Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 10)

Thanks every one for ur lovely comments…and it for those that i posted it so early…i hope u ll enjoy today’s epi..

Twinkle is amazed to see kunj. She is about to speak when the sound of a clock is heard. It s 12 o’ clock. Kunj moves forward and starts singing….. “HAPPY B’DAY TO U…HAPPY B’DAY DEAR TWINKLE …HAPPY B’DAY TO U…………………….” Twinkle smiles. Its her b’day all these tensions she had forgotten her b’day wow,,kunj remembers it!!!
T: u remembered?
K: how can u expect that i would forget my wife’s b’day that too when i know she is a SIYAPPA QUEEN”
T: Ha ha ..bad joke..but how did u do all i mean i………………………………..
K: relax twinkle..all ur questions will be answered… bt first lets cut the cake.
T: okk
Kunj brings the lovely chocolate cake…he places it on the table. Twinkle is excited. She blows the candles..and cuts the cake. She takes the piece and feeds kunj. Suddenly something mischievous comes to her mind… she puts the cream on kunj’s face..she laughs ..kunj is the sudden action. Twinkle runs and kunj chases him.
K: twinke stop….stop i said..

T: y? Catch me if u can mr. Kunj sarna…..hehe
Kunj chases her..twinkle runs and runs until she comes in front of a wall and her way is blocked. She turns back to see kunj just behind her.
K: ha ha ha.. what u were telling?? “ catch me if u can” now what ll u do??
Twinkle gets tensed…
T: what do u think.. i fear u..not at all..u can’t do anything..
K: achha?? Really?
T: yes…
K: and how do u know that??
T: (thinks) … look back..the cake is there..u can’t put cream..Yippee..i won..Thanks babaji..!!
Kunj thinks…then he smirks. He moves towards twinkle. Twinkle takes a step back and kunj takes a step ahead. It continues until they reach the wall. Kunj puts his arms beside twinkle on the wall. He move close to her….he brings his face near her..twinkle’s heart beat increases…kunj comes more close…more………….and then rubs his cheeks against that of twinkle’s… he applies the cream this way. That touch feels like magic…twinkle was mesmerized….then they shared a long intense eye lock. Sajna ve plays. Both of their eyes are shown..twinkle is a bit shy..she tries to run..but kunj catches her hand (can’t really describe this moment guys..) he pulls her toward him..

T: kunj leave me ( says softly)
K: see i did it..Don’t ever challenge me!!
He leaves her.. there is silence for a moment….twinkle looks at the decorations..she feels a bit sad as she doubted her husband…she turns around. But where is kunj??
T: kunj? Where are u?? Kunj….
Someone pats twinkle . she looks back. Its kunj..
T: u scare me every time….where did u go?
K: sorry madam…actually i forgot something…
T: what??
K: first close ur eyes…
T: y??
K: do as i say…
T: okay (close her eyes)
Kunj takes out a box..
K: open ur eyes..
Twinkle opens..she finds a decorative box..
T: what is this?
K: open and see..
Twinkle takes the box..opens it..and……….finds a beautiful pendant..
T: wow kunj…this awesome…!!
K: u liked it??
T: of course…bt when did u….(she stops..she remembers the jewel shop incident, she now understood what kunj was doing there..and no doubt maya was just helping him out)
K: what happened? I think u didn’t like it..
T: no kunj..this is fab..its very special..thank u soooooooooo much. (smiles)
K: siyappa queen..
T: kunj..

K: yeah
T: help me out in wearing it..
K: okay..
He goes behind her and makes her wear that. It looks stunning.
T: thanks…kunj …by the way its quite late now.. i think we should go home..everybody must be tensed..
K: no one will be they all know u r with me…twinkle is confused..Kunj tells her..flash back is shown.
Leela gets a call.
L: hello..
K: hello maa its kunj..and plzz don’t take my name now..
Leela excuse herself..
L: what happened kunj putter..y did u call me like this from unknown number…??
K: maa ill tell u u have to help me..
L: ok bt..
K: maa u trust me??
L: of course…
K: then listen…(he tell her about the plan of twinkle’s b’ he arranged things and how he wanted to surprise her..)
L: this is great idea..m sure twinkle will be so happy!!
K: now u have to help me..

L: how..
K: u have bring twinkle out some how..plzzzzzz maa don’t tell no..i need ur help..
L: ok putter don’t worry..twinkle is here..with chinki..i ll teel them to go out.
( then we all know what happened)
Back to present:
T: wah kunj sarna..m impressed…what a plan!! Bt what about did she disappear??
K: i msgd her..
T: ooo..very good..
K: i know that m very good..
Twinkle nods her head thinking..he ll never change
K: what? Y are u looking at me like that??
T: m thinking that what else have u planned ??
K: oh!!
T: what oh?? Kunj what will we do now..m telling lets go home..
K: 1 min..1 min..
Kunj plays music…
K: wanna dance?????
T: ( smiles) yes..
Kuj puts his hand forward..twinkle places her hand on his..they dance..agar tum saath ho plays…the dance is super romantic..nd they are very close to each other..the music stops..twinkle is in kunj’s arms…again an intense eyelock..
After the celebration is over twinj decide to go home. They come out of the hotel…
K: wait i ll bring the car..

T: kunj…
She goes near him..she hugs him tight… “thank u kunj…thank u soo much!!” kunj hug her back… “thank u for what?? ..i did all these coz i felt its my make u happy, so that u keep smiling..” twinkle looks up..she smiles…
T: bt y did u kidnap me??
K: had no option..
T: y??
K: coz u r crazy….
T: haaaaaaaaaa?? How mean..o hello..its my b’day at least do tease me today..
K: i can tease u anytime and everytime..
T: huh!!
K: coz u r my wife and i have the copy right!!
They get inside the car..and go home..

Guys hope u like it..and hope its long enough…today no precap..coz m lacking ideas..can u plzz help me guys..plzz share ur ideas..and don’t forget to comment..have a nice day!!

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  17. after reaching home twinkle sitting on bed extremely happy and feels sry for her imagination and decides to give ful rights of a husbend to him but dont know wht to do mean while in balcony kunj thinking how twinki cares about him and family and he loves her but not daring to say it as he knew their marriage is a compramise and scared of loosing her this is my idea and episode was really fantastic and awesome

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    1. haha..sry for tht..actually evry1 was so eager tht i hardly had n option..

  20. Hloo Tara…. episode was really awesome dr.. everyday i w8 for ur update. bt when i got busy u update so fast. anyway thnks 4 regular n fast update.. one again hearty thnkz 4 cute twing moments.

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