FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 44)

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The competition is still on , those who don’t know about the competition , here’s the description:
, i would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 3 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.

On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters has already started and will go on till 48th post and only three characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.
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Abhay -1
Piya -1
Jasminerahul – Thanks a lot dear , actually dear , Ii suppose you forgot , I mentioned her in my extreme starting episodes , she’s a jealous friend of Rhidhimaa who liked Abhay but couldn’t get him due to Rhidhimaa , then when Armaan entered she liked him but seeing Piya-Armaan talking at all sometimes (They talked only about Rhidhima or class) She thought that there’s something between them thats why she said that…secondly more than friendship means , she considers him close to her but not love….thanks a lot again for reading..sorry for making you wait soooo much…love you…be happy…

Blossom: thanks a lot dear , oh I hope dii’s back now and you too haven’t forgotton me though I deserve to be forgotten , my delays but exams…I just ended with them…please forgive me…yup , dear there was never something between Armaan-Piya but they did talk sometimes due to Rhidhimaa and so Tanushree misunderstood them (As Armaan never talked to anyone in Collage) , and Yup , I had introduced T long back and she liked Armaan since his first day , hope I cleared your confusion , thanks alot for wishes , I am really worried for my result , here are the links to Swara aur Ragini (Still have to upload it) ,
Its a bit down , please scroll down for it , Love happy…

Lets move to the episode.
Episode 44:
“ I don’t love Abhay and I don’t….” Piya walked out of the room angrily.
Rhidhimaa still smiled , “ Your eyes say something else while Mouth something completely different……..Just Like Abhay………”
“ Maa..Abhay’s parents are coming today?” Piya asked as she came down and saw the hall in much perfection unlike the routine and also realizing that this was the reason for Rhidhimaa to come to her room.

“ Yes…Rhidhimaa didn’t told you? She told me she’ll…Get ready , they’ll be here anytime…” Sugandha said with a not so happy look , she was feeling bad for Rhidhimaa in spite the fact that Rhidhimaa herself wasn’t feeling bad.
Piya nodded unwillingly while on the way she got Rhidhimaa who was smiling at her , “ I decided your dress , its beautiful , you’ll like it for sure…” Rhidhimaa said while Piya passed her some glares and then went to her room without speaking a word.

“ Welcome Mr and Mrs. Raichand…” Said Prem as he looked at them coming in , Chand and Noor smiled at him. All the family members were present in the hall except Piya , Rhidhimaa looked towards Abhay , then lowered her eyes , their relationship was only going to turn complicated.

Noor looked at her lowered eyelashes and went towards Rhidhimaa , she caressed Rhidhimaa’s head , “ I know beta , you need to face a lot because of …I don’t even know whom to blame but somewhere are son too is responsible so … sorry…”
Rhidhimaa raised her face and smiled , “ Aunty , I am serious , you know me , I don’t lie , I am happy…” She said with a cute innocent smile while Noor too smiled.
“ Please have a seat…” Said Madhu while Mr. And Mrs. Raichand complied.
Piya descended down from nowhere , In a simple dress , Rhidhimaa turned hearing footsteps and seeing her in that dress was confused , “ Why she hasn’t worn the one I kept?” Rhidhimaa thought confused.

“ Maa , I am going to collage…” Piya said passing a sharp glare to Abhay who was listening to her quite perplexed.
“ But Beta…” Sugandha was saying when Noor suddenly said , “ Yaa Piya , studies are really important , I know you are a topper so missing collage for all this.. .no , so … Bye…” Piya smiled at her and left the room.
“ Learn something Abhay…” Said Noor to Abhay who looked towards her with a ‘Mom’ Look.

“ Actually , we came here just for formalities , If Abhay –Piya love each other than I think we should get them engaged , as in if we delay , our problems will increase , Abhay-Rhidhimaa engagement has taken place already so it will create more fuss ..” Chand said while the Dorbriyal’s nodded.
“ Toh Uncle , lets get them engaged on coming Sunday…everything perfect….” Rhidhimaa interrupted , everyone looked at her shocked as she said so , Sunday was just after 2 days.
“ So Early…” Arnab said tensed.
“ I’ll make arrangements , afterall My Best friend and Sister are getting engaged..” Rhidhimaa said smiling while Abhay looked at her.

“ Best friend , My Foot…” He said under his breath.
“ Ok , then everything will happen as per Rhidhimaa…” Said Prem caressing Rhidhimaa’s head while she smiled.
The families went on to discuss further while Rhidhimaa slipped out of the place and called Piya who was now in the collage corridor , “ Engagement on Sunday haan…” Rhidhimaa said in a teasing tone.

