Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 16)

Twinkle comes to her room . she cries bitterly. She takes out their marriage photo. Tears welled down her cheeks, few drops of water fell on the picture as well. She held the photo in her hand and said …. “kunj i know i am very annoying and disturbing….. moreover a siyappa queen, always put u in trouble,, bt don’t worry now every thing will be all right.
All this while kunj was behind her. He was listening to her. He also felt that bitter pain in his heart. There was silence all over. Only the soft sound of twinkle sobbing could be heard. But that soft sound in total silence felt like a scream in kunj’s ears. Every drop of twinkle’s tears felt like the drop of blood coming from his heart which was brutally stabbed. But the saddest part was that … this time the offender and the victim were the same person..and that was him. The pain was immense in both the cases. But was there an way out??
Kunj couldn’t control his temperament. He rushed to twinkle and said.. “ don’t do all this twinkle..its wrong!!”

T: wrong?? What is wrong kunj?? This marriage or the fact that maya is pregnant wid ur child??
K: twinkle……………..
T: kunj please, if someone has done a mistake , its the duty of others to correct it and m doing the same.
Kunj keeps quiet. He doesn’t know what to say next.
K: so are u happy with all this??
T: of course..
K: then y were u crying??
T: i was not crying..its just that…
Kunj comes closer to her…” just what twinkle…just,,,, what??”
Twinkle takes her steps back. Kunj comes more close to her. Twinkle leans on the wall.
K: shhshhhhhhhhh………………..( he puts his finger on her lips)
They share a super duper intense eye lock… kunj cups her face..

K: twinkle i know, i have wronged u.. and u have full right to blame me and even punish me..but don’t do something which will equally punish u and something which u ll regret for the whole life…
Twinkle moves kunj away.
T: toh kya karun mein kunj ?? have u left a way for me??
K: maya said na that….
T: maya said what..ha kunj?
K: that she ll abort the child..then?
T: wah kunj sarna wah !! an innocent shall loose life for the mistake made by someone else…u want to take away a life to remove ur guilt…..!! (twinkle was firm and bold while telling this..)
Kunj is shocked to see twinkle like this. Twinkle starts leaving.

K: tu reh legi mere bina??
Twinkle stops. Without looking back she says..
“ life teaches us everything kunj….” she leaves
Kunj sits on his knees with a sudden jerk…he feels everything is over now…( tadap tadap ke plays)
He is shocked by twinkle’s word.. he doesn’t know what to do..
Then suddenly he gets up telling “ no i can’t give up like this…twinkle is my wife and she will always be my wife…i can’t let her do this…i have to talk to her.” He goes to the garden.
(guys i have taken this part from made few changes)
Its raining. Twinkle is looking at the sky. Kunj comes near her. She sees him and starts leaving. Kunj holds her hand firmly..pulls her towards him. He holds her waist. Twinkle looks on.
T: kunj..what are u doing??

K: what happen twinkle?? Y are u so nervous if i come near u..
T: kunj..
K: why ur heart is beating fast?? Answer me twinkle??
Twinkle pushes kunj and runs away..kunj shouts…and says…….
K: i know twinkle that u also have something in ur heart… i know that u also..
Twinkle stops. She looks back. Her face is shown.

PRECAP: guess guys what would happen next..what would kunj say..

Guys i hope u like this epi…nowadays my ff are not that interesting but ill try and work on that. Till then keep reading my ff..nd share ur view via comments.

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    1. can u plzz tell me ur real name?

      1. My real name is naina is kunj going to express his love to twinkle

      2. thanks a lot for answering…naina,,and i can’t tellu anything now..u have to read the next epi for that…anyways thanks for commenting.

  1. Love confession may b… Tara plzz put a longer episode ND plzz make twinj one ND let that idiot Maya go to hell… May b its her plan to get kunj.. My twinj is so innocent dear.. Plzz.nvr let deir ways part… Luv ur ff? tara

    1. dnt wry tei..i won’t seperate twinj…nd sry dear can’t put a very long epi…as my xams are cmng nd if mom sees me wid my phone everytime she gonna kill me 4 sure…!

  2. No dear the twist made it vryy interestinggg . U re an amzingg writerrr how u describe each singlee thingg

    1. thnx a lot sunaina…

  3. I love 2 read only ur ff ,..,…… I m a great twinj fan just like u

    1. thanks sonal thats mah pleasure…and yeah m really a great fan of twinj…

  4. Love u twinj

  5. It was a good ff and was very intense and the next episode should be romantic and even more intense as it makes it more brilliant and bold and also exciting also reveal maya’s truth as well and make this happen in your next 2 ffs so that it doesn’t be that long plz listen to my request as i am your daily reader as when ever u update

  6. Tara u r just gng one step high day by day….very nice and plss love confession by twinj….or may be some other twist….!!!

