FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 9)


Hey thanks to all my readers but to be honest thanks to the readers who comment as they motivate me to write further and silent readers i know their must be a reason of yours for not commenting so its ok but surely thanks for reading it.
Hey guys( buzz )my one of the readers suggested me long ago that mishkat verma will suit for the role of aniket so picture in cover page is of aniket dobriyal.
And yaa guys all other collage friends of my main leads are imaginary but three are from pyaar ki yeh ek kahani .

Kabir : he’s as he was in the serial , a sweet simple boy and who falls for piya but here after she returns from new York.
Ruhi : she’s piya and rhidhimaa’s childhood friend who studied in same school as them till piya left for new York , after that she and rhidhimaa became best friend ,she calls rhidhimaa as ritz and piya as piyu.
T for Tanushree : she as in serial a jealous girl but here she is also a great classical dancer but not better than our heroine , she used to like abhay but as he was rhidhimaa’s fiancé she had to backout and after that kabir but at that time he was not interested in girls ,now she’ll like armaan but will hate piya as she would feel that armaan , piya are together.

Recap : leep of 30 days.
The episode begins at a girls back is shown . she ‘s standing on a stage wearing lehenga choli of pink and green colour and gajra(bunch of flowers) in her hairs , you can better describe herdress as of gopi of rasleela .
At airport :

piya , mr prem and mrs sugandha are in the parking area of the airport as they just landed in india and all look really excited and happy.
Prem : i am so happy ,we are back .
Sugandha: yaa , but where are bhaiyaa , bhabhi
Piya : they may not be able to come as its a surpize for rhidhimaa ….
A voice comes from back stoping piya: why we will not come.
Piya turns with a huge smile and says : taya , tayiji .
She goes and hugs them . prem and sugandha smile . then their is a family reunion as everyone happily hug each other .
Piya : rhidhimaa….

Madhu understanding what piya wants to ask says: collage.
Piya (a little worried) : collage started.
Madhu : oh god piya , we can think about studies later and today is only a function type day and she has to give her kathak performance .
Piya (in relief) : oh , so i am going.
Arnab : where?
Piya : collage
Arnab: but how you’ll go , you cannot enter without ID card .
Piya (to prem) : papa ,where are my documents ( to arnab) i can go for admission after all i am the topper of my collage .
Madhu : but first come home….
Piya (innocently): no tayiji , i have to see my sisters performance , please
Arnab ( smiling): but how you’ll get the way .
Piya : i will tell the name of the collage to the taxi driver , now please let me go , pleaseeeeee.
Everyone give permission and she knowing boards an auto and arnab , madhu , sugadha and prem see it .
Madhu : means she has not changed , i thought this time she ‘’s urely board a taxi but again auto.
Sugandha ( a little bit tensed) : and she has not even come out of shocked.
Arnab to lighten the mood : lets talk later , a storm will soon arrive with rhidhimaa so lets go home to prepare for that.
All laugh and comply.
In collage:
Abhay is sitting in music room playing guitar and suddenly guari comes to him and says : rhidhimaa ‘ s dance is about to start come fast.
Abhay : thanks for telling me , if i would not come, she would have killed me.
They go.

In auditorium :
The girl turns , its rhidhimaa looking very very pretty in her lehenga. She smiles seeing abhay there and the music starts NAGADA SANG DHOL BAJE .
She gives a thunderous semi classical performance on the song and in between piya comes and stands at the end to see her performance , but its not enough rhidhimaa excluding abhay see two similar faces in the crowd one is piya she recognizes but other she thinks and thinks and reaches a conclusion , its armaan , isn’t it but when she turns to take round armaan disappears but piya doesn’t . rhidhimaa to herself while dancing: am i dreaming in day , how can armaan and piya be here . i have to see.

When her performance ends she directly without changing runs from the dressing room and runs in the crowd of students who all are praising her while abhay thinks she ‘s coming to hug him she passes him and hugs piya who was a little behind abhay.
Abhay turns to see and finds piya while he eyes her shocked (to see her in india), angry(as rhidhimaa ran to her) , happy(to see her back) . collectively he eyes her with varied confused emotions.

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