FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 7)


Hey guys , firstly i thought i thought I should continue though there are less readers but now i feel no one even read my FF because there was only a single comment , guys i’ll continue for few days but if no one is reading whats the point to write so i am feeling to not write it , if you want me to write , please tell me or else i’ll stop it.

Picture is cover page is of mr.chand and mrs noor raichand , abhay s parents.
Devga dear, its nothing like that 4 of them are main leads and soon you’ll get to know about abhay too , if i continue.

Recap: armaan is a vampire and piya in college.
The episode begins with piya telling kriya(you can imagine kriya to be misha of pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ) : i also have a surprise for you.
Kriya : hey , don’t do that , just tell me now ,i ‘ll surely die till princi tells all the results and you are telling me you’ll tell after his whole lecture ends , no.
Piya remembers that when in childhood she planned a surprise for rhidhimaa abhay told her: arre yar , atleast tell me or i’ll die till that rhidhimaa comes here and sees her surprise .
Piya s eyes sparkle at his memory but suddenly kriya gets her out of her memories and says moving her hands in front of piya s eyes: please yar tell me
Piya : i’ll tell you later see miss is watching us , please sit down.
Kriya suddenly turns to see two eyes full of anger staring her and sits on her seat.

After some time:

The result session begin and principal gives his speech and then says: the child to top this year in first year is none other that piya dobriyal.
Everyone applauds for piya and her face has a huge smile and she runs towards stage . Teachers indicate her to come on the stage and she does that .

The principal gives her a trophy and announces that she’ll get full scholarship for her next 3 years in collage but piya intervenes(and he allows her to take mike and she says): sir i don’t need this scholarship , but i would love if it is given to some child who is capable of coming in this elite collage but cannot due to his /her family background, i am even leaving this collage as i have to go back to india permanently so its of no use to me .
The principal agrees to her and declares that this scholarship will be added in needy children’s scholarship fund .

Kriya who was happy till now gets shocked hearing piya is going to india permanently . when piya gets there kriya runs outside saying: was this you surprise .
Piya understands now only that if she’s going to meet her friends in india she will have to leave people in new York and that s not a good news for them.
She runs behind kriya to appologise and finds her in garden along with other children, they all are looking towards her angrily except for kriya who is turned.(actually kriya was the best friend of piya in new York)

Piya (holding her ears and almost about to cry) : sorry guys i am really sorry , i am so much selfish , i forgot about you all sorry , but i have to leave , we’ll be in touch , its not the old time we can contact each other anytime sorry .

Her friends hug her one by one and give her good wishes but she waits for kriya who doesn’t even turn her face.
When everyone goes she hugs kriya tightly from back and kriya says(with moist eyes) agar mujse har roz bat nahi kin a to ……
Kriya shows her a punch to which piya who was crying smiles .
Then they start to go when a teacher calls piya and says : you are such a brilliant child , i hope you always remain happy wherever you are .
Piya says: thank you ma’am
Then piya and kriya decide to make these 30 days memorable and leave to enjoy.

In farmhouse:
Rhidhimaa wakes up but she doesn’t find armaan anywhere in her sight.
She searches here and there but doesn’t find him , she comes near the couch and sees his wallet , sh picks it up and when she opens it , she finds his id card in front.
She sees something in it and her mouth opens , then she sees armaan coming with two cups of coffee and keeps the wallet.
Armaan comes to her and says: coffee ?
Rhidhimaa giving him an angry stare like a child says : no
Rhidhimaa then goes to kitchen instructing him not to come there as she’s really angry and bomb can expload there.
Armaan is left confused .
After some time:
rhidhimaa comes to armaan still angry and says : today is your birthday armaan?
Armaan s mouth opens due to tension and he thinks: how can she know , did she listen to me yesterday night , no…..
While he’s thinking she says: don’t think too much i read it in your ID card .
Armaan gives a relief sign.
Armaan to cover up says: sorry , i don’t wanted to tell yu that that would make you remember abhay( and now like she spoke at night imitating her) and that would make you cry na .
Rhidhimaa smiles at his imitating and says : i have made acake for you.
Armaan : but there’s no material for cake .
Rhidhimaa(giving a mischievous smile): wait and watch.
The episode ends at her smiling face.

Hey guys please tell me if you want me to stop writing.

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  1. I think his wife name was haseena raichand

    1. i know her name was hassena but i just didn’t remember it while writing intro so i wrote it noor , something new. and thanks to all of you.

  2. nooo yaar its awesome i like urs very much dere might be some silent readers who dont cmnt ur ff plzzz dont stop

  3. Yr your ff is awesome I m a silent reader nd many r silent reader I have read each nd every episode of your ff but plz make these 4 met once

    1. it will soon happen but the fact is only that i am feeling demotivated dear , but i’ll try not to and continue my FF

  4. Plz do write for at least few oc us its nt bcoz ppl dont read it its bcoz ur ff is not so popular as other nyways u plz continue fr us n yaa dare will b many silent readers who don’t comment

  5. not to feel demotivated and continue my FF and guys next epiosode is uploaded , please tell if any quieries

  6. Awesome cake preparation ….


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