FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 4)


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Recap : armaan , rhidhimaa talk and abhay gets unconscious.
ARMAAN brings two bowls of soup and places one next to rhidhimaa
Rhidhimaa(a bit confused): what , soup, seriously , i thought….
Armaan cuts in between : do you think you’ll get royal food here .
Rhidhimaa : no, but seriously soup ,but i am really hungry so thanks
Armaan : actually , who is this bhaiyaa.
Rhidhimaa: my elder brother , actually I must say, eating soup , don’t believing in love, always serious looking , i should not call you armaan but ‘female piya’.
Armaan : now , who is this piya?
Rhidhimaa: you can say , my lifeline , my world , my happiness , my masakali , my princess and everything for me .
Armaan : can you please explain in a single word?
Rhidhimaa : oh , my sis , she’s just like you. Now tell me something about you.
Armaan(in a serious tone) : armaan ,arman singhania , what else do you want to know .
Rhidhimaa: ok , that means you don’t want to talk to me , but i will for sure talk.
Armaan : yaa speak , miss chaparchapar(talkative) tell me about you brother.
Rhidhimaa(a liitle bit worried): 5 years back , he fell from terrace, he was 18 then , it affected his mind severly and he reached into his childhood , maa papa had to send him to mental asylum as i and piya were very small and piya often got scared to see him, i too was scared but piya was actually very very different after that .
Armaan : oh , what about this problem abhay?
Rhidhimaa(angrily) : hey , don ‘t call him problem , mine and piya ‘s childhood friend and now my fience so be careful .
Armaan(in a teasing manner) : oh , i am afraid rhidhimaa .
Rhidhimaa( in laughing and teasing manner) : oh you can even tease somebody.
Armaan again makes his serious face and suddenly sees the flower in her hand and says : plucking flowers is a bad habbit.

Rhidhimaa suddenly leaving her continous eatin and seeing towards her hand : oh this , don’t change the topic now , i don’t do it everyday. Only for abhay today , now please don’t make me remember abahy or i’ll cry .
Armaan after seeing her face which has a small vegetable on side of the lip says: clean your face.
Rhidhimaa doesn’t noticing her face(angrily): if you want me to go tell me, don’t insult me continuously .
Armaan after listening her comment himself cleans her face saying: i was not insulting you and yaa if you want to see your loved ones happy you can’t take somebodies life , not only your abhay but everybody has the right to admire this flowers beauty and you would have read in science that plants have life so you have hurt the plant whose flower you have plucked.
Rhidhimaa(in a serious tone) : from where such a rude person can get such good thoughts , ( and now like a child) you are always correct, write a book of your thinking everyone will become god , for sure.
Armaan : you should think before comparing somebody with somebody , i can never be like god ( and now in his mind says: because i can only resemble a devil rhidhimaa )
Rhidhimaa ; again sorry , but i want to know about your family, your parents must have taught you such good things , for sure.
Armaan( with a little smile) : yaa , my mother and my bhaiyaa
Rhidhimaa: what , are you angry with your father .
Armaan : he’s no more , he died in an accident.
Rhidhimaa( keeping her teeth on her tongue and in serious way) : i am sorry.
Armaan : why , did you killed him?
And then rhidhimaa bursts out laughing but armaan only gives a faded smile and then armaan ( giving a fake yawn) : i am sleepy.

Rhidhimaa: i thought to be awake whole night but no problem .
She keeps the bowl aside and says i am sleeping , you please decide where you want to sleep( as the house has only kitchen and the drawing room)
Armaan : no problem , i’ll sleep on sofa.
And they both go to sleep after rhidhimaa guides armaan how to wash utensils as he didn’t know and rhidhimaa didn’t wish to do it after such a tiring day.

A girl of around 12-13 years of age is seen calling bhaiyaa and searching for somebody while climbing stairs . she reaches a terrace and sees a boy ofaround 18-19 standing at the dge of the terrace facing opposite direction and she shouts: bhaiyaa
The boy turns , sees her and says crying: go, piya , go from here , please piya go , its a request piya go
Piya : i am not going bhaiyaa , i am not
And then for a while there was a darkness and after that a scream : bhaiyaa
And that boy is falling down.
Suddenly piya wakes up recalling what she saw in her dream about her childhood and still shouting bhaiyaa and crying profusely
Suddenly mrs sughandha comes there and sees her crying and brings a glass of water to her saying: what happened piya
Piya : maa, it was all my mistake i could have saved if i was not only standing there and watching but also running to bhaiyaa and saved him from falling
Sugandha: piya , don’t say like that , i know you would have saved him but you were child at that time don’t cry.
But she is still crying the episode ends on her crying face.

Precap: its 3 o clock at night while abhay is lying unconscious and full moons moonlight falls on him and guess what happens….

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  1. Awesome episode, loving this story very much. ..precap is scary…loved Armaan n ridhima convo…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. Liked it too the core deardear .. AWWWWWWSSSOOOOMMMME

  3. Hey piyali wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow dear

    What an episode loved it to the core of my heart dera. Loved the arman and ridhimaa scenes a lot.

    Its a heart taking episode and also the precap is more interesting wwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. LOved it totally. waiting for next eagerly.

  4. hey piyali waiting for ur next eagerly dear love u always. Once a friend always a friend.

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