FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 43)

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The competition is still on , those who don’t know about the competition , here’s the description:
, i would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 3 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.
On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters has already started and will go on till 48th post and only three characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.
So please vote guys , here are the votings till now:
Abhay -1
Piya -1

Jasminerahul : Thanks a lot for such a sweet comment dear , well I saw the video , its really amazing , I must say the one who made it put in a lot of efforts , loved it yaar , now you are making me feel the same , that Vivian-Jennifer should work together………seriously , thanks a lot for such a sweet comment , lets see what more turns their friendship takes………love you……be happy…….
Aliya dii:Oh God dii , are you serious??? I am feeling really sad but I can understand , studies and all are really important……..I hope you rock in your life in future…….thanks alot for your support till now…….God Bless you……..Love you… happy…….
Riya sharma :Aww , you know you are really making me feel so happy , thanks a lot lot lot for such a beautiful comment dear , it really means a lot for the one like me , Don’t worry all your demands will be fulfilled soon but fast updates , I don’t think so , Myself a 9th grader , I can’t take up my whole time in writing na thats why……so sorry dear , please forgive me……..for the late update as well…….please understand , love you alot…….be happy……
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Episode 43:
Rhidhimaa kept looking at him going as her finger was bleeding.
A beautiful friendship broken by the bad play of destiny…what else will destiny snatch from them?
Abhay stopped his car after covering some distance.
“ What am I doing? Hurting everyone , everyone…..” He said as blood tears started flowing down her eyes.
He tried wiping his tears , when he looked towards his hand , he saw blood. He looked at his hand while more tears of blood started flowing down his cheeks.
“ This Blood , it is what runs in the veins of every human being and this is the blood which kills our thirst, it is the reason for us vampire’s as well as human’s survival still I hate it , I hate it , I hate this Blood , I hate it….” He said throwing it on his car floor.
“ No matter I am a Vampire….No Matter I am a blood sucking monster….but I hate this blood , I won’t touch it ever in my life……..ever , I’ll live like a human , though you snatched my world from me God but I’ll not snatch any of your precious thing from you , nothing……..” He started his car again while his tears kept flowing down his cheeks.

Rhidhima entered back the house and started climbing the stairs looking towards her hand and thinking about Abhay , “ I never loved you Abhay but still you meant something to me , infact something much more….” She thought with tears.
“ Rhidhimaa……” A voice suddenly alarmed her and she looked towards the source of the sound which was from above the stairs.
“ I knew it , you didn’t go to take water but to meet Abhay….right??” Piya asked as Rhidhimaa reached up to her , Piya eyes suddenly fell on the cut in her finger.
“ What happened? Abhay did it , he is a complete Jungli Billa…..I’ll not leave him , let me bring first aid….” Piya said leaving her while Rhidhimaa looked towards her going.
“ Love and its games………..You never believed in Love Piya , today you love Abhay so much that you know much more about him than I do…..” Rhidhimaa said smiling.
Piya came back with the first aid and started applying it in Rhidhimaa’s cut , “ Tell me na , Abhay did it??” Piya asked while Rhidhimaa nodded in a ‘No’.
“ No Piya , it happened by mistake , you have applied first aid na , now go to your room and sleep , Abhay has to come tomorrow na….” Rhidhimaa said holding her face smiling.
Piya nodded and went to her room followed by Rhidhimaa who went to her own room.

“ My whole plan to create rift between them spoiled , they both seriously weren’t affected at all by what all happened , infact Abhay-Piya are getting married….” A girl said to herself while she banged something kept on a side table.
The room is dark but suddenly she turns on the lamp and her face is revealed , its T uff Tanushree.
She sits on her bed and thinks worried , “ But I have Won in getting Piya away from Armaan…….As Piya is away from Armaan now My way is clear but what to do of Rhidhimaa , she is the biggest problem for the time….”
Armaan sat on his bed as he examined some files , “ Abhay’s birth seems to be absolutely normal , I need to go in more detail , he is surely hiding something , I am sure about it…..” Armaan thought to himself.
Armaan searched some more documents that he collected from various sources regarding the information about Abhay and sat up whole night searching them.

The first orange hued rays of sunrise kissed the sky and filled half of the world with light , Rhidhimaa woke up smiling , “ A new beginning , a new day in my life……” Rhidhimaa said to herself.
“ Today I am gonna break an important relationship but I promise , it will be best for everyone……..”
“ Rhidhimaa , wake up we have to go to colla………” Piya came to Rhidhimaa’s room but seeing her sitting on bed gets shocked. She smiled and walked towards the window and tried seeing something.
“ What are you doing??” Rhidhimaa asked confused.
“ Sun has rose from the right place , still you awake…..” Piya said looking at her with naughtiness in her eyes.
Rhidhimaa laughed and then pulled Piya on bed along with her while Piya fell on the cushions and both of them laughed.
“ Actually today I have to make you Abhay’s princess na so woke up early…….I’ll be free from him….” Rhidhimaa said smiling while Piya smile vanished as she heard her.
“ Rhidhimaa….today…….we have to go to college…..I am not getting married to him today….” Piya said standing up trying to speak calmly but anger audible in her voice.
“ Oh-Ho , why are you getting angry………I am not getting you married today but……” Rhidhimaa said standing up and holding Piya shoulder who pushed her hands down her shoulders and walked forward , she turned back and looked at Rhidhimaa.
“ People say I am more mature but I suppose they should see this , how mature you are Rhidhimaa…..” Piya said as tears clustered her eyes.
“ I don’t love Abhay and I don’t….” Piya walked out of the room angrily.
Rhidhimaa still smiled , “ Your eyes say something else while Mouth something completely different……..Just Like Abhay………”

Hello My sweet readers and writers and friends , I just wanted to inform you that I have my exams starting in this month while will go on till the end of March so Ii may not be able to Read your works as well as write my ff’s for a few days , though I’ll try my best to come online to read and write but I may not be able to most of the times , Ii hope you all understand that how important studies are so please forgive me , I promise , whenever I am free I’ll try my best to upload my ff’s but please bear with my delays this time , 9th is really difficult and I really don’t want to be a second comer again like I was before , this time I want to be the first so please pray for me and wait for a while , hope you understand , Love you all……be happy…..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Finally riddhima cleared that she never loved abhay.but it was more than friendship. What is it? Loved abhay saying that he hates blood though he is a vampire and will live like a human being. Will armaan find out about abhay’s truth? Piya is still trying to deny her feelings for abhay while riddhima knows what she feels for abhay.but will riddhima understand abhay’s feelings? So it’s tanushree who tried to create mu btw them.but who is she and what is her intention?piya separated from armaan? What was between armaan piya?I’m confused

  2. U r backkkk. Okay I understand that studies r important. I shud tell u 1 more thing. Di will come back to TU by March.Okay epi is a bit confusing. I understand Tanu is trying to make a rift between them. But sry I really don’t understand piya armaan part. The couples r Abhiya nd ridmaan Ryt? Okay I know u will clear my confusions in the nxt epi. All the best for ur studies. Don’t worry u will get really nice marks in ur exams. Can u send me the link Of swara nd ragini ff. Not able to find it

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