Piya was shocked , “ So early?” She asked while Rhidhimaa smiled , “ So what , it had to take place someday so after 2 days…I am so excited…” Rhidhimaa replied while Piya was in tension.
“ Ok…Will talk later…” Piya said cutting the call.
“ This Abhay…I don’t know what he is upto…” Piya said angrily as she stamped her foot hard on the floor and walked to her class.
“ Noor what are you planning?” Asked chand as the Raichand’s were sitting in their home.
“ Yes Mom , the way you were behaving with Rhidhimaa and Piya…” Abhay asked knowing that his mom was upto something.
“ Beta, we need to break this alliance later , we need to behave nicely now so that no one doubts us…” Noor said with a smile while Abhay understood what she meant.

“ I don’t know what we are doing , I feel you and Piya….Premar and Vedanshi are made for each other but still we need to do this….” Noor said as she left Abhay in deep thinking.

“ Is My connection to Piya that , that strange feeling due to me being Premar and she being Vedanshi?” He questioned himself , then wiped off the thoughts only to concentrate on his current mission to break his and Piya’s so called Alliance at any cost.
Ok , I know this one’s short even after 2 months break but I have a reason , that is that I have decided to cover a certain portion of my story in one episode so this episode had only this much cover , please forgive me for my delay but my exams were on my head , thats why…Love you all…be happy….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    riddhima is taking initiative to unite abhiya.she even wants a sudden engagement for abhiya I guess.engagement so soon.noor is confusing. wonder what her plan is

    1. Piyali

      Thanks a lot dear ,yup , well Noor’s plan is only to break the engagement in her own way and solve some unsolved mystery’s…thanks a lot again…Love you…be happy…

  2. Hi I am back after a gap of 2 months. Ok My complain is that the epi is so short but it’s okay no probs. Gud but show some Abhiya nd Ridmaan scenes. Sry the cmt is late coz the wifi got repaired in r house

    1. Piyali

      Hello dii…so happy to see you here , thanks a lot , I am really happy that you didn’t forget me , please forgive me for my delay , please , and short update , actually it had a reason dii , I have decided to cover a particular portion of my story in an episode thats why , infact I may end this ff till 60th episode , please forgive me for short update , will try to add AbhIya and RidhMaan scenes…thanks a lot dii….please don’t say sorry…Love you…Be happy..

  3. Hiiiii back after a long time. Ugh… This wifi it had to go repaired just yesterday. It is a miracle I survived today. So how was ur exams. Hope u come put with flying colors. Okay coming to the epi complaint is it is a bit short but I will give u a punishment. U shud update the nxt epi fast that’s ur punishment. Just kidding. Update whenever u have time. 1 question r u a swara fan or a ragini fan or a swaragini fan. I know I must ask u this question in ur swaragini ff but will u mind answering here

    1. Piyali

      Hello dear , so happy seeing you back , My exams were……I had some amazing result in Pre-boards but my mains exams were the worst thing that could ever happen to me…still praying that I get good marks but worried too, you too must be having some exams na?? How were they? I can’t promise but I may actually update a bit faster than before so maybe punishment taken………sorry for the short update , as I told above too , have decided to coer a pre decided part in one chapter so I’ll go according to it……well in swaragini case I am a complete Swaragini loved but in couple matter something about RagSan attracts me the most than other couples…..I don’t know the reason , other swaragini couples , SwaLak/RagLak/SwaSan stand at the same place , no problem you can ask me anything anytime…I have posted Swara and Ragini too , now upon tu team , sorry the link isn’t a working one , do you want links again? Waiting for your reply…Love happy…

      1. Don’t worry b positive. U will get gud marks in exam. My exams were gud. The paper was easy. Sooooooo RagSan fan? No probs. Found the ff

    2. Piyali

      Yup , trying to be positive but can’t help worrying…thanks for the support , happy your exams were good…yup , indeed a RagSanian….happy you found it….

  4. Finally u updated….I was happy after reading the update but since I came to know that u will end the story in 60th update i can’t help but feel sad….plz it has a great storyline …don’t end it so soon…plz one request…want some abhiya scenes..plz update soon…can’t wait to read more

    1. Piyali

      Hey dear , happy seeing you back…..dear please don’t feel that , I said 60th episode and then 2 epilogues too , it will still be around 20 more chapters , don’t worry…..please don’t feel sad….I am happy you like my storyline…thanks alot , for sure , will give some AbhIya scenes once they fit in the story , promise…I’ll try to update soon…working on other ff’s currently….Love you…be happy…

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