FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 5)


Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . I know you all would have thought that I stopped writing or something but Its not like that sorry as I told you my exams so I was preparing for them so couldn’t write but now I am free so I’LL surely try to write 2-3 in a day and if you are angry you can give me any punishment but please do forgive me as i don’t feel good if someone is ever angry with me so please sorry and if you have forgot the story line i ‘ll give links to my previous updates through a comment again sorry .
I have a question someone suggested me mishkat verma(kabir of NAUS) to be as aniket so please tell me if he suit?

Picture in cover page is of mr arnab dobriyal and mrs madhu dobriyal , parents of rhidhimaa and aniket.

Recap : rhidhimaa , armaan going to sleep , abhay unconscious and piya waking up from sleep.
The episode starts with piya crying and hugging sugandha , sugandha is consoling her .
Piya thinks in mind(still crying): i am sorry mom, i never lied to you but yaa i still have hidden something from you, but i have to do this to save bhaiyaa , i would have saved bhaiyaa that time but i couldn’ t but when he gets fine i can atleast save him then .
She then separates from her mother who also has tears in her eyes seeing her daughter crying . piya rubs those tears and says( now composing herself) ; maa , you are the one who consoles me and you only started crying. My cute dabang (she calls sugandha ) should not become a rondhu pushpa(she calls her when she cries) like me.

Sugandha smiles seeing her normal again and again hugs her and says: never cry my child , we should be always strong and now when we are going you can make your bhaiyaa fine.
Piya gives her a thumbs up and then sugandha leaves making piya sleep.
In armaan farmhouse :

While they both are sleeping suddenly rhidhimaa wakes up and sees armaan sleeping . she checks time and sees its 2:00 a.m. she gets up and goes near armaan and sits beside him while he is sleeping and says: armaan ,i don’t know why you are behaving rudely but I know that you are not the person what you are showing me because a type of person you are becoming in front of me would never help a stranger and do everything she wants but armaan I am sorry I want to wish abhay birthday and I am going for that , i know that we may never meet after this but i am sure i ‘ll always want that you remain happy in you life.

She has tears in her eyes while saying these words and she doesn’t see when a tear roles down from her eyes and reaches armaan s checks . she gets up and goes out towards the gate . when she opens the gate cold breezes flow inside the house and she starts shivering . she tries to walk in the snow but listens to a angry loud voice behind her : rhidhimaaaa !

She gets afraid and turns and sees armaan who drags her inside saying : are you mad , if something happens to you in this snow what will happen to me .
Rhidhimaa (she doesn’t pay heed to the deepness of words he has said and in a frienghtened tone says): sorry armaan ! i didn’t did it purposely ( thinks for a second ) and says in a worried : i have a disorder of sleep walking.

Armaan ( in a angry tone): mai to pagal hun na? (i am mad?) can’t i understand the difference between sleep walking and normal walking.( and he turns his face away giving an angry look)
Rhidhimaa: sorry armaan ! acha ab mein kaan pagad ke uthak bethak karu?( ok , do you want me to do sit-ups holding my ears?) she says it holding he rears
Armaan whose face is still turned looks slitly towards her and gives a childish angry looks and nod yes .
Rhidhimaa gives a shocked look while opening her mouth( she didn’t expected it)
She starts doing sit up s and after 2 only he smiles jokingly and says: i just don’t want to get in a police case.
Rhidhimaa starts beating him lightly and says : gande( bad)
They then again go to sleep and rhidhimaa promises him not to trouble him again.
In the hotel
The wall watch shows that its 2:55 a .m.
Abhay is lying unconscious and his friends are around him
Rishabh: now what , if we wake him up he’ll go to search rhidhimaa .
Gauri: but rhidhimaaa, if she would be in snow.
Mohit(abhay s friend) : she isn’t mad , she would have taken shelter somewhere.
They are talking but now the watch shows that its 3:00 a.m.
Moonlight enters where abhay is lying unconscious and suddenly he develops fangs(long teeth) and his nails grow , abhay is still lying unconscious but now if somebody sees him he’ll also get unconscious as his face is really changed . his friends didn’t notice it as they were talking and gauri sees the window through which moonlight is coming and sees snow fall and says: i am afraid seeing this snow cover, if something happens to rhidhimaa.
Rishabh(worried) : then let me do the curtains or you’ll feel more wooried and the curtain closes so does the fanga and nails disappear from abhay . the episode ends on the full moon lookin a little scary.

Guys please tell if you like the episode. Andi’ll i try my best to upload soon.

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  1. can you please give link of your previous ffs

  2. Very nice interesting … Omg it means is he an animal ….. No I can’t tolerate this …. Hope abhay and ridhima meet soon …… Feeling sorry for abhay ….

    1. sorry devga hes not an animal but a vampire , i think y description is not good so you didn’t understood sorry

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