Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 11)

Guys i don’t know how will this epi be..coz nothing is coming to my mind right now…so m sorry but the epi will be short…i hope u ll cooperate wid me.btw thanks for showering so much love in my last epi…keep commenting like that.
Kunj and twinkle comes back home. Its quite late so both of them go to sleep. But thoughts keep roaming in their minds…twinkle thinks kunj is so caring husband. She feels happy. But the very next moment she feels sad to have suspected kunj..on the other hand kunj is happy to bring smile on twinkle’s face…

Next morning:
Everyone wishes twinkle happy b’day. She takes the blessing of elders. Leela comes. She announces a party at tenaja house. She leaves telling everyone to come. kunj gets a call and he excuses himself. Twinkle thinks how to thanks kunj for what he did. She calls chinki. Chinki suggests her to buy a gift. They decide to meet at the gift shop.
Twinkle and chinki are choosing gift for kunj. Suddenly twinkle spots someone.
T: arey..maya..
C: where?
T: there..
C: ooo bt who is wid her…??
T: who? I can’t see anyone…
C: look carefully…
T: where chinki??
C: ohoo ..come wid me..
Chinki takes twinkle to that side bt no one was there..maya sees them..she gets scared.
M: t..twin..twinkle….u??
T: yeah maya..its me..what happened?? Y r u so scared??
M: nothing twinkle..
C: who was wid u?
M: who? W..who? no one was wid me..okay i have to go..
She leaves.
T: strange girl she is..
C: m telling u twinkle..smthng is wrong..
T: leave it yaar.
Twinkle comes home. She comes to the room. Kunj was doing some work. She gives him the gift..

K: now what is this..
T: gift..
K: i who gave it?
T: buddhu..i have bought it 4 u..
K: 4 me?
T: yeah..
K: bt y?..its ur b’day..
T: i know its a return gift for what u did for me..nw open it.
Kunj opens the box to find a perfume…
K: arey wah! My fav perfume..thanks twinkle..
T: no kunj..its nothing infromt of ur gift…
K: no problem when my b’day comes u ll surprise me..
Twinj smiles.

PRECAP: twinkle tell kunj about meeting maya in the shop…….

What do u think what will be kunj’s reaction?? For knowing stay tuned.
Guys i know its not a nice next epi will be better i promise will be posted a bit later..and that will be probably my last epi…no m not ending my ff bt as u know my exams are near so i need to take a break from here to study..i ll continue it after my exam and there will be a leap in the story too. It will be interesting..and m sure u ll like it. In between if i get time then ill post the next it won’t be regular.

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan


  1. Hi tara best of luck for ur exams and really looking forward to next episode….again best of luck hope u pass ur exam with excellent marks and come back soon

  2. Simi

    I like d startin part of twinj thinking BT each other . waiting for next episode . n best o luck ur 17 so u must be in 12 grade ryt . m in 10 grade . mah boards r also coming up . ??

    • tara

      no dear m also in 10..when i changed my school i was admitted to the same KG..and i 17 in the sense i completed 16 yrs..recently in m almost ur age..

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