .

    • tara

      oh simiiiii….u r so sweet dear..i was just wondering y u didnt cmnt..i eagerly w8 4 ur cmnt..they r jst fab…love u …muahh!

    • tara

      thanks alot..but what shall i call u…fullstop??
      just kidding..plzz don’t mind…
      thanks for reading and commenting..

  8. prarthna

    Hi I have been a silent reader all this while but today I have to comment ur ff is just marvellous waiting for u to continue in April . Best of luck for your boards. Once again ur story is just fabulous loved it to the core.

  9. Ritzi

    Wow Tara !!!!! U know an amazing factmis that yr ff is even famous than real episodes …… Even ur ff gets 57 comments whereas the real episode’s updates get 37 comments!

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