FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 8)


Recap : piya tops her collage and tells everybody that she’s going . rhidhimaa gets to know its armaan s birthday

The episode starts with rhidhimaa s mischievous smile and she brings a plate in front of armaan . Armaan is shell shocked to see his birthday cake by rhidhimaa . Its a Maggie cake and the Maggie is in oval shape and is put like a piece of yellow cake.
Armaan : rhidhimaa , is that a cake?

Rhidhimaa(with a huge smile) : yaaaaa armaan , just cut it.
Armaan : how did you make it ?
Rhidhimaa (in teasing manner) : yaa , making Maggie is a rocket science naa .
Armaan gives her a i don’t care look and cuts the cake and makes rhidhimaa eat it . rhidhimaa again has a mischivious smile on her face . she makes armaan eat it saying : birthday boy should not only eat it…..
And then she suddenly picks other piece and tries to rub it on armaan s face and a big lump almost goes into armaan s nose .

Rhidhimaa sees it afterwards and gives a sorry look but seeing him boiling with anger and that lump in his nose she bursts out laughing .
Armaan(angrily) : you are gone
He runs behind him , they both run on bed , couch .
Ishq bulava janne kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab ave
Mein taa kol tere raina
Mein taa kol tere raina
Mein taa betha kol tere..
Rhidhimaa takes a pillow and hits armaan and armaan takes it off and stops running behind rhidhimaa and stares her, rhidhimaa also turn and sees him happily.
Tainu takda ravan
Baton pe teri hasda ravan
Pagal mein khud nu bananda rawan
Tun hasdi rawen mein hasanda rawan
Tenu takda rawan…
Armaan suddenly laughs seeing her happily laughing. Rhidhimaa s smile fades and she says ‘ armaan always keep laughing”
Armaan :tum bach nahi sakti aise kehke.
He starts to run behind her again.

Ajeeb rangan di tu hai badi
Lagge alag hi jaan di
Ajeeb rangan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jaan di
Armaan catches her from back side of her waist and rhidhimaa laughs seeing towards him and he again stares her.
Aee to nazaran nazaran di gal ve
Tu vi sun le zara
Main ta kol tere raina
Main ta kol tere raina
Main ta baitha tere kol…
Armaan realizes of their closeness and leaves her and rhidhimaa tells him to wash his face . he says : i ‘ll not leave you next time.
He then goes towards washroom and she sits their on sofa . he turna and sees her eating Maggie.
Tainu takda rawan

Baton pe teri hasda rawan.
Pagal mein khud nu banaonda rawan
Tun hasdi rawan , mein hasaonda rawan
Tenu takda rawan(x2
In hotel:
Abhay gets conscious and remembers what happened last night .
Abhay: are you all guys mad , no one even bothered to wake me up .
Rishabh : leave it abhay lets go to search rhidhimaa.
Abhay: how can i leave it.
Gauri : listen abhay , you can punish us later but now it is important to search rhidhimaa , please.
They all leave in the bus on the same route through which they came.
On road :
Rhidhimaa is in car with armaan .she’s guiding him the way to hotel and rhidhimaa sees the bus a little ahead of them coming in the same direction.
Rhidhimaa: bus , armaaan
She points towards the direction of bus and armaan stops the car . she gets out of the car happily and says to armaan : what happened why are you not getting out. I want you to meet abhay and his friends.

Armaan : you go and bring them here.
Rhidhimaa: as you wish
She walks on the road and towards the bus and stops the bus . she gets inside and eyes abhays all friends angrily. Abhay is siting in a corner distraught and rhidhimaa smiles and says: abhay.
Abhay(happily) : rhidhimnaa
They both hug but suddenly they both fall on the three person sitter seat of the bus and laugh.
Rhidhimaa: happy birthday ., let me show you armaan , my new friend , he only saved me from snow.
Abhay ( he feels ignored) : who?
Rhidhimaa pulls him by hands and takes him on road but to her surprise there’s no one .
Rhidhimaa(in tension ) : armaan , where’ s he?
Abhay : leave him , we can meet him later but now i have to punish them all , they left you , if armaan was not there i can’t even imagine what would have happened.
Rhidhimaa doesn’t listen to his words but keeps looking at the direction where armaan ‘s car was standing.
After 30 days :

A big collage is shown and a girl dressed in lehenga choli type dress ‘s backside is scene.

Precap: piya , rhidhimaa s meet .

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  1. Wow thank u …. Such a wonderful story …. PLZ confirm who r pairs ?? U said there r 4 maineads in the previous epi …. So PLZ tel me no …. And dnt evr PLZ stop it … I am reading regularly though not able to comment due to network prob

  2. DEVGA thank you dear , your are the one commenting daily so thanks and yaa the pairs are for sure
    abhay -piya and
    the serial dil mil gaye and pyar ki yeh ek kahani pairs dear
    and yaa in my intro also it is clear these 4 are main leads
    i am sorry i could not upload abhay piya scenes because till now they didn’t meet but tomorrow onwards you’ll find their scenes too .
    thanks for motivating me for the time i am not stoping it thanks again

  3. hey piyali … i read ur ff regularly… story line is awesome…plz continue writing

  4. Ok …. Thanks piya…… Oh so abhay ridhima r not pair ?? Ok now I am cleared …. Good going yaar continue ….

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