FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 42)

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Reply to riya Sharma: aww thanks a lot for reading those 40 episodes dear , it really means a lot , happy you liked AbhIya moments….thanks a lot again…….Love you……be happy…….
Episode 42:

“ Why the lights are turned on???” She thought as she moved inside and towards the garden.
“ I need to switch them off….” She thought as she walked.
She entered the garden as she saw AbhIya together , in a second she turned her face to the other side.
“ They love each other , I don’t love Abhay…..I can’t come in their way…..I can’t….” Rhidhimma thought to herself as she walked back to the house.
“Abhay , we need to do something , we need to convince everyone that there’s nothing between us , we need to…….we need to find the culprit……please…” Piya said to Abhay still with tears.
Abhay remembered the things that he learned today and said , “ No Piya , we don’t need to prove anything………..” Abhay said with sternness.
“ Abhay……..what are you speaking??” Piya looked at him shocked.
“ I am serious Piya…………..Rhidhimaa doesn’t even trust me a bit……how can I force her with me………” Abhay said showing fake anger.
“ Abhay………” Piya said looking deep into his eyes.
“ I am right Piya , she doesn’t trust me and trust is the core of Love , she doesn’t love me Piya…” Abhay said turning his face to other side.
“ Abhay , how can you do that?? You can’t…..” Piya said coming in front of him.
“ Piya its for her………only for Rhidhimaa….” Abhay said holding her shoulder as he remembered his dark truth.
Piya pushed his hands down , “ What do you want then? That we should accept something that hadn’t happened……we should marry right….we should behave as if we are in love when I don’t even acknowledge that there exists something called love…..” She almost shouted.
Abhay kept a hand at her lips , “ Piya…..I know , we can atleast ACT………” Abhay said as Piya looked at him.
“ But why we need to Abhay……please…..Rhidhimaa loves you……” Piya said as Abhay left her mouth.

“ She doesn’t Piya……………………… you trust me???” Abhay said as he looked deep into her eyes. Piya nodded in a ‘yes’.
“ We’ll act as if we are in love and will refuse later…….all three of us free from this unwanted relation………..” Abhay said as Piya kept looking at him , her heart didn’t want to agree but at the same time her heart wanted to agree , it seemed to be a new beginning but was actually an end.
“ Maa if they both love each other then we need to unite them na….” Rhidhimaa said to Mrs. Madhu dobriyal as Mr. Arnab and she were talking to her.

“ But beta….you love Abhay….and I don’t think that Piya loves him……….she doesn’t even believe in love….” Mr Madhu spoke up holding her face.
“ Maa love doesn’t really wait for beliefs na…it just happens , on its own without caring about anything else……..about anything…..” Rhidhimaa said as she remembered about Armaan.
“ Beta if Piya loves Abhay and Abhay loves Piya then we’ll for sure not come between it but we need to check it all before , you and Abhay are already engaged……we can’t just say to everyone that we broke our one daughter’s relation with a boy and got the other daughter married to him….” Arnab replied as he too caressed Rhidhimaa’s shoulder.
“ Papa , I don’t love Abhay………” Rhidhimaa replied as understood Mr. Dobriyal’s concern.
Mr. Arnab smiled , “ Beta truth can’t be hidden……..”
“ No Papa , I am serious , I feel it all was just a mistake , I just liked my childhood friend and started calling it love……” Rhidhimaa said as she understood Arnab’s hidden fear , the fear that his daughter’s heart would break into pieces seeing her love married to her sister.
“ This is what your sister thinks of our relation?” Abhay asked Piya as they both were standing outside Mr. And Mrs. Arnab Dobriyal’s house.
Piya had asked Abhay to move inside the house and due to the chilling cold outside and while they were moving to Piya’s room they heard some voices from inside and stopped to hear.
“ Abhay what do you mean by your sister??” Piya asked as she looked at him shocked.
Abhay continued to show his anger, “ Piya when she considers me as a mistake…why should I consider her as something……??”

