FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 6)


Hiiii, silent readers pleaseeeeee comment ,i am feeling demotivated.
Picture in the cover page is of mrs priyambata singhania ,armaan’s mother.
Recap : armaan and rhidhimaa ‘s care for each other , abhay’ s a vampire.
The episode starts with the same time 3:00 a.m. in armaan s farm house . rhidhimaa is now fast asleep but armaan in awake ,he suddenly stands up from the couch and goes near the only window in the house and removes the curtains , moonlight falls on his face and suddenly he starts to develop fangs and nails(sorry guys i know my description is not good but i’ll try my best to give good description) and then he sees his face in the window and gets shocked , he moves away from the window step wise but suddenly gets hit my the bed on which rhidhimaa is lying . He turns and sees rhidhimaa asleep. He controls himself and does the curtains again and his fangs and nails disappear . Now he thinks to himself standing near the window: I knew this , this is my truth , i saw what i am in my dreams but i couldn’t believe it in dreams but it came true today , how can it come true it was just a dream .

He then sees towards rhidhimaa and goes near her and says to her while she s asleep(he’s crying) : you wanted to know why am i rude , because i am not a human , from the time i understood life my dreams haunted me , my dreams are not dreams they are nightmares , sometimes i see myself running behind a girl whom i don’t know and her face is never there , sometimes i see creatures like vampires, werewolves and sometimes i saw myself in those looks , i had so many questions in my mind , always an old man came in my dreams and guided me that the person born on the day i was born is special , he ‘s a vampire and my birthday is also today rhidhimaa , when a person born on this date gets 21 years he gets special powers , i was told this by him and today i got to know my powers , i am a vampire , in my dream yesterday he told me that i ‘ll get my answers here in kosni but i got you rhidhimaa , i got you , maybe its coincidence or maybe its our fate but i can never see you hating me because of my true self , i’ll never be your friend rhidhimaa never ever . He’s continuously crying while saying all this and all the night he keeps staring at rhidhimaa .

Next day in New York:
Piya is coming inside a collage and goes inside the gate , she goes to an auditorium type of place and takes a seat.there are many children of her age. The principal is on the stage and she joins her hand in a praying look and says: please god , give me the result of my hard work this year .
Suddenly a girls keeps hand on her forehead and says: tumhari icha puri hogi bachaaa (your wish will come true child)
She looks Indian from her looks and also her accent while speaking hindi.
Piya :you know how much i am tensed for result kriya .
Kriya: i know but please now listen to princi ‘s annoucement , you’ll surely top , padako(studious).
Piya(smiling) : yaa , lets see ,i also have to give you a surprise .
The episode ends on piya s smiling face .

Precap : RHIDHIMAA gives a childish angry look to ARMAAN . PIYA ‘s friends and teachers tell her that they’ll miss her.

Guys if you don’t understand anything please tell me for sure.

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  1. Not at all piya ur description is very nice …. Ya thank u for telling tht he is a vampire….. And so sad for abhay nd armaan ….. Hooo 🙁 poor guys ….

    Do abhay get these dreams ?? PLZ yar do explain something abt abhay also …

    Only one doubt …. Who is the main male lead of ur story dear ??? Frm beginning u showed only armaan mostly but abhay nd ridhima are lovers right ?

  2. no devga armaan get these dreams but there is no main male lead , all 4 of them are important but the fact is abhay and piya have not met anybody till now so their scenes are short and please don’t feel that armaaan or rhidhimaa is main, and yaa i’ll surely expain about abhay in later episodes but for the time its about armaan .
    thanks dear for reading myFF continously ,thanks again

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