Fanfiction Spoilers (Airlines, Everest, Luvvyy Duvvyyss)


Fab3 (airlines)
Anika gets the chip which was required by SIU. The chip contains information about AkYa nd their family’s murder. Rizwaan is a terrorist who killed them. He also killed Paras pradhan(megha’s husband). Paras was killed while evading rizwaan. Anika vows to find rizwaan.

Climb up(everest)
Avika and aayna misbehave with sanvi and make her fun. Sanvi answers them well and they start arguing. Ratika defends sanvi and enters the arguement. Next day ratika faints while practicing. Avika and aayna complain about sanvi.

Luvvyy duvvyyss
Anayma tells charvee that she is in love with dehaaz. Their class wins the annual day competition and all celebrate. There is an introduction to sharma, gupta and grewal family.

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  1. ohhh nocc spoiler alertttt…….. 🙂 waitingg 4 stryyyyy

  2. Gud to c spoilers on ff’s . grt PLZ update for EHT , two heart beats, where there is heart there is life and many more

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