“ Abhay……did you ever love her???” Piya pounced back at him with questions.
Abhay looked at her , deep into her eyes confused what to reply , “ Abhay –Piya , you both here……..together??” A voice shock them both as they looked towards the source of the voice.
“ Maaa……” Piya said as she looked towards Sugandha who was passing through the other side of corridor , listening to the voice ( A little loud) Arnab , Madhu and Rhidhimaa too came out and were shocked to see AbhIya.
Rhidhimaa came and stood next to Piya , “ Are you mad….you both were standing outside happily na then why you came inside??” Rhidhimaa whispered in Piya’s ears. Piya looked at her shocked while Rhidhimaa through actions told her to look in front.
“ Aunty we are sorry , actually we wanted to say this ,we were discussing today and I guess we both agree upon the fact that I am Piya love each other…..” Abhay said having a direct eye-contact with Sugandha.

RiYa looked at Abhay shocked at his words.
Abhay went towards RiYa while Piya became a bit uncomfortable he held Rhidhima’s hand , “ Rhidhimaa I am sorry , I know it feels like I played with you but it isn’t like that at all…….seriously…..I feel like it was a mistake……Just like I liked my childhood friend and thought that I started loving her….”
Rhidhimaa raised her eyes as she heard his last lines , Abhay looked at her sternly while she looked at him worried , “ Abhay I can understand , I was saying the same to Mumma-Papa , don’t worry…..I can understand……I am happy for you both….”
Abhay passed her a fake smile while Madhu caressed his face and smiled , “ I am happy three of you realized it at the right time , if you would have been late then it would have very difficult…”

“ But Prem………” Sugandha said as she was cut by Arnab.
“ Don’t worry…..I’ll convince him….” He said with a smile.
“ Abhay you need to go home……” Piya said in the middle as she looked angrily towards him.
Abhay smiled and nodded , “ I’ll come with the marriage proposal tomorrow….” He said leaving.
“ Mumma-Papa, Piya , Chachi… all sleep we have to work a lot tomorrow…” Rhidhimaa said trying hard to smile but the behaviour of Abhay she witnessed today wasn’t letting her to smile.

“You also sleep….” Piya said trying to avoid eye contact with her.
“ I’ll just come after taking water…” Rhidhimaa said going down the stairs , rest all went to their rooms.
“ Abhay………….” Rhidhimaa said coming from back as Abhay was going to sit in his car.
Abhay turned back and looked at her with anger.
“ Your thing left with me……” Rhidhimaa said handing him the engagement ring.
“ So you broke this relation with much ease…” Abhay replied smiling as he took the ring.
“ So you heard me…..right?” Rhidhima said as she looked at his angry face.
“ Yaa I did……better we both stay away….” Abhay said as he was again about to enter his car.
“ Abhay……I didn’t mean to hurt you…..” Rhidhimaa said stopping the door of car from closing.
“ bBut you did Rhidhimaa……please get out of my way now…..” He said pulling the door which led to a cut in Rhidhimaa’s finger.
“ Ahhhhhhh……” Rhidhimma screamed in pain as she held her finger.
Abhay who had till the time started driving realized it and was lowering the window when he remembered Noor’s words , “ We are blood sucking monsters Abhay………blood sucking monsters…..” He took out from ring from his left hand(Engagement ring) stopping the car and threw it behind on the pavement showing that he lowered the window for the same.

Rhidhimaa kept looking at him going as her finger was bleeding.
A beautiful friendship broken by the bad play of destiny…what else will destiny snatch from them?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Riddhima mu abhiya relationship seeing them 2gether.sad.shocking that abhay decided 2 pretend 2 luv piya to break up with riddhima as riddhima doesnt trust him.I felt sad 4 abhay when Riddhima called their relation a mistake.Finally abhiya lied that they r in luv n Abhay Riddhima broke up.sad bcz it was on the basis of a lie that they broke will Riddhima react when she comes to know d truth once?Last scene of Abhay Riddhima where abhay is asking painfully abour riddi breaking their relation easily was touchy.U know I luv Vivian Jennifer pair after reading wonderful Vivian Jennifer stories written by Sydell.It’s my dream to see them 2gether in a serial.

    watch this video mix of u can-

  2. Nice epi. But feeling sad that abhay nd rids frndship is breaking. Epi was a bit painful. BY the way I am planning to quit TU by the end of this month due to busy schedule. So bye take care

  3. Awesome…u know I am in love wid this story…waiting for abhiya marriage…nd unko unka past kab yaad aayga…one request…plz update regularly…yeh story itni achi hai ki it’s very tough to wait fr updates…update soon

  4. Gud epi one doubt did ridhima realized her love for armaan. Update soon

  5. Plz plz plz update next epi

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