    1. thanks rakshita..ur cmnts are so sweet just like u..

  7. Preety sid bieber

    I think maya is liyng..she is pregnant bt not kunjs child..
    Kunj says that u also love me?????
    Mi right tara ???????
    Btw its a adorble epii… it????????

    1. hey preeti..thnk u so much..btw good tht u changed ur name..i read ur cmnts in aakanksha’s ff nd i also feel the same as she said..nd trust me preeti sounds pretty…!

  8. Kunj must say twinkle I love you…n Tara ur ff is not boring..its super dupet fantastic

    1. thanks mahira..i dnt remember a single epi of mine where u didn’t cmnt..m so glad 4 tht..

  9. yeah..i knw tht u read my ffs evryday nd trust me m thnkful to u all 4 tht..nd dnt wry evrythng btwn twinj will be fine..the next epis will be interesting…bt u hv to be patient!

  10. Awsum epi Tara… Waiting for ur nxt ff …i also think that there will be £uv confession… 🙂 😉

    1. thanks ruchi..i ll try to submit my next ff asap..

      1. Thnx Tara…£ots of £uv… ?

  11. Preety sid bieber

    Thank u soooo mch tara????????

    1. ur welcome ..btw where do u stay in assam?? in guwahati??

  12. I’m in love wid u writing skills tara

    1. thanks bt m in love with ur ff btw can i call u akku??

  13. nice episode tara just felt that emotions and waiting for next episode

    1. thanks di..

  14. Pls Tara don say tat ur episodes r boring dey r jus fantabulous . loved it . I believe now twinj r going closer to their love confession ryt . ………..?????

    1. simi u know what whenever i read ur comment i feel someone very close to me has written that..u are so sweet yaar…btw are u in fb??

      1. No I’m not on fb m on wattsapp …….?????

  15. Tara so much of intense you should write a romantic novel people will be crazy to buy it……I just love your ff can’t wait for the upcoming episode……try to post it fast ….lots of love tara

  16. Tara ….yaar its too awesome……u are so good writer…..I keep waiting for ur ff……

    1. thnx rashi…btw r u in fb?

  17. Tara r u a bengalee? Please tell me…Awesome episode ???????

    1. hw do u knw tht baby doll? nd where were u all these days?

      1. Amar exams er jonno porchilam tai somoy paini… Amar exams 29th Feb a sesh hoye jabe… I am also a bengalee…

      2. omg! m so glad..kau k toh pelam atleast je amar 29 te start hoche…so baby doll where u stay?

      3. btw how did u know that m a bengalee..??

      4. Tara tor /tomar real name ki? Are you an adult?

      5. Can you please gimme ur whattsap no.?

      6. no m not in whatsapp..maa ekhon khul te debe na..xam ar por hote ami adult na..m just 16..
        btw are u an adult?? and how did u know that m bengali?????
        ooppss i forgot m in facebook..are u there??

      7. Na ami adult noi I am just 11 years old…Ami fb te nei

      8. oh i see…bt u r so small ami toh cmnts pore bhablam besh boro keu..btw didi koto boro…mane princess of kuwait?

  18. haha..tysm i hvnt thought of if i write i ll tell u.

  19. Preety sid bieber

    No…m 4m sibsagar…n u?????btw r u ther in fb or whats app??????

    1. oo i asked coz i went to Assam last year only…bt i dnt know where is sibsagar..although the name is quite familiar….nyways m 4m kolkata..
      and yes m on fb..nt in whtsapp..

  20. Hey Tara I just read ur ff I loved it a lot yaar I m also a Bengali 🙂

    1. i was thinking…when u told tht ur name is joyee..coz its generally a bengali name..i have a cousin named the same…btw thnk u…nd do u stay in kolkata?

  21. Preety sid bieber

    Hey tara if u dnt mind can u tell me where is akanksha’s ff??
    N if u r in fb dn i will contct u on 4th mrch not know bcz of my board xms..2mhe bura toh nahi lagega na???????
    Agr mene 2mhe hrt kiya so sry☺☺☺

    1. nehi yaar kis bat ka bua lage ga..
      aur aakanksha ka ff pata nehi page mein kyun nehi dikh raha..tum ek kam karo uska nam type karke epi 10 likh ke search karo…i mean tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq epi 10 yeh search karo on google..meine bhi yehi kiya..

  22. Preety sid bieber

    Thnk u sooo mch tara…?????

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