FANAAH tere ishq mein (promo cum spoiler)(2)

Hey guys i will upload soon but for the time i am creating my promo cum spoiler , hope you enjoy it and don’t worry for the time i am not stopping it and yaa i have also started another FF on swaragini “ SWARAGINI(DIL KI DOR)” .if anyone here is swaragini fan you can give me my feedback on it too.
So picture in cover page is of mr. Ram singhania and mrs rina singhania , armaan s bhaiyaa bhabhi.
Here goes the promo:
Piya is seen talking to a boy sitting on a stretcher and she s sitting next to him on a couch and piya says: bhaiyaa , please get well soon or i ‘ll also jump from terrace and get a bed next to you in the hospital.
Aniket , to whom she was talking claps at her : and says, ajo ,ajo(come, come)
She almost in a crying state : means you don’t want to get fine.
Abhay suddenly comes inside and says in a teasing manner to lighten her mood : i listened piya , you don’t need to jump from terrace to get mad , just talk to anybody here and he’ll get you in(winking to bhaiyaa), am i right bhaiyyaa
Her bhaiyaa again claps and says :yaa yaa
Piya ‘s mouth opens and she starts beating abhay with a pillow kept there.
Her bhaiyaa also joins them
Abhay(laughing): you both brother sister will kill me.

On the other hand :
In a room sitting on a bed rhidhimaa is holding the flower that she plucked for abhay and to which armaan scolded her thinking about armaan .she suddenly gets to know what she s doing and tries to throw the flower but something stops her. Her inner sense
She says(shocked at herself) : whats happening to me , why i am not able to throw memories of armaan…..
Ishq ne rakha hai dil me kadam
Par dil ise kaise jan le
Jab dil main koi aur basa
Kaise kisi aur ko apna maan le .
Abhay, piya ka bachpan ka sweet pyar ,
Aur rhidhimaa ke dil me abhay , armaan ko lekar takrar
Kaise sulghega ye dil ka dil pe waar.
Spoiler: rhidhimaa , armaan fight and abhay , piya memorize their childhood together.

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  2. Awsomeeeeee. ….. Waiting …. Piya ….. Keep going ….. I am always there to read fanaah there ishq mein

  3. Hey piya sorry aftr today I WIL not able to comment as net pack is over …. But sure if I recharge I WIL come and comment for u …. Dnt stop writing …. PLZ ….

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