Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 14)

Sorry guys couldn’t post it today ill post another one and that s for sure.
The epi starts with the conversation between kunj and maya.,,
K: what have u decided maya?
M: kunj actually i have thought a lot and then came to the conclusion that i can’t be a burden to u..
K: means??
M: kunj i can’t give birth to this baby….i ll not be able to live as a single i have decided to abort it..i can’t spoil ur life..
( now u have understood that maya is pregnant and the father is suppose to be how??? That is to be discovered…go ahead)
K: WHAT??????? Maya are u mad..i mean …look whatever happened was just a mistake ..we both should be responsible..not only u..
(the story of maya’s pregnancy )

On twinkle’s b’day morning when kunj got a phone call he went to meet maya . Remember chinki saw a guy with maya in the gift shop?? It was none other than kunj . maya had called him to meet her for some urgent need. There she revealed that she might be pregnant..although it was not confirmed bt she said she got some symptoms. kunj didn’t believe that. But maya claimed about the party which was organised at their friend’s farmhouse. There everybody got drunk and it may be at that situation that this thing happened. Kunj was sure its nothing like that. So he told maya to go for a check up. During twinkle’s b’day party maya had arrived just to confirm her pregnancy. Kunj was in a great shock and it was due to that he behaved so rudely with twinkle. In spite of all this kunj did’t want to believe the fact but then he thought that he actually doesn’t remember much about the night. Except for the fact that he had a severe hangover and he had found himself beside maya the next morning. Also maya was his friend since childhood so she cannot just lie on such a sensitive case. Thus, he was forced to believe the fact.

Back to present:
M: kunj please try to understand we were not in our senses…so whatever happened just let it go..we can rectify our mistakes.
K: but maya abortion??
M: no way is left kunj..can u bear this truth in ur life?? What ll u tell twinkle?? Ur family??
K: but how can we kill someone who has not even open the eyes..not even seen the world…how can we??
M: kunj..we have to be me its the best way..everything will be fine then.
K: okay..
M: kunj u have to come with me to the hospital..both parents are required for the abortion.
K: okay..u tell me when i will come..
M: i think we should go now..
K: now??
M: yeah kunj..let make this as fast as possible ..i cant stay with this guilt..
K: okay lets go.

Maya and kunj do all the formalities ans then they were waiting for the doctor. Maya cries and kunj consoles her. Suddenly the nurse comes and announces..” mrs maya kunj sarna the doctor is calling u for abortion”
Maya nods her head.she is about to get in when a voice is heard…” ABORTION??”
Kunj and Maya turn behind to see twinkle. They get shocked.
Twinkle comes near.
T: abortion?? Whose abortion?? Kunj ….maya..who is getting aborted??
K: twinkle…u …u here??
T: kunj i came here to take the report of maa’s routine check up …bt u…??
K: twinkle actually…
The nurse comes again.
“maya kunj sarna…dr is calling u..come fast”
Twinkle goes near the nurse..
T: y did u say maya kunj sarna?? She is not sarna…
N: i don’t know all this..she is suppose to abort her baby,, and in the form her husband’s name is given kunj i called..btw who are u…??
Twinkle gets a shock.. she loses balance..she speaks unconsciously “ maya sarna…baby …..abortion..kunj sarna..husband”
K: twinkle listen to me..i will clarify everything…
Twinkle keeps uttering all this and suddenly she faints..kunj holds her.. “twinkle…………………………….”
Screen freezes

PRECAP: twinkle says kunj to marry maya

I know guys there is a lot of questions going in ur mind..and u may be disappointed with such a twist bt m sure when u ll know the whole story you will like m writing such track for the first time so if there is any suggestion then plzz give it to improve my ff. And about twinj moments,, i believe i can put them in the next epi as constant dramas may be boring.. so all those of u feel that any improvement is required then plzz don’t hesitate to share ur view..
And one important thing “ GUYS IF U FEEL THAT MY FF IS BORING OR USELESS THEN TELL IT STRAIGHT AWAY..NO NEED TO READ IT IF ITS NOT ENTERTAING U” don’t think that m being rude bt its an earnest request… m telling all this because m really very hurt so may be the epi so not that good. If it continues like this ill end the ff. Sorry guys if i offended u…bt can’t help it…

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  1. Tara u r such a brilliant writer….ur work is just awesome….. We all like it ….try and post regularly…. I know u have exams…but u can try….

  2. Wow what a twist can’t wait for the whole story

  3. aweome epi tara

  4. Its just way to awesome tara nd somewhere i think that its not kunj’s baby in maya’s womb its someone else..

  5. Richel sid bieber

    Gd ….exiting epi…
    Bt nw twinkle????????
    Twinkle toh aab thora rud hogi hi bcz use bahat bara sock milegaaaa…i hope she underatnd…

  6. Tara u r very brilliant writer………. it is just awesome episode waiting for the next episode…Eagerly waiting for the next episode .. ..

  7. U r ff is nyc bt plzzzz dont seprate twinj

  8. Wow!!!!

  9. Just unite them we like it your ff it is good?

  10. No no Tara. Ur ff is superb….don’t end it yr …u r just amazing. .

  11. I jus loved dis episode Tara . m jus waitin for d next episode . n m sure kunj is not d father . m 110% sure ???

  12. no tara u r a gud writer but i wish that nothing happend between them and it should not be like kumkum bhagya

  13. Tara I jus wanna tell u one thing d number of ppl like ur ff are more than tat one person who wrote tat stupid comment yesterday. So pls don even care what such ppl say . when someone comments lyk dis u have to jus say a thank you to him or her n say tat I will improve . tat person will shut n never comment again ………… We all love u Tara pls don think again to end ur ffs .pls pls pls never say tat again ………???????????

  14. No Tara itss vryy nice nd u re a vry good writer nd btw good twist

  15. hav u taken the idea from kumkum bhagya actually the exact same track was there in it

  16. thanks alot guys..m really happy tht u liked it..nd Aakanksha its nt 4m track is a bit diff..can’t say much..u hv to continue reading 4 knwng it..m sure u ll like it..

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