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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction
Fast Forward 15 years from the current track in the show. Ishita has now gotten over her split personality disorder and is normal, just the way people liked her earlier. Raman is now one of the leading business tycoons of the country. Romi, Sarika and their son have moved to America where both are successful. Simmi died in an accident 2 years ago. Ananya is now 17 and is studying Arts under Raman and Ishita’s care whom she calls Bade Papa and Badi Maa. Vandu is now the Dean of her college while Bala is still taking tutorials. Shravan, now 21, is as naughty as ever and studies in America and lives with Romi. Kshitija is 15, in the last year of school. Abhishek died in the cross firing during an encounter many years ago. Mihika and Mihir have now married. Omprakash Bhalla and Vishwanahtan Iyer has gone on a tour to Bangkok.
The Scene opens to a young girl sitting in front of the mirror. She is wearing a White Skirt and a light blue Kurti. She wears her earrings. She wears Kajal. She has beautiful eyes. Her silky black hair have been tied in a neat plait. Her smile can be seen. She has a mole on her lips. Santoshi, as energetic as ever though with lots of grey hair comes in and says, “Ruhi puttar, breakfast is at the table, come fast!” Finally we can see the grown up Ruhi’s Beautiful face as she says that she is coming. She gets up grabs her bag and rushes downstairs. The tinkling of her payal (anklet) is heard.
As our cute Ruhi settles down at the table, the Handsome Adi comes in. He is as fair as ever, he has a well built physique. Mihika and amma come in. Ishita says, “You are right on time. Come have breakfast. Where is Mihir?” Mihika says that Mihir is parking the car and would be there soon. Neelu is getting food from the kitchen. Ananya comes in and teases Adi “Big day Big Brother?!” Everybody laughs. Amma says “This big day should have come much earlier. I had been telling Raman and Ishu. But nobody listens to me. He has finished his studies long back and he should have had kids by now.” Everybody laughs. “Pati, I was waiting to get settled in my career. Now that I am helping papa with the business, I am finally introducing you to the girl I like. Ishi Maa, her parents would be coming too.” Ishita says, “I know Adi, you are telling me this for the eight time!”
Mihir comes in with Vandu, Bala and Kshitija. Ruhi says, “I have to leave, else I will be late for college! Come Kshitija and Ananya I will drop you guys on the way. Bye Badi Maa! Bye Bade Papa! Bye everyone!” The girls say “All the best Adi Bhaiyya!” and leave.
Santoshi says to Madhu amma, “Madhu, in a year Ruhi will be a doctor. Adi will soon get married. I can’t wait to meet the girl he likes. I lost both my daughters. I was devastated after Simmi’s accident. Had Raman and Ishita not been there to support me, I would have died. I have so many daughters in Ishita, Mihika, Sarika, Vandu, Ruhi, Ananya and Kshitija. Now I will get one more daughter in Adi’s bride. I feel so proud when I look at our Family. All thanks to Ishita and Raman. Their Love is our family’s backbone.” Amma says, “You are absolutely right Santoshi. Our family is happy only when Ishita and Raman are happy. The only set-back today is that Mihir and Mihika have no child due to their late marriage. But they have decided to adopt a girl. Very soon we will have yet another daughter. I hope our family stays happy.”
Precap:- Ruhi’s college scenes with her friend. Bhalla and Iyer Families welcome Adi’s girlfriend and…

Author- aspiringvira

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    1. Go to Telly updates contact us page and write!

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  8. AWW I will miss the ABISHEKH and MIHIKA jodi ?❤️

  9. Ahhh ! Plz don’t kill simi and abhishk ! The family looks so gloomy!

  10. Thank you everyone! @Sara and Romi: its difficult to think of a plot with so many characters. It helps when I could omit a few. Also with Simmi gone, we can see another example of Ishita’s motherly feelings or in simple words Ishu’s mamta 🙂

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