FANAAH tere ishq mein (Intro)


Hey guys , i am writing this as I have read about PKYEK but not seen it so I have changed the plot and its not same except for the concept as it will be boring to read the same story.And yaa i will only be able to post on weekends. So , the characters are:
RHIDHIMA: SHE is a cute college girl studying in second year. She is an expert in classical dancer. She is engaged to her childhood love cum senior abhay. Her theory” I can do anything for the person whom I trust, even die.”
PIYA:SHE is a girl living in new York. She is returning INDIA and is an expert in singing but doesn’t show her talent. She loves her family a lot. She is hiding a secret .cousin sister of rhidhima. Her theory” love is just a way to ruin your enemy, nothing else.”
ABHAY: a boy next door,he believes in living life to its fullest . is engaged to his friend whom he considers the only person for whom he can do anything. His theory” we only get life one ‘s so we should live it fully”
ARMAAN: he is a mysterious boy who always seems to hide something . he has a big secret. His theory , actually he doesn t have a theory because he never lives life .

Rest characters are abhay s parents “ Mr. Chand raichand, Mrs noor raichand “.
Piya s parents “ Mr. Prem dobriyal , Mrs sugandha dobriyal
Rhidhima s parents “Mr arnab dobriyal ,” Mrs madhu dobriyal.
Arman mother ( his father Mr raj singhania has died) Mrs priyambata singhania .
ARMAAN bhaiya and bhabhi Mr ram singhania and Mrs rina singhania.

Rest characters are the protongists friends and villains . you will know them later.

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  1. Nice intro piyali dear…keep it up…plzz continue. .

  2. Hey piyali , my sweetheart .

    This is my favourite serial , really its my pleasure to read your story dera. The plot is totally changed and it would be interesting to read this story a lot.

    But one thing dear. Is this a vampire story now also or you make it normal love story. Really need to know this .

    Because this is the thing what makes this story really more interesting and mysteriousl. Love u always

    Once a friend always a friend. Well tell us are we friends dear. waiting for ur reply.

    1. yes, nisha its a vampire story and thanks for liking it

      1. i also wanted to tell that yes dear ,we are friends

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