Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 12)

Here u go guys..i hope its long enough..

Twinkle is getting ready for the party. She wears the white dress and the pendant which kunj has given her. She adorns herself in front of the mirror. She looks at the pendant. She smiles. The next moment she finds it weird…..Nowadays she had started smiling without any specific reasons. He mood also swings easily. Sometimes she feels so of the world and sometimes so low.. but the best thing is she can resist herself from thinking about kunj.
T: what has happened to me…??? why m i acting stupid..?
Kunj enters..
K: (woh to tu pehle se hi hain..jhalli) no wonder u r …
T: what??
Twinkle makes a face..she thinks “ babaji..what kind of a husband is he…and look at me m thinking about him…”

K: now don’t think so much as nothing’s gonna happen wid that..get ready fast.
Kunj takes out a shirt and blazer. He wears it. Then he applies the perfume given by twinkle. Twinkle sees that and smiles. Kunj comes near the bed to take his phone. Twinkle is ready. She also moves forward to go out. Unknowingly they hit each other and both fall on bed. Sajna ve plays.
K: twinkle what are u doing?
T: i.. what did i do?
They get up…
K: you….anyways leave it..its ur b’day.
T: o that means if it had not been my b’day u would have blamed me?? How mean kunj sarna.
She leaves angrily.

In the party:
Everybody is enjoying themselves. Twinkle receives gifts from the guests. Kunj comes to twinkle and says sorry. Twinkle ignores. Kunj follows her. She gets irritated. Twinkle goes to the washroom. She turn behind to see kunj there.
T: so u ll come to the washroom also???
K: no…
T: disgusting..
After twinkle comes out kunj holds her hand.
T: kunj leave me…
Kunj pulls her closer and says..” itna gussa?? (so much anger) it doesn’t suits u twinkle. Twinkle is best define as the charming..smiling sweet girl..nd about me..u know na that i like to joke so don’t take it seriously”
T: what is the proof that u r not joking now??
K: look at my face its so u think m joking now?? Twinkle leave all this..come lets go…well we shall dance..what say?

Twinkle nods. Both of them go to the party again. They dance on geruya. Both of them are looking into each other’s eyes. After the dance applause is heard. Twinj looks at each other …they smile.
Suddenly twinkle notices maya…she tells kunj. Kunj goes there.
Maya tell sorry for disturbing..both of them go out and talk.
Kunj comes back. twinkle asks what happened.
T: actually kunj i had forgot to tell u…( she narrates what happened in the shop) kunj i think maya is hiding something. Chinki saw her wid someone but she refused to tell.
Kunj is shocked. He says if maya said no one was wid her i don’t think she will lie.
Twinkle is a bit surprised wid his reply. T: but kunj why will chinkle lie??
K: m not telling that she lied bt this is also possible na that she saw someone else..
T: but kunj…
K: enough twinkle ….i don’t wanna talk about it anymore.
Twinkle is shocked. Kunj leaves angrily..

After the party is over twinkle comes home. She is upset wid kunj’s reply. She comes to the room. The door was closed. She opens it. Suddenly the light goes away. She is scared. Then a candle flame is seen. And kunj is holding that. Twinkle looks at him. Kunj comes near her. He softly says sorry..he hold her by the waist and pulls het near him. He says…twinkle i know i have spoilt ur trust me i didn’t intend to do such things..i don’t wanna see ur sad hurts me as well . twinkle looks on.
T: if u feel so bad kunj..then y do u hurt me??
K: i don’t know…

Twinkle puts her hand on kunj’s face.
T: kunj look at me …if there is something u can tell me…we will solve it together.
Kunj thinks…how will i tell u twinkle..u ll be heartbroken…i don’t know what to do..god plzz help me.

PRECAP: Twinj’s relationship will go through many ups and downs..there will be hurdles bt romantic scenes will also be a part

So guys be ready for an extraordinary journey of love. Will the love birds realise their feelings on time and confess it..or there will be some more drama …if u wanna know stay tuned and keep reading fan fiction of tashan e ishq. And don’t forget to comment.
And this message is for all of u “ its feb guys..most of us are having exams by its end or may be in the mid of the month…so ALL THE BEST TO U ALL” well guys m not sure whether or not ill be able to post anymore ff in this if i get time i ll as i said earlier. Else see u guys after my boards i.e., by the end of march…miss u all and ofcourse ur ff. Have a nice day.

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