FANAAH tere ishq mein (promo cum spoiler)(6)


Hello guys , so this is for you Blossom , you asked for a promo na so here i am with one for you but with a sad news too that is that my next update would be after 22nd September , i know , i know what….but what to do my exams are beginning and i can’t take any risk na, so please forgive me.
As the 50th episode of this ff is coming so i have a surprise for all of you but after the promo cum spoiler , so lets begin with the promo:
Dobriyal mansion again seems to be decorated but this time , not happiness but sadness in covering all the faces present there…
However, a spark of smile enters the till now dark room as a girl descends down the stairs bringing another girl along with her. Yeh , they are our RiYa…
While Rhidhima has a huge smile on her face , Piya’s face has an unknown sadness , they both descend down wearing beautiful Lehenge’s.

Alongside , two people are seen standing in a dark place , one of them is a girl wearing a White gown clearly visible but her face is not shown , only her eyes are shown filled with rage, “ i won’t let her to snatch Abhayendra from me again , he is mine , i don’t care if his face his changed but i know he is my Abhayendra , only mine…”
She goes back and holds the shoulder of the boy and screams , “ Abhayendra is only mine , only and only mine… vedanshi can snatch him from me….”

Now , AbhIya are standing in front of each other facing each other surrounded by a lot many people in the Dobriyal Mansion.
Abhay ‘s eyes are lowered while Piya is staring at him angrily , no sooner from nowhere she slaps him hard on his cheeks, All our shocked. Rhidhimaa who was standing next to Piya stares at her stunned.

Rhidhimaa grabs Piya’s hand and makes her to face herself while Abhay is still staring at Piya , Rhidhimaa holds the hand of Armaan who was standing next to her and shouts , “ I Love Armaan …yaa i Love him Piya , i don’t love Abhay , i didn’t accept it till now but today in front of everyone i confess that i love Armaan…”
She has tears while she says this , everyone is shocked and is staring at Rhidhimaa while Armaan gets free from her hold and leaves the scenario.
Rhidhimaa- Piya- Abhay are just left staring at him as he goes.

Spoiler :
Revelations about past life to take place and past to come back to haunt AbhIya.
Alright , so i guess this much mystery is sufficient for coming month , well coming to my surprise , it is somewhat similar to my 25th episode surprise but different too.
So let me stop these riddles and clarify , so guys , i would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with but and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 3 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.
On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place , you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters will be starting from today’s post till 48th post and only three characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.

Links to previous episodes:
and Guys i have started a new ff with one of my friends on the site , well it is on swaragini , if possible then please check it out:
Love you all…
Be Happy…

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  1. Siddhi

    Nice episode and pls continue Junoon

    1. Siddhi

      Sorry I mean promo and do continue Junoon and how just my dp?

  2. Hi pita thank youuuuuu for the promo. Felt really happy when u told the promo is for me. Once again thanks a lot. Hmm ando for the character I will relate myself to abhay. Enjoying life. Hmm it bus okay if u r not able to post nd all the best for ur exams

  3. Hi pita sry busy with studies so commenting just now. Interesting promo. Eager to know abhiya past life. Soo must wait 1 month for the epi. It’s okay studies come first. All the best

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